Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Good Psychiatric Care

Sunday and Mondays are fun for me, because Madelene and I are off, and we both get to spend some time together. Every other Monday, I usually have to step into my psychiatrist’s office for a little useless chitchat. Now, here’s my problem. Madelene and I love to go out for dinner and drinks after my therapy appointment—which ends at 4pm. Oh yeah--we go for the ‘early bird special’ like a couple of old retired bats. I like to dress up and do my hair more, because this is basically our date night. Now, when I walk into my doctor’s office, he sees me all dressed up with my hair done and perfumed sprayed. My demeanor is happy, because I’m excited to be going out with Madelene. This is not good when you’re trying to tell someone you’re stricken with anxiety attacks numerous times per week, and then thrown into a hole of depression after these episodes. How can he believe me?

“Doc, I keep having these anxiety attacks more frequently these days, but my concern is the depression that follows behind them.”
“Hmm. Well you seem very put together and you’re very intelligent and witty. I don’t see you as a ‘depressed person’."
He says, in this ‘matter of fact’ tone.
“So I have to be a complete dumb ass in order to have anxiety attacks and depression? Come on!”
“No, that’s not what I’m saying.”
“Do you know that there’s a fine line between intelligence and insanity doc?”
“Yes, I know that—but you’re not on that level.”
As he just insulted me unintentionally.
“You see me now?” As I point both fingers at my chest. “This is not who I am when I’m home doc! I’m completely different when I am not out. I’m a basket case, and sometimes I can’t even breathe. Madelene wanted to take me to the emergency room the other night because she didn’t know if it was a heart attack or a bad case of anxiety.”
“Well do you think it has something to do with living in an upstairs apartment from your parents?”
He asks.
“No.” I lied.
“Do you watch the Sopranos?” He asks me—out of the blue, but I knew where he was going with this.
“What character are you in the Sopranos? Do you think you would be Meadow?”
“Ha! I wish! No way. I am a total spitting image of Tony in a woman’s body. I’m sitting in a psychiatrist’s office for one, I need to lose a few pounds, I have anxiety attacks left and right, my anger is a force to be reckoned with, and of course--I love women too much.”
Doc starts chuckling as he starts writing in that little pad of his. He refuses to put me on any medication except for ativan to relieve my symptoms. He feels that medication would just give me bad side effects. He’s against it. However, wouldn’t you think that if doc was against the meds, he would do some sort of cognitive behavior therapy on me? I’m wondering where this man got his psychiatry license. Don’t get me wrong, I like him, but he’s definitely not helping me.

“Should I go off to Mid Hudson Psychiatric?”
“Have you committed a crime?”
“No...but I can think one up.”
I said, rolling my eyes, wondering if I should be placed in some looney bin.
“Doc, really, should I be analyzed so that doctors can see how I really am on a 24 hour basis?
“You’re too put together Deb. You’re witty and I don’t see you having these extreme emotions.”
He says to me, as though he already peeped through my blinds. He doubts my anxiety and depression because he sees me only once every two weeks. On top of that, the day he sees me, I’m usually happy, because Madelene and I are going out afterwards.

“I guess you’re drained mentally doc, since I’m your last client. I should book you early in the morning, huh?” I said, as he was walking me out of his office. I used my sleeve to open the door. “See you in a couple of weeks.” I said.

Frustrated and confused over my doctor not believing my problems, I walk over to where Madelene was. “Let’s go.”

We drive over to one of our favorite restaurants. We go over to sit at the bar to have a martini before our dinner. For the love of God- it was only 4:30pm---I can’t be seen eating dinner that early. I’ll wait it out and grab a seat at....5pm. Big difference, right?

As we sat at the bar, enjoying our martini, I explained to Madelene how frustrated I am that I can’t get help with my anxiety attacks. My alcohol has become part of my medication routine. People ask me if I have a problem with my alcohol. No. Of course I don’t. I never have a problem drinking alcohol. I love it.

