This is Not Your Average Lesbian Potluck

As you probably know, I have many passions in life. Being Italian, one of them is food. I love to cook, prepare, barbecue, and of course, consume. I especially love entertaining when friends and family come over. Over the recent years, I have discovered new recipes, most of them are my own, and some are bits and pieces taken from either Mom & Dad, or simply learned from a cooking show. I always add my own spin to it, which to me, makes it my own. So, I decided to make another blog called, “Deb’s Cucina”, where you can get all my recipes and stories of where it originated from. All the photos and stories are all my own and now, shared with you. Most of my passions or hobbies in life usually involved something artistic, like either song writing, playing guitar, photography & filmography, but I figured the one hobby that may benefit more people besides myself would be sharing my recipes. Depending on your taste buds, you may enjoy this blog.

My mother and I have one thing in common: stress. And whenever we are stressed out, we cook. So, needless to say, thankfully for my anxiety disorder, Madelene is a lucky girl. Cooking gives me a tranquility that nothing else does. It also gives me a chance to show my family and friends how much I love them by either making them their favorite dish or simply just inviting them over for my little appetizers and cocktails. And yes, I also have recipes for my famous drinks. I’m also including cooking videos in there from time to time so you can see how silly I can be in the kitchen (wine included of course) and many photos. There’s always a story with each dish, so come on by and hang out in my cucina from time to time.

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