My Confession: I Cheated On My Girlfriend...

It all happened so fast. I didn’t expect it at all really. She caught me by surprise. She grabbed my attention right when she walked through the door. Her hair was long and lustrous, and eyes that saw right through my soul. Her body was like a fine piece of art—that only could be admired from afar…so I thought.

She started dancing and all I could do was stare in awe. Little beads of sweat were perspiring on her well-sculpted abs. Her skirt was low and her blouse was high. My rationalization of any situation I had at home disappeared, as both our eyes locked onto one another. We connected; we were tantalizing one another with eye contact. Her eyes told me that this dance wasn’t over. Her body language spoke to me, telling me she desired something other than ‘just a dance’. My eyes consented, telling her I would sign on the dotted line. I was available for the taking.

As I ate my dinner and watched her dance seductively, I dropped my fork and was mesmerized by this gorgeous Latina woman. I never drop my moo goo gai pan for no one! It was her I was hungry for. It was her I desired. I had to have her. I finally said hello to her---and she just glanced at me with her big brown eyes.

Then she spoke...

“Oh Debbie when you talk like that
You make a woman go mad
So be wise and keep on
Reading the signs of my body…”
I went numb. I felt euphoric. I didn’t know what was happening to me. Was this beautiful girl interested in me? I couldn’t believe it. She danced away from my table and started wiggling her hips like a belly dancer. I lost all control of any thoughts of fidelity; lost all control of any willpower to stay faithful. I was bringing this woman home with me tonight. No ifs ands or buts about it--she was mine.

Then she spoke again…

“And I'm yours tonight
You know my hips don't lie
And I'm starting to feel it's right
All the attraction, the tension
Don't you see baby, this is perfection…”
I was so ready. Every nerve in my body was standing on end. I was hypnotized with her seductive power; I was sucked into her exotic web of lust. I failed to keep my promise…my promise to Madelene. I failed to be that one person who would never cheat on my girlfriend. Tonight was different.

Then I spoke…

"Oh girl, I can see your body moving
Half animal, half woman
I don't, don't really know what I'm doing
But you seem to have a plan
My will and self restraint
Have come to fail now, fail now
See, I am doing what I can, but I can't so you know
That's a bit too hard to explain…”
She knew I was struggling; trying to fight the ways of temptation. Oh God, help me now! I was about to fall into a pit of sin. I was doomed…I was loving it.
She spoke to me once again…

“I'm yours tonight, my hips don't lie
And I'm starting to feel you Deb
Come on let's go, real slow
Baby, like this is perfecto
Oh, you know I am on tonight and my hips don't lie
And I am starting to feel it's right
The attraction, the tension
Baby, like this is perfection
No fighting
No fighting…”
She took my hand after her dance, and I got up from the table. She guided me out of the café to take me home. I couldn’t believe I was actually going to be unfaithful. It wasn’t my fault though. It was the basic instinct of my fantasy—she was my fantasy. I wanted someone to pinch me because I thought I was dreaming. Could this be true? This woman wants me? Then she went to kiss me while we stood next to my car.

“Deb! Deb! Wake up. Do you want your coffee now? Or do you wanna make it later? Deb! Hey sweetie—wake up!” Madelene said to me, as I woke up from a deep slumber.
“Huh? What coffee? Oh! Oh!.....Oh…yeah, I’ll make the coffee sweetie.”
“You okay?”
Madelene asks, with a look of concern on her face.
“Yeah.” I said, in an almost disappointed tone.

It’s not every night that Shakira comes into my dreams to tempt me. I wanted to savor every single moment. I was watching her the night before on American Idol, and when she came out on stage, I was sitting there with Madelene eating moo goo gai pan from a take out restaurant---and dropped my moo goo for this woman. I don’t drop my moo goo for anybody!

Twas all but a dream…
The text in the red are lyrics from Shakira's new song, "Hips Don't Lie"...