Happy Birthday Madelene!

We’ve been through a lot together. The past twelve years that I have been getting to know you—I still have so much to learn about you. You surprise me everyday with new ideas and a new outlook on life. You encourage me, you lift my spirits up and you always let me know you love me. You show me unconditional love by not only your words, but with your actions. You speak to me from your heart; you do everything from your heart and it shows. You’re a beautiful person inside and out. You show love to people around you whether you know them or not. Your inner spirit proves to be an old soul, but it also shows how young at heart you really are. You don’t let another birthday intimidate you—you welcome it with opened arms. You embrace each age so gracefully; like a fine wine. You keep getting more beautiful with each day—with each year. I find you more beautiful than I did when I first met you.
You’re my best friend. You understand me and you don’t judge me. You know that I have made mistakes and sometimes slip up every once in a while---but you except that I’m human and always forgive me. You treat me like no one has ever treated me before. No one can fill your shoes. Many people can claim to be your best friend, but when the tough times roll around---they’re gone. After twelve years, we still go out together, laugh together and spend time with friends & family. That’s important to me. You have family values, you love the Lord, and you treasure each moment of life to the fullest.

My three year old niece calls you “Magic”---because she can’t pronounce the name, “Madelene”. People think she’s saying it wrong. I don’t think she is. You are magic; you are everything that’s mystical and unbelievable. You make people happy. You make me happy. We have shared so many good times together. I truly can’t see my life without you. Even when we separated for those few years, we were still together hanging out like best friends. We can’t part. It’s not natural. Our foundation of our relationship is pure friendship. We laugh together all the time and to me---that’s what’s most important. My mother said that if you can laugh with whoever you’re with, then they’re definitely a keeper.

So Magic, happy birthday to you. Thank you for giving me so many years of happiness and joy. Thank you Mima for giving birth to my favorite girl in the world. And thank you God for giving me one of His angels to spend my life with. I’m truly blessed.

Finally found someone, who knocks me off my feet,
I finally found the one, who makes me feel complete.
It started over coffee,
We started off as friends,
Its funny how from simple things,
The best things begin.
This time it's different,
It's all because of you,
It's better than it's ever been,
Cause we can talk it through...
My favorite line,
Was can I call you sometime?
Its all you had to say,
To take my breath away.
This is it,
Oh I finally found someone,
Someone to share my life,
I finally found the one,
To be with everynight
Cause whatever I do, it's just got to be you
My life has just begun,
I finally found someone
Did I keep you waiting?
I didn't mind.
I apologize.
Baby thats fine. I will wait forever just to know you were mine.
You know I love your hair, are you sure it looks right?
I love what you wear, isn't it too tight?
Your exceptional, I cant wait for the rest of my life...
Cause whatever I do, it's just got to be you
Oh my life has just begun...I finally found...someone. ~Bryan Adams & Barbara Streisand I love you... Thank you for coming into my life and making it so much better!