Sunday, August 17, 2008

Do You "Goggle" or Yahoo?

Ok, so this is probably getting old for those of you who read this drab of a blog, but mom’s come up with a new lingo...

While sitting down relaxing, she discusses ways of advertising my dad’s business more efficiently. As you know, my mom’s not so familiar with the computer or the internet.

Things said such as:
“Don’t you be meeting those people on that ‘intercom’!”
“Deb, can you bring over your ‘blacktop’ later so I can shop for better prices?”
“Your sister constantly ‘tex mexes’ people on her phone!”

Now, she has added one more to her list:
“What about Goggle?”

No, that wasn’t a typo either. She’s heard here and there about “Google”, but she insists on calling it, “Goggle”. It kind of makes sense if you’re ‘searching’ for something, why not call it Goggle or Goggles? Unfortunately for those of you who wanted to bank on this new website, Goggles---it’s already taken.



my parents are at the same level of computer awareness.
When we're old i'm scared there will be some other technology and we'll be in the same position

~Deb said...

Hrmm, good point. Never really thought about that. Television was 'the big invention' back in the day. They used to listen to stories and shows on those huge monstrous radios!

Tim said...

Deb, What a great story to kick off a Monday! Parents are great and after a certain age, they don't care if they are using the proper techno terms or not! My mom is 79 and just bought a new car. she has called me at least 5 times to read to me from her owners manual.....

Boy I'm glad she didn't buy a blacktop... Yahoo to that!


p.s. hope the plans are going well

~Deb said...

Hey Tim!

That's too funny, because when my mom bought her new car, she kept asking me which buttons did what and why there was a snowflake on one of them (which indicated cold air for the a/c). I think it's cute and kind of glad she isn't in cyberworld. It keeps things more "simple" when visiting her. The technologies in her world include: good food, good wine, great company and a lot of laughs. No computer or internet jargon or anything technical--which we can all use a break from.

As far as plans----they're slowly going. This week I'm being fitted for my dress, which always stresses me out because I think, "I GOTTA GET MY HUGE BUTT TO THE GYM!" Women. *sigh* Madelene is like so carefree about everything and taking things so calmly. I really should call that show, "Bridezilla" and have them film everything.

Madelene may divorce me before the wedding day approaches.

Tim said...

Hi Deb,

I like your parents technologies. My mom's main source of communication is still the telephone... a lost art for many people.

Believe me Deb, you will get there and the wedding will be fantastic! Our daughter's is in two weeks, so the frantic countdown has begun. I just picked up a few extra bottle of Irish whiskey to glide me through it... ha ha. You know that you are going to have to post pictures so that we can see how beautiful you both look. Have you decided what you are going to do with that beautiful hair? (yes.... I love your hair. ha ha) Good luck getting ready


LarryLilly said...

Hey Moses didnt know anything about putting words on stone tablets either, it was written by God.

Yeah, I use my cell phone to call OUT when I want to make a call. I ignore it when it rings. Its always for a Half Price Book store whose number is mine with one different digit. They must think the persons that work there are rude.

Anonymous said...

Oh Sweetheart,,,

Yur Mom's so smart !!!
Cause you can still win a Gold Medal if your search enging fills up with water !!!

Love ya darlin,
yur Candystripper

Jess said...

OK that is just TOO CUTE! Made me "giggle"!

I hear alot of word mess-ups down here...I think mostly due to ebonics, but these are some of my favorites:

When looking at a high definition TV:

"Hey! Hey you...can you tell me 'bout dis high detention TV?"

When asking about getting digital TV:

"How much dat did-ju-cal TV be cost?"

When asking about a cable modem:

"I already got me a mode-e-um."


"How much are does mamograms?"

And my very favorite: (while standing in the middle of Belks as said person is looking at an outfit on a mannequin)

"How much that outfit on that dumican be?"

kathi said...

OHHHHH, Mom and Dad pictures!!! YAY!! Faces to go with the stories, very cool!! Thanks Deb!

~Deb said...


You’re right though- even when you’re not the one being married, it’s still stressful being “in” a wedding. Ah well, again, I agree with gliding through everything with a nip of your favorite poison! I’m still wearing the red dress, but we’re doing an upscale “casual” thing, instead of the full blown-out traditional wedding. Hair will be strategically placed so I don’t trip over it or look like Cousin It, if it happens to be a windy day. Thanks again for all your support!


I absolutely hate my cell phone. I have my own cell phone company, Sprint, telemarketing more features and they start out with, “This call will not cost you anything,” and then I just hang up. I know, I’m rude.

Candy Stripper!!!

You crack me up! Nuff’ said! Love you!


High detention, ha! Cute. I’d be careful if there are any “Dominicans” standing while asking about the mannequins… Too funny.


I’ve posted their mugs up before, but I thought this picture of my mom practically cracking up in this photo was hysterical. I’m due for a dad story soon!

Flip Flop Momma said...

oh, old people are so funny:)

Im gonna go Goggle my name now.

BBC said...

I'm pretty good at marketing. Rang a bell for the Salvation Army one winter, broke all the rules but my pots were great and folks loved what I was doing so they let me get away with it.

I put the damn bell in jail and had a bell family and all sorts of things.

Beth said...

Hey Deb!! I don't know if you remember me... but I certainly remember you! I've started blogging again... a year and a half later, and you were thee person I thought of every time I thought of blogspot. Cheers, and I've been reading up on your entries lately... getting married!?

DaBich said...

Your Mom cracks me up!

Nice pic :)

Stephanie said...

LOL! LOL! That was awesome!

I have a friend whose mother can't seem to get her girlfriend's name right. Her name is Tamara and she still calls her Tameron and at times Cameron and other times Tamera.

I just say, whatever works, we can figure it out. Too funny.