Resisting Temptation

Are you putting me on a diet???
To my surprise, I'm still maintaining the Paleo lifestyle and learning more in depth about it. I learned about ketosis, carb intake and how more fat in your diet = more weight loss, considering it's from a good, clean source. With that being said, I remember rolling my eyes at my gluten-free friends whenever they had parties and served up gluten-free crackers or pasta. It was gross and I still think so. I never try to mimic foods that I can't have. I see a lot of people who are on Paleo mimicking pies, cakes, pancakes and other treats, just to satisfy their sweet tooth in some roundabout way. Although I do believe whatever works best for 'you' is fine, but for me, if it doesn't truly taste like the REAL thing, I'm gonna eventually want the real thing. So, I stick to all the other amazing options out there, trying to incorporate new foods I never thought would be a liking to my palate. I have so much appreciation for my mom for starters. Anytime I have dinner with her and especially if she cooks --- she will make stuff that I'm able to eat and I don't expect anything like that. The other day she made this awesome chicken soup that didn't include pasta, noodles or even rice. She made it with fresh cut veggies and hormone free chicken. She makes these incredible pork ribs with a natural rub -- not that over processed jar of BBQ sauce. So last night, I got to make dinner for Mom. I made her a house burger with all the fixings, with a bun and a ton of fries. She looked over at me, "B-b-but can you eat this?" I had my burger the same as I always do - bun-less with an avocado and some pickles on it with a side salad. What's my point? I never skimp when I know someone likes something, even though I can't touch it. It's just like when I was in AA for 90 days -- I didn't go by those rigid rules -- I gathered with friends while they had their wine and cocktails and I had my seltzer with lime. It's all about self-control and I never, ever feel deprived on this new venture of mine.

A few years back I remember we had a party for one of our friends. We couldn't include alcohol because she was in recovery. I give anyone credit for resisting the temptation of what once took a toll on their life. That party didn't last for more than two hours -- I swear.  I remember while in AA being told, "You can't be around those who you used to drink with." Quickly, I raised my hand and said, "What if you drank with your family and friends?" They all shot me these killer looks, as if it was a challenge on my part. "You'll have to refrain from seeing them at places where they indulge in cocktails." So I asked, "You mean I can't go to their houses? That's the only place they really enjoy a cocktail or two." I have a huge problem with AA and dieters placing the blame or making other people without a drinking or eating problem the 'bad guy'. This is your problem -- not theirs. And while I agree that if staying away from your family and friends is going to be the only way to stay clean, then by all means do so, but that comes with a huge price sometimes. I was invited to a party that only had sandwiches, pizza and pasta. I had a huge protein lunch before going and then ate whatever non-carb snacks they had available. Problem solved. Work on "you" ---not them.

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