The hostess of the restaurant was walking passed us. Then out of nowhere, I hear someone screaming, “Get back here! Oh my God! Come here! You have a huge bug on your shirt!!!” A waitress said to the hostess. She ran over to try and help, but when she saw the nasty critter---she couldn’t get herself to touch it.

“I can’t do it! Oh my God! I can’t do it! It’s so disgusting!” She says loudly, as the customers start turning their heads. I walk over to the lady, and flicked the cricket-like bug off her shirt. It was a huge water bug, but someone else could have easily mistaken this bug for a ‘cockroach’---and of course, would complain.

“Nothing to see here! Just a ladybug!” I said, like a cop at a crime scene, lying to everyone as they watched in fear. Water bugs are really nothing to freak out over--but I didn’t want the customers to panic. To tell you the truth, it kind of gave me the heebie-jeebies a little, but the martini took that away. I sat back down and continued enjoying my cocktail with Madelene. When it came time to eat dinner, I was hesitant—but kept telling myself, “It was only a water bug. It was only a water bug. It was only a water bug.” I even looked under my filet of salmon to see if there were any little critters roaming about. My mind was playing games on me.

Later that evening, I got really sick. In fact, I stayed up all night with food poisoning. I was at that point of sleep deprivation where I almost felt punch drunk and giggled at almost anything.

6am rolled along, and I’m still watching TV and making desperate trips to the bathroom. The morning news came on, and I knew Madelene would be getting up soon. It was then I heard the newscaster tell a story that was not quite ‘right’.

“Good morning. This morning on the news, there are new concerns of the bird flu spreading into parts of Europe. They even suspect that the bird flu will get into Turkey.” The anchorman said in this serious tone. He paused and realized what he had just said, but still managed to get through the report with a straight face.

My brain repeated what he said.

“Bird flu into Turkey! Bird flu into Turkey! Bird flu into Turkey! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!” For some odd reason, I found that irony to be hysterical. I wasn’t laughing at the horrible disease or anything--but it was just the fact he said it with such a poker face. I was laughing like a huge idiot by myself in the living room. I couldn’t control my giggles.

Madelene woke up to see what the laughter was all about. She didn’t find it as funny as I did, but continued to get ready for work. I remained sick for the remainder of the day. I didn’t leave my bed once, unless I had to make a mad dash to the loo.

If anyone knows a good psychiatrist that can help—please refer them to me---ASAP!


Leesa said...

I have a great therapist. He was really good, then I developed a crush on him. I started fantasizing about him, then he was not that helpful, then over time, the crush ended, and he became more helpful again.

Now I go irregularly - and I have been on some meds. The meds did have undesirable side-effects. And when they were pulling me off of them, I could have killed. Really. For a couple of days, I just sat in bed, contemplating horrible homisidal fantasies. Hubbie's head in a toilet (the plunger would not have helped). Afterwards, I was okay - still have some issues, but not as bad as feeling flat all of the time.

Hope things get better, sweetie! Oh, how I love how you write.

The Stevo in H-Town said...

The "Bird flu" and a "psychiatrist" that ain't helpin' ya?...(there gotta be a "quack" joke in here somewhere....gotta be)...soundz like he's duckin' the issue..

"tytytyvm...2 showz here all week..."

~Deb said...

Leesa: Remind me to never get on your bad side sweetie! Yeah, he told me that Prozac is dangerous (his opinion now--I don't want to offend anyone) but he stated that it can actually make someone's mental stability more unstable. That's scary. I'm glad your hubby's still with you. *wink*

Stevo: Ah- all fer da' birds I tell ya! Daffy Duck/Chicken Little/Big Bird---they all scare the sh*t outa' me. Not into poultry so much.
When can I book your show?

velvet said...

You poor sweet dear thing...why are you so anxious? Do people place unrealistic expectations on you?

