Gay Marriage: Thank You, Mayor Bloomberg

Kudos to you, Mayor Bloomberg as an Independent, going against the grain of the majority of Republicans in putting so much effort in marriage equality and taking a stand for human rights. Some could argue that it would be easy for me to make that statement, because I’m a lesbian, however there are many straight people, Democrats and Republicans who are for same sex marriage to be legalized. I appreciate the fact that you’re traveling to Albany this morning, pushing for people who love one another to be able to marry, like any other human being. I understand that during your first half of mayoralty, you didn’t speak much regarding gay marriage. I’m sure there are many Republicans who feel the way you do, but are unable to speak up because they’re still running with a herd of sheep. It takes courage and guts to stand up for what you believe in, for what New York believes in, and to push for New York to be the sixth and largest state to legalize same sex marriage. So thank you.

Debra & Madelene Pasquella

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