This morning was different. It wasn’t my typical, get up, open email, drink my coffee and scarf down whatever’s left in my fridge since I tend to do the groceries on Saturday afternoons, which means: zero food content in the icebox. With my meager piece of toast and a huge cup of high-test java, I opened an email from a very angry lesbian who had a few things to say about my content in this ol’ blog of mine.

Her complaint is that I cater more to the heterosexuals, because more straight readers are on my blog than gay or lesbian. She has also complained about my book and how it needed to focus more on the LGBT community instead of "generalizing" relationships, which meant: including heterosexual matters.

Let me respond to her email the best and tactful way I can…

Dear “Lezlie”,

Thank you for reading my blog. I’m all about “people”---whether straight, gay, transgender, bi-sexual, a-sexual, black or white or with a different religion - I love the fact that I can relate to all of them and vise/versa. We all go through struggles of love, conflict and adversity—whatever you are; whoever you are. I love writing for myself, but most of all, if it helps only one person out there, then it’s all worth it. The majority of people who have purchased my book have been heterosexual- even with a subtitle being From a Christian Lesbian’s Point of View. The book is about healing after a relationship, plus how God has worked in my life. Everyone can somehow relate to heartbreak. I’m sure of this.

My question to you would be: how can you expect to be accepted if you cannot accept those who are different from you? We all seek acceptance in some way or another, but especially for the gays and lesbians, we have to look at the bigger picture and view everyone as “we’re all in this together”. Our problems and matters of the heart are very similar to those who are born straight. I’d like to categorize my writing as “for all who have a heart”, instead of just “a gay and lesbian blog”.

I hope that you are not offended by my response. Think about this: how many heterosexuals have loved us and taken care of us in the past? Mom, dad, sisters, brothers and friends who have helped us along the way? They’re all included in our lives. Why leave them out? Why pigeonhole ourselves into only living the “gay and lesbian” lifestyle? Why not live “our lifestyle” and share it with those who are interested in us as a person and not just for “their lesbian friends or relatives”? It makes life so much more interesting when we mingle with those who have different views, beliefs, lifestyles and personalities. If we limit ourselves to a select few people, we then limit ourselves from life all together in my personal opinion.

Thank you for the time and energy it took for you to write your email. I did not copy and paste the email onto this blog because it was set in a very angry tone. I’m sorry to have upset you, however I am not sorry for accepting people that are different from me. Instead, I choose to embrace it.

With love & respect,