Wired On Espresso

“Would you like any dessert?” The waitress said as she displayed an array of delicious evils in front of our faces.
“Just an espresso and Sambuca on the side for me.” I replied.
“Me too, I’ll have the same.” My girlfriend said, as she glanced at me with approval. She usually never attempts to drink espresso at night or after dinner—or at all. She’s more of a ~cream and sugar in my diluted java~ type of gal.

The waitress came back over with our espressos and Sambuca. The espressos had a twist of lemon on the side. I always throw that in, and pour the Sambuca in for the sweetness.

“Why would they put lemon in coffee?” Madelene says, as she threw in her lemon twist. She’s not used to drinking this, so I knew I was in for it. She’s going to be bouncing off the walls and up all night after drinking this little shot-like size of coffee.

Once we came home, we were talking nonstop. We went from religion, politics to what’s going to happen on the next episode of “The L Word”. We discussed the new Soprano’s premier for Sunday night and bantered about other things that lingered in the air. The discussions were quite interesting and we were up all night back and forth with ideas. She’s also helping me with ideas for my second book that I’m currently writing. Her input is very valuable to me--I love to pick her brain. Her intelligence goes way beyond book smarts; she has this ability to understand ‘life’ in a way that amazes me. I believe she gets her wisdom from having faith in God. It’s a whole different type of ‘smarts’---it’s wisdom that comes from God. To me, worldly knowledge only gets you so far. I think that’s why I love her so much.

To my surprise, Madelene got very tired. She headed into the bedroom to retire, while I stayed up watching a little television. Before I knew it, it was approaching 5am. I was still wired from all the caffeine that was running through my veins. I couldn’t believe that the espresso had taken on a different approach---it got me instead of her. I couldn’t even shut my eyes; it was as if they were stuck open.

I looked outside to watch the sunrise, and saw something unusual. I know we have been having this weird weather, where it’ll be 10 degrees one day, and then 70 degrees the next; which creates a lot of high gusty winds. I had to step out on my deck to see what was happening. I heard a strange wind-like noise and saw the clouds moving in. This one cloud was doing something very peculiar. It was forming into a small twister. Or was it small? There were no storms, nor were there any other clouds other than what were forming around the sunrise.

Check this picture out.

At first it was just a big puffy cloud in the sky. Then the winds kicked up a little, and the cloud made this finger point-like transformation that simulated a twister---without the dangerous effects. I’m kind of glad I got to stay up to watch this beautiful view. I'm also glad it didn't turn out to be a full-fledged tornado.

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