Thursday, August 13, 2009

Never a Dull Moment...

You’re still not going to get any ‘deep & meaningful’ stuff out of me just yet. My mind is awfully scattered this past week - hell, this past month, so bear with me. The mini crazy dramas at home have kept me well occupied to last me for a while. Being that I live in a condo complex that is divided by each individual owner, every condo has their own set of rules of course. The home association only determines what goes on outside of your condo: no shoes outside the foyer, only 1 hanging plant, no big flags unless American, absolutely no umbrellas and electric grills only. You get my drift. The entire community is well kept and the landscaping is beautiful. The only downfall to this lovely little circle of homes are the many dog owners. Each building holds ten families. I live in a section where there are only hard working young couples hustling from work and then off to happy hour. It’s nice that way. No time for pets. One of them owns a 14 year old mutt. She’s cute, black chubby and quiet. She looks more like a black lab, but very slow-going and eager to jump into your car if you open your door.

During the past month, my next door neighbor just got a black lab puppy. He’s adorable, but rambunctious. I see my friend walking her dog around the yard and then heard, “Jen! He peed all over our bed!” Must suck to be them, I thought. And, as you already know, my neighbor downstairs just got a miniature pincher / Chihuahua mix. I never thought about the inevitable: constant yip-yappin’ barking pups. Granted, it’s only during the day (which I happen to work at home), so there goes that safe call - but even at night before my neighbors arrive from home, the dogs are itchy, hearing every sound in the building as though there was some intruder trying to force their way in through into the vents and into their territories. You can imagine what this does to a tiny little yip-yappin’ dog that looks more like a rat with huge ears.

This morning, as I was having my coffee and cereal with my wife, it was oddly quiet. All of our windows were opened because there happened to be a nice cool breeze. We then heard someone screaming, possibly an older man. I stepped out onto my deck and looked down below to see an older gentleman from across the street yelling at my neighbor next to me, who was sitting out on her deck. “You have no respect for your neighbors! You keep that good for nuttin’ dog barking all day while you’re at work! I’m retired and it’s driving me crazy! This community should have no dogs and I am reporting you to the home owner’s association! Train your goddam dog!” Of course, being that my neighbor is of Latina descent, her head started moving from left to right, making her big looped earrings jangle with each jolt as she fired back, “Ju-know, maybe if you turned your effin’ hearing aid lower you wouldn’t hear it so much! Go ‘head - tell the home owner’s association! All owners are allowed pets viejito! Read the contract asshole!”

The little older man briskly walked toward to the association’s office, which happens to be adjacent to our building and has not come out since. In fact, I am writing this from outside my deck, watching all of this unfold. I’m secretly rooting for the old man because frankly, hearing those dogs yip-yap from morning till night is really getting on my nerves as well.

Never a dull moment around here.


~Just me again~ said...

I'm in a condo too, and omg the drama alone is enough to drive one mad! I stay clear of it, and don't talk to anyone, unless absolutely necessary.

BTW - I started a new blog on my sidebar, kinda to seperate my photos & memes...with my real life.

Xmichra said...

lmao!!... i feel for you, but that "conversation" would have me rolling over laughing... hehehe...

Dr. Deb said...

It is hard to live in close proximity to dogs. Cats, not so difficult.

Just_because_today said...

so I wouldn't be able to hang my Colombia flag? well, that does it!

Dogs can be annoying. I never liked them but then I owned 3...2 now.
Because of the two left, having company over is always a challenge. I often wonder what was going through my mind when I got them. I love them though and they might like me too

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Crazy! The insanity of it all. This post reminds me of the stories you hear at Christmas time when people are going nuts for one certain item that there never seems to be enough of and the fights, the pulling of the hair, and the screaming begins. Sure enough some bleeds, but not before getting that certain item everybody had to have, but by next year will be in the garbage because something else it better, bigger, and more expensive.
Its all too much for me. I would rather lounge in my hammock, smile at the wind, and count the stars as the sun says goodnight to my evening sky.

Good post.


the walking man said...

Spell viejito phonetically and tell me what it means I want to expand my repertoire.

My wife is always trying to shush our dog who for the first two tears never barked. I want her to be heard making noise and seen charging the fence...I want the neighbors to think she will be a bad ass if they come in uninvited.

Truth be told though when we leave her alone she goes and hides.

Deb said...

Just Me Again: Sometimes that’s the best thing to do is to just look down and walk through the drama on your way out. A new blog? Is this like blog #5??? STAY PUT! (hehe)

Xmichra: It’s interesting, I really don’t mind hearing all the ruckus, it’s the dog’s yapping I mind though...

Dr. Deb: I’m not a fan of cats, but I think I will be now!

Just Because Today: You can hang your Columbian flag and I’ll hang my big obnoxious rainbow gay pride flag! What a sight! I love dogs, I really do - especially small yappy ones, but you have to train them... They’re still pups so I’m hoping for the best!

Inside Our Hands: You’re so right! In the past, I have written so many posts about arguments in stores right before Christmas, people getting so agitated because of this or that - it’s kind of hysterical... unless you get trampled in a stampede at Walmart trying to get a laptop or iPod for 100% off, then it’s different. ;) The evening sky is the only thing I want to hear - I can’t agree with you more! Thanks for your comment!

The Walking Man: It’s pronounced, ve-aye-heet-to, but when said fast, it sounds like, “be-aye-heet-to, because the “v” sounds like a “b”. I think hearing a tough dog is one thing to feel safe, but those yappy dogs just drive me insane - they’re screechy...!