The World's On Fire--Isn't Life Hard Enough?

We just went through three months of pure anxiety-ridden hell of a pandemic, and people are just at each other's throats. For me, I'm used to anxiety, and I'm learning how to accept it, feel it, and let it pass... But those who have never experienced panic attacks or anxiety, are now feeling it for the first time due to the virus. Many of us have hidden "health anxiety" -- aka, hypochondria. Those who have it don't feel comfortable admitting they have it, only because they're seen as "germaphobes" and get mocked due to their excessive cleanliness or avoidance of catching germs by shaking hands or sipping out of the same cup. Now? It's become the norm to not shake hands or sip out of anybody's cup. This is good for us hypochondriacs. For some people like myself, this world is going to be a much pleasant place to live in, 'germ-wise'---because it's now acceptable to pass up a handshake or hug or kiss from somebody we don't want touching us. I'm not saying that to be rude---I'm only saying that because that's how I always was. I'm not much of a hugger, nor do I want to shake anyone's hands. I remember my better half took me to one of her Christmas parties, and a hundred people shook my hand as we were introduced. I cannot tell you how long I scrubbed my hands with rubbing alcohol before my skin practically slid off. But that's just me, and now, I'm learning, it's not just me. It's almost everyone.

Getting back to people being at each other's throats---people are fighting over whether or not to wear a mask. Listen, I get it. You don't believe in science, or you do believe in science, and you wanna tackle mask-less shoppers as they walk around seemingly free around the aisles. Stop attacking people for not wearing masks! Start shuffling away from them instead if you're that concerned. For me--I wear my mask at all times inside a store. I can't breathe because my anxiety 'tells me' I can't breathe, but my oxygen levels are perfect...yes I have an oximeter that I check all the time. Regardless, it can make you feel almost claustrophobic in a way. If you have COPD or asthma---then don't wear one. My thoughts on this are very liberal. We have our 6 ft distance rule and we also have the ability to take ourselves away from a threatening situation. Stop attacking people! It's not worth it.  If you're that freaked out (as I am) then stay home and get your groceries delivered. Pretty simple.

All sorts of arguments have been going on besides the pandemic, like these protests for George Floyd. The racism is off the charts---but for every race. Yes, I said every race. White people against black people, and black people against white people. I recently read a post where this one black woman was asked to wear a mask before she put her items up on the counter inside a grocery store. The cashier was nervous and didn't want to help her without having a mask on. I totally understand this. Just put your mask on and let the lady check you out so you can be on your way. But the black lady insisted that the "white cashier" didn't want to check her out just because she was black.


People are using the race card in order to justify whatever it is someone else is complaining about. Yes, there is racism---no doubt, but this incident has zero to do with skin color! I don't engage in any debate online, and I certainly don't like to chitchat about this kind of ordeal with friends, because it's such a slippery slope. We're all so fearful of this recent pandemic that we are still going through, and we're also extra combative due to what happened to George Floyd. And no doubt, everyone is outraged about what happened to that poor man. But there are many opinions about the protest---more opinions about destroying property and hurting other people's businesses who actually have the same opinion as the people attacking them. It just doesn't make sense to me.

Regardless of all that has happened, how do you feel? When sitting at home and entertaining the thoughts inside your mind---what plays out? Does it feel angry? Scared? Happy? Comforted? It's like everyone has an axe to grind with somebody. Everyone needs to be 'outraged' over something---anything. I've seen it in my own community. Situations and conflicts that have nothing to do with race, color or creed, are now being included in the mix. This has divided us as a nation. Statues, monuments and business brands are being removed due to the nature of that time period. Listen, I don't care if you call Aunt Jemima, "Becky Smith"----it's not worth fighting with other people about it. If they want to tear down statues and monuments, how about we let our government remove them and ship them off to appropriate museums so that we don't lose the history of it? Let the Dixie Chicks call themselves, "The Chicks," ---nobody is going to be happy regardless. Feminists will complain about the word "chicks" and then they'll be reduced to "The Female Band." Fine.

I don't care. I really don't. This life is so temporary and I don't want to waste time arguing with people---especially friends about things that are just not important, as human relations are. How about we start treating one another with love and respect, no matter what your views are? What about people who threaten to delete you off from their social media accounts just because you voted for Trump? What about those who will "unfriend" you if you have an entirely different opinion than they do?

What a shame!

What a time to live in---I mean, you have quite the characters running for office, civil unrest, murder hornets, a plague that swept through and now we have a huge dust storm -- oh -- and let's not forget the UFOs the Navy caught on camera. It's like, what else can 2020 throw at us? Some say Jesus will be appearing on a cloud. Let's hope so! This world has seen its worst---or has it? I mean think back years and years ago... We had many plagues, including the Spanish Flu that killed many people. We've had dust storms, UFOs, wars, terrorism, earthquakes and tsunamis. Even during those times, people claimed that Jesus was coming back. "Oh, He's gonna be returning soon!" Let's be reminded that nobody knows the day nor hour. Last week, I had a dream about angels with trumpets blowing from each corner of the sky, and they were also screaming, "WAKE UP! WAKE UP!" Didn't people in Biblical times have these sort of dreams? So who knows. Do you think it's the end times? Or is it another cycle in our earthly existence?

Regardless of what it is---stop fighting!

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