It’s a beautiful night as I sit here on my deck typing on my laptop. I’m going to miss this place in some ways. Although I bitched and moaned about my surroundings, regarding neighbors, fires, police, etc., etc., this was a cute little nest for the time being. I finally fixed my bee problem two weeks before I have to move out. I even had the HOA do some tree trimming around the area where it banged the crap out of my a/c unit and left us with sleepless nights. We just got a new boiler too after all the times it conked out on us, leaving us to bathe the old fashioned way. But here I sit, gazing at the mountains on my little deck with a glass of wine, listening to the neighbors down below laughing and talking amongst themselves. My thoughts trickle back into our first years here. We brought together many people in this little condo. All the parties, all the dinners, all the times someone needed a place to stay - it was a little haven. I’m going to miss the woman across the street who goes out on her deck every single night at 11pm to talk and laugh loudly with whoever abides by her time schedule. For some reason, it comforts me and I fall asleep in an instant. I’m not sure if it’s the comfort of knowing people are around or if it’s just a reminder that this place isn’t all that bad.

Madelene and I felt our two bedroom condo closing in on us on the last year. We felt the tightness when someone would sleep over. We felt bad that it had to be the couch, because we made the spare room a home office. More and more Mad’s family would come by and sometimes stay. I wanted to give them a real bedroom. Where we’ll be moving will be a bit more secluded, yet with more bedrooms and a huge yard. We’re excited that we can actually have our family and friends stay if they want to, with their own bedroom and private bathroom. We’re looking forward to hearing crickets and frogs at night instead of the many sirens and domestic disputes. Any time a couple moves, there are usually arguments about ‘this-n-that’----but oddly enough, Mad and I have pulled through and having a good time doing some upgrades ourselves. I’m not the best laborer in the world, but it’s coming out halfway decent. We were lucky enough to get her nephew to help us sand and polyurethane the floors. That’s a huge help.

We were hysterically laughing to ourselves removing the carpet ourselves and taking out the tacks one by one by one by one. We’re now at the painting phase and I think this’ll be my last ‘do it yourself’ type of thing because I’m not very good at it. Lots of things are in the air like the movers letting us know which date, as well as my phone/cable/internet company correlating with the same day. I’ve already set up my home warming party, more like a 4th of July party. Hopefully everything will be in place by then. If not, who cares! Party rain or shine, mess or no mess. It’s on. Until then, please excuse me if I don't blog as often as I should.

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