Two things you might like:
1: A fun + informative 6 minute look at flu pandemics by "Nova Science Now":
It aired last night and I was reminded of your recent post about the dream you had re: a worldwide disease.

2: My mother has a wonderful habit of picking out inspirational books for her three children to read. She sends them to us on birthdays and holidays. I don't usually share them because they are special for us, but I will tell you about the one we got this Christmas.

It is called "Simple Truths" by Kent Nerburn. It is "clear and simple guidance on the big issues in life". When I am stressed out or anxious I lie down in bed and read little bits of it. It's like comfort food for your head and is very calming. Plus it is pretty to look at.

Shannon said...

Ughhh the whole water-bug thing makes me squirm!! I am sorry but that would have ruined my dinner lol.. I hope you feel well soon.. my god you don't deserve feeling ill!! Best wishes, take things slow.. drink losta fluids.. =)

Shannon said...

P.S. Love the new blog roll!!

~Deb said...

Velvet: Call it a chemical imbalance, call it living too close to my dysfunctional family, call it whatever you want---I have no clue why I get these anxiety attacks. In fact, neither does my psychiatrist. That’s not good. I have yet to find someone who can really help me. The one thing that helped a lot was Reiki. I want to do that again. I am going to look into that book you referred me to. Thank you! I poke fun at my anxiety and depression, but the truth is, it is reality for me—so I can’t do anything else but laugh at myself.

Shannon: Thank you. Yeah, bugs freak me out a bit, but under the influence of a good martini---it kinda washes that fear away. I am taking things slow, but feeling much better. Drinking LOTS of fluids. Does alcohol count??? The new blogroll? It’s been there for quite some time. It’s just cooperating as I would like it to.

Mojotek said...

"People ask me if I have a problem with my alcohol. No. Of course I don’t. I never have a problem drinking alcohol. I love it."

Hahahaha! I love that line. And good work on diffusing the cockroach/ladybug situation... I bet if the owner/manager of the joint was around he would have been none too happy about that little outburst.

SignGurl said...

I can totally sypathize with you on the trips to the loo. Ugh! I hope you are feeling better.

Wenchy said...

I've had anxiety attacks all of my life... I do not remember a time I didn't have them. I hate them, they love me. Obviously they have dependancy issues.

Prozac did me good except that your libido becomes non-existant and that made me feel less *me* which depressed me and so the cycle continues. I moved onto bigger and better medication and dosages since then. Yay for me.

Btw Deb - I feel the same way about my vodka.

Loves ya girl.

Casually Me said...

A good shrink is not unlike a good bartender. He/she knows when to shutup, when to talk, when to cut you off, and when to get some help. In fact I would prefer shrinks worked in bars, it sure would make it easier for me to talk.

~Deb said...

Mojo: Well, it’s a question that makes you wanna just slap the person who asked it—you know? And yes—I think the hostess was a bit ticked off about the waitress’s approach to this bug situation.

Jenn: Thank you---it was just awful.

Wenchy: Sometimes I get the feeling that a lot of these psychiatrists want to throw medications at you left & right---just so they can get kick backs. Then you have my guy—Mr. Personality—who doesn’t think you need to be on anything but alcohol. Hmm. Maybe he was a bartender after all. Oh----and yeah---totally huge on the vodka. LOVE my vodka. {{hugs}} A girl after my own heart!

Casually me: You know something—the best shrink IS a bartender! You’re absolutely right. They talk to you, they listen, and they give out medication (martinis) …HOW can you go wrong with that?

Miss 1999 said...

Deb- I'd smack the shit out of that doctor!!! He sounds like the "Dr. Kennedy" of psych's!! Deb, you're not crazy. Trust me. Please check into seeing another doctor, and having some tests run. The panic attacks your having, sound as if they could be due to a chemical imbalace which REQUIRES medicine to correct. Obviously, I'm not a doctor, but have been through something similiar- Best of luck, we're all here for you! *hugs*

~Deb said...

