The Dangers of Social Media

Caution: Objects may be closer than they appear.
I rarely have a consistent view on anything, because things change, people change, the world changes, barely ever staying in one lane. Flip-flopping and lying politicians (and presidents) usually leave us feeling confused over our choice in whether or not to be a democrat, republican, moderate, liberal, undercover socialist or whatever you wanna call yourself 'today'. Things look good until they finally shows their true colors. My coffee in this picture looks cute and accessible in this photo, but I assure you it's not. I have to literally reach over, squish my dog to get my mug, and then on top of that, have my sciatica zap me in the ass for doing so.  Things aren't as they seem. One day you can be sitting with the one you love, and the next day, they can be gone in a flash just like that. The world, our world, is so unstable and unpredictable. I see certain people posting up inspirational quotes -- quotes to live by, or "should" live by and I think, "Wow, you don't live by that, how do you get to give such advice?" Although they mean well and perhaps giving the advice means also giving it back to themselves. I wonder if anyone truly uses all these motivational social media blabber. Sometimes, I'll retweet/repost them, because I myself have yet to use it in my own life. We live by experiencing and fortunately or unfortunately, we have the ability to "share" it online to our friends, family and to the world. What message are you sending out to the world? Years ago, nobody knew if we were democrats or republicans or if we were straight or homosexual. It wasn't spoken about so much. We never admitted that in person. We didn't get to see the inner depths of someone's torturous soul, until blogs came about.  I remember the saying, "It's easier to write it all out sometimes."

But as the world changes, so do we. And this is how life is now.

We can critique everything everybody does online, but the truth is, if you saw what they did online, you must be online as well. You have your lurkers, complainers, class clown, philosophy buffs, religious fanatics, wannabe photographers and political ramblers. They now have a soapbox to stand on. They have a platform to show off what they know, what they feel, what they saw or even, post what they had for breakfast. What's even more fascinating is, the people who post the most, are the ones who are out the most, snapping shots with their smartphones of their whereabouts or complaining about the slow cashier while waiting in line. For me personally, I love seeing photos of where my friends went on vacation and seeing random photos of simple things they find fascinating. That must be because of my love for photography. But, I also love hearing about their day, seeing what they're doing or complaining about. I get to know what their political statuses are without having a debate, because I choose not to invite myself to that argument. I get to see their kids grow up or how 'so and so' changed their life for the better. Unfortunately, sometimes that comes with a price: their absences in our lives. One of my friends posted something really significant the other day. "If you allow people to make more withdrawals than deposits in your life, you will be out of balance and in the negative. Know when to close the account."--Christie Williams I have to say that I feel very grateful that I have gotten back in touch (in person) with most of my friends from high school. And today, I have a lunch date with two very special people that were from my past and now, hopefully in my present. Don't let social media and time keep you away from family, friends...and life.

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