Your Message

With tons of hobbies that people are able to do, the one I find we all have in common is the ability to write or to speak our minds. As for the people who blog as well as myself, we all want to be heard. Isn’t that the reason why we write in the first place? We want our beliefs, opinions and stories to be out there– we want to make a point. That’s why we think this way or that’s why we think that way. We agree with some and we disagree with others. Sometimes our beliefs come off as the ‘truth’ and we disregard the views of people who comment.

Now here’s my opinion about bloggers. I have a few of them. Okay, okay- I have quite a few!

1. Bloggers are people who wish to be published writers. If you really think about it, whether or not they’ve published an article in a magazine or have published their own book- they're published regardless, due to them hitting the ‘publish’ button on the blogger option once completed with their post. So, we’re basically all published authors. We have written work for millions of people to see. (My site stats tell me differently though.)

2. We all want to vent- let it out- let off steam! But, in my honest opinion, what we truly want is to be able to vent, and hopefully the person(s) who needs to read it will open up to our blog page. Sometimes writing our frustrations down is more beneficial than verbalizing it.

3. Practice. If you’re an aspiring writer, you want to brush up on your grammar and punctuation techniques, etc. We want our stories to flow and sound easy on the ears…or in this case, easy on the eyes.

4. Love. Some of us have blogs for our significant others. (Shush, don’t look this way, I’m not that romantic!) Exchanging “love letters” through a blog is a great way to log the history of your relationship.

5. Memories. People post photos and write details about their children from birth on. Now, the only thing that concerns me about this is that they’re posting photos of their children. There are so many internet predators out there. It’s scary these days. When I see a family blog with a bunch of photos of their child on there as well as their city and state, I’m just baffled. Isn’t it our number one priority to keep our children safe? Do it anonymously if you wish to log your family memories down. It’s not worth the risk.

So if we’re being heard by millions of people out there on the internet, what’s our message? What do we want to convey to everyone that they haven’t heard before? What if we reiterate the same thing over and over? Do we mimic the words of others or do we simply state facts that generate from our own minds?

Of course you all know my message. My faith in God and the fact that I’m a lesbian contradicts everything most “Christians” cannot tolerate. I’m sick and tired of misinterpretations, judgments and the arguments of which sin is better than the other—and the fact that I believe homosexuality isn’t a sin. My message to people out there is this… Love God, love yourself, be content knowing that there’s not one person who knows your destination in the afterlife. Only the personal relationship you have with God can determine that—not any ‘religion’, ‘ritual’, or ‘good deeds’ will ever cover you. Your close relationship with God is your insurance. And that's "my belief". To you, it may be totally different. And that's okay!

What’s your message you’re trying to send out?