Thanks Miss1999----yeah this doc is getting on my nerves. I have checked into other doctors, but they are all booked up. I guess my entire town and surrounding areas are all insane too. *sigh* Story of my life.

Anyway, thank you for wishing me well. I'll be ranting on this blog until I get some decent help. Hell--maybe one day I'll be typing a post from a psyche ward! Woo hoo!

Le Synge Bleu said...

okay, so the thing is that if you don't feel like he's taking you seriously enough than it can't be a productive session. you either click or you don't. why stay in a bad relationship...i'd try others...even if it means you have to travel a little farther. isn't peace of mind and a good connection worth it?

maybe you should put waterbugs on your psychiatrist and see if he reacts to that.

DSMars said...

I tried therapy once. I got one of those therapists who think that EVERYONE'S problems are alcohol/drug problems and I made the mistake of being honest with her about my habits. As a result, she would not allow me to see the psychologist. All I wanted was some Paxil and she wouldn't give it to me!

DSMars said...

sorry psychologist=psychiatrist

~Deb said...

Le: You ain’t kidding! I’m serious—this guy needs a psychiatrist for his quirkiness. The guy has a personality of a fricken rock. Oh God I hope he doesn’t read this blog! I tried finding other doctors, but no luck—all booked up. I’m not going to drive an hour away to some doctor that I’ll end up eventually hating. But thank you so much for your suggestion! I needed that laugh--I may just get that waterbug…

Dsmars: Yeah, my last doctor didn’t want to prescribe me my ativan because I drank. I was like, “NO! You don’t understand! I’m a BINGE drinker damn it! I don’t drink everyday." She didn’t go for it. I tried.

Fred said...

I don’t want to minimize what you're going through, but I had to laugh at your line about not having a problem with alcohol.

Whenever a doctor prescribes something for me, the first thing I ask is, "Can I drink with these?" I think my PCP knows me by now and just finds the pretty pills that I can take with alcohol. Gotta love her.

~Deb said...

Alcohol abuse is only when you spill your drink. I love the way you think Fred!

Jon said...

Reminds me AGAIN of when I was getting off of Paxil. I am getting dizzy just thinking about it.

Walking Contradiction said...

GIRL, I am telling you, you have got to get the eeef away from your parents. I moved to another STATE from mine, and I think I am still too close. If I still lived in the same state, not to MENTION the same house, I would have a hole in my head. You are awesome.

Side note- whi are you seeing your phsyciatrist if you lie to him? WHAT IS THE POINT OF GOING, if your not even being on the level?????

----“Well do you think it has something to do with living in an upstairs apartment from your parents?” He asks.
“No.” I lied.----

What the fuck?? I am sorry, but if your seeing a phsychiatrist, at least tell him the goshdarn truth.

I love reading you, and I mean that in a freindly nice way.

Walking Contradiction said...

I meant to put the awesome at the end, but it screwed up, just so I don't look like the idiot I am. And I can't spell worth a shit.

Walking Contradiction said...

Hey, I just noticed you added me! Cool, THANKS!!!!!!!

windowtomymind said...

"I was laughing like a huge idiot by myself in the living room."

That sounds familiar. I am usually laughing at myself not by myself. I enjoyed your story. You would make an excellent protagonist in a novel...perhaps I could make you THE main protagonist in my new story.

kathi said...

Well, hell. Of course, I was suicidal, so they got me on meds as soon as I walked into their office, but I still had to go the couch route. Visited 2 different "Dr's" help from either. One was sure I'd been molested because of all my lost memory, the second wanted me to keep a daily journal he'd read once a can you write knowing someone's gonna read it and disect it?? After trying different antidepressants, I settled on prozac, worked best for me. Been on it for 11 years now. Once, when the insurance wanted me to try the generic when it came out, I did. About 3 weeks later I'm locked in a bathroom crying again, and just can't figure out why...realized it's the generic. Got back on the real stuff...good times since. Yeah, I agree with Wenchy, the libido decreases some. But that would be the ONLY side effect I've ever had...that and not killing myself or any close family members. :) :)

If you want on meds, go to a Dr., not a psychiatrist.
Betty & Cindy Lou

BlackOps said...

