Jesus Paid the Price In Full

Through faith, we are God’s children. Galatians explains this perfectly.

God’s Children Through Faith

Let me put it in another way. The law was our guardian and teacher to lead us until Christ came. So now, through faith in Christ, we are made right with God. But now that faith in Christ has come, we no longer need the law as our guardian. So you are all children of God through faith in Christ Jesus. And all who have been united with Christ in baptism have been made like him. There is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male or female. For you are ALL Christians—you are one in Christ Jesus. And now that you belong to Christ, you are the true children of Abraham. You are his heirs, and now all the promises God gave to him belong to you. ~Galatians 3:24-29

There is a huge difference between sinning and a sinful heart. Sinning is simply being human. A sinful heart desires to sin – it wants to hurt people and deliberately wants to steal your joy. A human that sins is natural. We repent and have faith in God. We no longer go by the laws of Moses. This is why God gave us His only son. We are freed from the law.

Here… Look at Galatians chapter two verses 17 through 21:

But what if we seek to be made right with God through faith in Christ and then find out that we are still sinners? Has Christ led us into sin? Of course not! Rather, I make myself guilty if rebuild the old system I already tore down. For when I tried to keep the law, I realized I could never earn God’s approval. So I died to the law so that I might live for God. I have been crucified with Christ. I myself no longer live, but Christ lives in me. So I live my life in this earthly body by trusting in the Son of God, who loved me an gave himself for me. I am not one for those who treats the grace of God as meaningless. For if we could be saved by keeping the law, then there was no need for Christ to die.

Pretty huge statement if you think about it. “For if we could be saved by keeping the law, then there was no need for Christ to die.”

If you constantly live in fear about God’s judgment, then your faith in Jesus isn’t strong. If you truly had faith in Jesus and claimed Him as your Savior, then you would know that the old law doesn’t apply to us anymore. We were bound by the law, but by the grace of God and His sacrifice of His son, we are made right with him.

We live in our carnal bodies. We live here on earth, desiring earthly things. But if we have faith that’s strong and true, God isn’t going to just cast you away. God loves you. He knows how hard it is and what challenges we go through here on earth. This is the whole reason Jesus came for us. And, I truly feel sad when people make statements such as, “Well, you’re mocking God because you won’t repent and you keep on sinning and claiming Christ as your Savior.”

If you really think about it, those people who say that are mocking God by not trusting in Jesus’ death. They don’t feel that Jesus’ death was enough. He paid the price in full.

The funny thing is, yesterday afternoon while I was driving back home, I was listening to the Christian radio. This speaker was talking all about Galatians and how the others weren’t convinced that we were totally freed from the law. They missed the entire point of Jesus’ death.

It all boils down to faith and love. Faith in God – faith in knowing that God gave a huge sacrifice to us in order to be free! Why can’t people accept this wonderful gift that Jesus gave to us? Why are we insecure about God’s unconditional love for us? People claim to be Christians, but they have such little faith in what Jesus did for us. It almost breaks my heart that there are people out there so focused on the sins of this world, that it literally consumes them. Sin is on earth whether we like it or not.

They say that homosexuals are going to hell. They say that loving another person of the same gender is an abomination. You can read all about it in Leviticus. Again, it’s all found in the Old Testament. I can get into the whole shellfish scenario and sitting on the same couch with a woman who is menstruating, but it’s all been said before. Those sins no longer apply to us. (Christians) Those sins are the ones that Jesus came to save us from.

I’m not saying to go out and hurt people intentionally, but free yourself from all the guilt, from all the pain that guilt provides and know that Jesus paid the full price.