Crazy Talk

Ever notice how much people strive to be “normal” - less crazy - less neurotic - less fanatical about everything and nothing at all? And, if those people are in fact, “crazy”, or perhaps a bit 'off' - they pretend to be normal. What is normal? What is acceptable? How much off the handle do we have to get in order for people to say that we're out of our flippin' minds? But “crazy” has been thrown around too freely. For instance, every single one of you probably has a “crazy ex”, right? We’ve probably even heard that about ourselves as well. But what makes someone “crazy”? What makes someone “normal”? If we can define them so precisely; so accurately, maybe being crazy isn’t such a bad thing at all. Maybe, being crazy means you have more passion for life, more passion for people, more passion about every single thing you encounter. Crazy people feel everything and aren’t afraid to let it show. In fact, the person in denial about being crazy will go off the handle if called crazy. If they’re “normal”, they’d probably have enough sensibility and restraint to just shrug it off. ...Or would they?

"Normal" doesn't necessarily mean "intelligent".

I’ve always believed that there is a fine line between insanity and intelligence. The most intelligent people I have ever met were all a bit off their rocker. They were interesting, unconventional and so much fun to be around. Some of my close friends are stand up comedians. Some of them are over the age of 40, and yet they have the ability and confidence to act like a child, only for the sake of making others laugh. They say things other people only dare to think. They’re crazy, that’s why I love them. They dare to be different - beyond the norm - beyond what society deems as “acceptable”. Look at Robin Williams. He’s insane. Most of us love him. The one person I find most daring in their comfort of insanity is Jessica Kirson. If you’ve never been to one of her shows or have seen her on Last Comic Standing or TV - you have to watch the video below. In fact, you should just go right over to her Youtube account - you’ll be on there all day. The woman. is. completely. insane and making people laugh till they cry. She’s truly heaven sent. Comics have to be intelligent in order to maintain the insane. You just can’t be stupid and funny at the same time. There’s a level of ingenious planning that goes behind this madness. Take a look at Jessica's video below.

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What about predictability? What about the lack thereof? My wife always asks, “Am I that predictable?” It’s usually after I finish her sentence, but that’s only because we’ve known each other for sixteen years. The unpredictability is what makes our relationship last. If it was the same ol’ thing every single fricken day, I’d be bored beyond belief...and so would she. Unpredictability is also seen as “crazy”. I used to feel down about being different - being too passionate about everything - being way too neurotic about this, that & the other thing and over-obsessing about the smallest of things. But now, as I’ve grown older, I’m realizing that a little dose of craziness is just what the doctor ordered.

"Sometimes it's to your advantage for people to think you're crazy." ~Thelonious Monk

"Don't let people drive you crazy when you know it's in walking distance." ~Author Unknown

How crazy are you? Or are you just...normal?

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