Yes, I know a good one, his name is Captain Morgan. No seriously Deb, I can check with some of my peeps downtown and see if they can. It really does not appear as if this Doc is actually doing anything for you. I will check around.

Georgiapeach said...

This post was beautiful written Deb. I feel you girl, because no one would think that I get nearly as depressed as I do. Appearances are so decieving. The doc should know that. I probably need to talk to a therapist. But you know black people don't go to the Shoot, my dad told me that I need to heal myself, so that is what I am doing. I have told him that I beleive I need to see a therapist. Girl, when I am drunk, I am a peacemaker. I stop fights all that crazy For real. Five seconds from getting my butt tore up if I don't stop trying to After i break up a fight, I think to myself "what the hell was I just doing". So I felt you on the waterbug situation. I love that you are able to be yourself on this site. Girl, when I start talking almost insane...I get emails questioning my sanity.. I am like damn, everyone acts like they are so sane all the time. Like they are so "normal" you know?

Georgiapeach said...

Girl, my previous comment is a damn jigsaw puzzle my bad. I didn't proofread ( I wrote too much and I didn't feel like

yrautca said...

I think the doc's got a thing for you. May help if you dont go all dressed up. He has feelings too, you know. Does he even know you play for the other team?

Prata said...

Let him read your blog. Remove incriminating references to him though for legal reasons. See what he has to say about that.

Also, every psychiatrist I have ever met (I've only been seen/treated by one for court ordered reasons as a child, 13, for manic depression) are quirky. Even the female psychiatrists are off by a hair. I believe that might be normal!

I got nothin' outside of that...I'm ill.

~Deb said...

Walking Contradiction: (haha) You’re right---but I need to be here. They have health problems and I’m scared to leave them. Also, they’re really my best friends---but yes—they do drive me nuts sometimes! And as far as lying to him---there are other issues in my life that I wanted to address to him, but as most psychotherapists do—they go straight to mama and papa. Why is that? And you’re not an idiot! Welcome to my wacky blogroll that’ll move you around like musical chairs. I’m having problems with it. Bear with me.

Window: Are you thinking about remaking Sybil? I think I could fit her character at this point. What kind of story are you doing?

Kathi: Well, yeah, it’s a good idea that you went on there if you were suicidal. I’m not sure if you had anxiety or not, but my doc said—if I “just” had depression without the anxiety (and I am not belittling depression here) then he would be me on something similar. But because I have the anxiety, the prozac would make me agitated and may increase the anxiety. So---gone with the depression---but I’ll be a walking nerve. I’m glad that you’re okay and I hope you never have those thoughts again.
Oh, and I would never go to a doctor (reg. MD) for meds---because he is not licensed to be a psychiatrist. They need to know what’s going on ‘in your head’. Be careful with that—seriously. They love giving meds so they could get kick backs. To tell you the truth- I don’t even know if my psychiatrist is even licensed! Ha!
Love you Kath!!!!!

P.S. Who the )(*%# is Betty & Cindy???

Blackops: It’s either that handsome Kendall Jackson for me, or sometimes I cheat on him with that guy from Boston----Sam Adams.

Georgiapeach: It’s so true! Black people never go to therapy. They don’t have to. White people get all freaky and out of control! Even like those extreme wacky white people---they build pipe bombs or their serial killers who eat people---black people never do these things. I even heard this once from a comedian---(not sure who) but you will never see a black person walk downstairs into the cellar to check out what made that horrifying noise. A white person? They would walk down slowly and all intrigued with it. I think we have some weird genetic for being morbidly fascinated with things that scare the sh*t out of us. What’s wrong with us????
I totally agree with you. I’m quite the ‘happy drunk’---except with the ex. (heh) But in general, it makes me more happy than sad or angry. I’ve broken up fights/arguments plenty of times. I just stay away from Tequila. It makes me a very very bad person. And no----what you wrote wasn’t a jigsaw! I enjoyed it!

