Interesting Commenter

It’s always a treat when I get an interesting and fun comment from an alias that’s unknown. You know, that angry little reader who’s steaming over some small detail about your life. It really does make you wonder how people can think this stuff up. I’ll explain my whole outlook on this after I show you what I mean.

So as you know, I have been away from my computer for some time. I come back to read my comments this morning and found a little nugget stuffed in one of my archive posts. The name of this person was, “I know your type!”

I know your type! said...
You sound like a bi-girl,hon. You know,constantly whining, and sucking up to males. I notice you have alot of male posters here; have you ever wondered how they managed to find your blog? They typed in the word lesbian looking for some place to jack-off. Most lesbians don't have a problem with lesbians who want to look like you do. I pass for straight most times myself, but most of us DO have a problem with bi-sexuals{been with men, and will probably be with them again} who tell everyone and their uncle, that they're a big ole dyke when they're not.

So then I reply with this comment:

~Deb said...
I may sound bi, and that’s okay I guess. I’ve been in a relationship with the same woman for 12 yrs, so I have no clue what you would ‘label’ me as. I don’t label myself, nor am I one of those lesbians who are ‘manhaters’. They hate when other lesbians associate with other men. Men are wonderful. I love men----I mean, if it weren’t for men----WE wouldn’t be here! Think about it. Also, if I wasn’t with Madelene, it’s hard to say if some man wouldn’t sweep me off his feet. I go by the inside of someone, not by the outside or gender. For some, yes they would call that bi-sexual….but for me? I don’t like labeling myself. I call myself ‘a lesbian’, because I haven’t been with a man since I was like 18 yrs old, …I’ve been with my partner (a female) for that entire time. I hope that clears any questions you have. Another thing---this blog is hardly for men 'jackiing off'. If they do that on this blog, that would be sad, because there is hardly anything erotic on here! ha! Imagine??? Naw, I think there are better sites suited for that 'self love' you're talking about. Yes, I know…I whine an awful lot, huh? I created this blog so that my friends don’t have to hear me whine. I’m a cranky ol’ bitch – but a dyke? Naw, I guess I’m more of a person who loves my girlfriend more than life. So then, what am I? I’ve been trying to figure that one out for the longest time! My shrink doesn’t even know! (hehe) So anyway---thank you for stopping by and letting me know how you feel regarding my blog and what I should be labeled.
Warmest regards…

Here’s my conclusion. In the gay community where I live, there are a lot of ‘true blue dykes’ that are militant with ‘manhating’. If you’re a real lesbian, you do not associate with men unless they’re gay. This is the mindset of a lot of gay women. Whatever. I do not associate with women who think like this. If it weren’t for men, NONE of us would be here right now.

So, can you call me bi-sexual? Can you call me a lesbian? Can you call me a straight girl? Call me whatever you want. I don’t mind. Call me “Madelene’s lifetime partner”. That would be better suited.

When Madelene and I go out, we talk to everyone. The other night I took her out to dinner and then afterwards, we went to a bar for a few beers. We had the best time. There were a pack of wild wolves (men from the Bronx) that were hootin’ and howlin’ at us on the other end of the bar. It was more comical than annoying actually.

Eventually a few of them came up to us, and they were the funniest guys ever. I didn’t tell them that Madelene and I were together though. I didn’t want to provoke any thoughts---whether it be, “Hey lemme’ get in on this!” or “You’re a homo!!!” kind of thinking. I wanted to just be ‘me’. We usually like to feel the situation out before we come out to anyone. It depends. The girls that were on the other end of the bar were talking amongst themselves, and our group had the best time. I was surrounded by men who were lively, entertaining and funny. It’s not that I don’t like hanging out with women, but sometimes I find myself in a henhouse talking about Jane, Sue and Betsy. Get my drift?

My question is, why are these militant lesbians so worried about me associating with men? Why must I keep my blog ‘lesbian packed’ with happenings in my community? There is so much more to me other than my sexual preference. And I am sure you’ve found that out by now. Even lesbians and their politics---most are democrats and anti-Bush. Let me back that up… Most Americans are anti-Bush, but I’m talking the overall politics of these women focus on ‘equal rights’ and they are so eager to marry one another upon second date. If they allowed a law that said, “Hey! Gays and lesbians can get married now!” I’m sure that the Town Hall’s parking lots would be overloaded with u-hauls left and right.

I would love to marry my partner legally, but it’s not realistic. A civil union and beneficiary papers are enough for me to say—this is legal. Our love is enough to say we’re happy even if we’re not able to get married legally. Enjoy life instead of protesting against every single thing that irks you. There are much larger things in this world to protest about other than getting hitched. In about a year or two, you’ll be begging for divorce papers and who gets custody of the twenty cats you accumulated in your household.

Why is labeling such an issue with lesbians? Love one another; accept one another.