Yrautca: NOOOO! He doesn’t. Believe me. I hope not. Yes, he totally knows about my lifestyle and has met Madelene.

Prata: If I let him read my blog, then I can’t rant about him. No fun! You know, I went to a female psychiatrist once, and she looked like someone that could snap in an instance. You are so right!

Loved all your comments! I hope you write to me when I get my ticket to the psyche ward!!!

blackops said...

WHOOAAA!! KJ??!! he is my best friend, he is always around when I need em'. I cant believe you know him too, coincidence? Hmmmm.....I say no such thing. You are starting to freak me out a bit.

~Deb said...

KJ is nice...sometimes I date Robert Mondavi. He's not bad--but he's getting more mainstream.

Sheen V said...

My SO and I did the same thing when I/we were in therapy. My appointments were usually around 5PM in center city, so we go out to dinner afterwards. After a while, we looked forward to going to therapy because it meant we were going to try out another restraunt. Now that we've stopped the therapy, I miss the dinners. If you're ever in Philly, try the Continental Midtown!

LisaBinDaCity said...

That YUTZ asks you what character you are on "The Soprano's?" What kind of bozo is he??? Fire his sorry ass PLEASE!

I know a great doc or two Deb but they are all in the city...

Curious_Arun said...

I admire your candidness. You’re brave, you’re honest and you seem to project your blog in a way that doesn’t seem so narcissistic. Blogs are meant to talk about oneself of course, however your entirety enhances upon the concept of helping others through your trials. I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time now. As a wayworn avid blog reader, I find myself coming back to read more about your life and your perspective on life.

Your partner is a very lucky woman to have such a woman who holds so much wisdom and humor.

Please keep writing and entertaining your readers.

The Bastard Son said...

So you liked my wedding vows? Thank you, I appreciate both the visit and the compliment. I like your blog very much. The fact that you are a lesbian doesn't keep me from seeing how completely beautiful you are.

I suppose I could be a typical male and say some stupid things, but all I really think of gay men or lesbians is that they deserve the same rights that I have.

Here's the question on my mind though currently. Why do I feel the need to tell you my position on gay's and lesbian's? Interesting, I like learning about myself.

I am going to link to your blog, I like it very much. Thanks again for stopping by mine.

Crassius Maximus said...

Deb your therapist is right, you are too good looking to have any problems. I've only begun to have problems now that my movie star good looks are starting to erode.

Crassius Maximus said...

I remember telling our team doctor that I drank about 15 beers after games on Saturday night, to which he said: "Don't you think you need to get some help?" to which I replied: "No, I can drink all 15 by myself!!!"

I too will be here all week.

The Stevo in H-Town said...

Don't get me started on that drinkin' shit...I met too many people that DON'T drink...and a lots of 'em damn sure NEED to...

~Deb said...

Sheen: You sound like us! We go out all the time after therapy. I go out for the medication that’s served at my local tavern of course. Philly? Hmm…that’s a three hour trek for me, but if I am in the area, I will definitely remember that name. Is it a restaurant or bar?

LisaB: Well considering my lifestyle and my family history, he relates my situation to the Soprano’s. Ha, a yutz! But even so----I couldn’t believe he asked that. Lots of great doctors in the city—just a helluva drive for me.

Curious: Very kind words---thank you—I appreciate it a lot. It’s a morbid fascination you have with my blog? (hehe) That’s okay. As long as my mental disorders and dysfunctional family situations keep you entertained—then it was all worth it. Thanks for stopping by! I’m not sure if Madelene’s the lucky one…I should be counting my lucky stars.

Jonathan: Hi! Yes, I did like those vows, even though you had no particular woman in mind. Can you give my girlfriend some tips? (hehe) Oh she is going to so kick my arse after that comment. And thank you for expressing your feelings towards my lifestyle—I do appreciate it and I welcome other people’s views---even the negative ones! Thanks for stopping by!

Crassius: My therapist is blind as a bat. But thank you. I think your movie star good looks are just approaching it’s peak! See? A compliment from a lesbo. That’s gotta be flattering. (hehe) And remember Crassius------AA’s for quitters. You don’t need help, you just need me to drink a few brews with ya and watch the game. As I said on your blog many times---can you please pass the wings????

~Deb said...

Stevo: Oh----let me tell you---I totally agree! And the ones who quit are like reformed smokers telling you to stop while you're sucking down the last of your pint of beer. Naw, I can't have that.

The Stevo in H-Town said...

Beer...Nectar of the GAWDZ...I drinkda shit every f--kin' night

Buffy said...

Just wanted to say again how much I enjoy your blog. Its really refreshing. I usually finish reading it and just...well....feel good. Know that sounds cheesy but its the truth. Its the honesty in it I think. Most people (I know I am) are too afraid to be so open and honest.

Also...and this question may have been answered already....but....whats the story with this book you've been mentioning? Is it in the works? Has it been sent to a publisher? Any dates? Or is it being prepared for agents? Would love to find out more.

~Deb said...

Stevo: Amen!

Buffy: Well anytime someone reads a story that makes their life seem a tad better, it’s always a good thing. It’s like watching COPS, you just feel better about your life. As far as my book- it will be released this February. It was delayed due to making numerous revisions and editing fiascos…but I will have an button if anyone wants to purchase it. Thanks for dropping in!

kathi said...

deb, what's a chapbook?

~Deb said...

A book full of poems. You should really consider creating one.

Saur♥Kraut said...

You definately need a new therapist. If you haven't been told this already, you must really like your therapist...there has to be chemistry... in order for he/she to be effective. Ask me how I know. ;o) And there are as many different ways to practice, and as many different theories, as there are therapists. So keep looking until you find one that you click with!

Anonymous said...

I'm intrigued w/you. I love the way you express yourself! As long as ur blog is alive I'll be here to read every bit.

Sheen V said...

deb, the Continental Mid-town is a restraunt, and I think the Continental in Old City is a bar although we haven't been to that one (same owner, different locations).

Anonymous said...

I would have not dare eat once I've personally encountered a water bug in a got more guts than me for sure. So you have your anxiety attacks at home...stay out! But then you can't, poor Maddy would wonder where you are.*w*

Crassius Maximus said...

Deb, that picture of you in the straight jacket is just too cute. I continue to read your stuff everyday and it just gets better and better. Thanks for lettin' me and The Stevo twist off on your spot.

Crassius Maximus said...

That sounded dirty but wasn't meant to
Sincerely "Winona's Big Brown Beaver" by Texas rockers Primus

~Deb said...

Saur: I’m trying to seek out a new therapist- pretty hard when everyone is so friggin booked up! I definitely don’t want to have chemistry with my doc…believe me.

Anonymous: Thank you. Stop by anytime.

Sheen: As long as it serves alcohol, I’m alright!

Anonymous: Okay okay okay---I’m getting quite a few anonymous people…(hehe) Show yourselves! Well, if you are indeed the same anonymous as above, welcome again. You know what’s funny? My psychiatrist told me the same thing. If I’m getting anxiety at home---stay out. But the thing is, it’s usually late at night, and yes, Madelene would definitely have my head on a platter…WAIT! I know who you are by just saying “Maddy”… (I think) That was a giveaway!

Crassius: I wear it out all the time. The women love it when I’m all strapped up. Err. That sounded really bad. Anyway, I’m glad you read my useless blog of information. I hope I don’t corrupt any of you. I love it when you and good ol’ Stevo spend a little time in Deb’s mentally disturbed blog. You’re family now! (RUN FOREST RUN!)