Thursday, April 20, 2006

She Won't Sing For Me

The media will do anything to twist your words around to make it appear as if you said something outlandish; when in fact—it could have been the total opposite. So who really knows ‘what’s true’?

On American Idol, the contestant Mandisa, a 29 year old soul singer got booted off the show. In my own opinion, it was because she ‘went country’, when in fact, ‘soul’ was her thing. I voted for her constantly! I hit that redial button about a trillion times until I got through. I wanted her to win---because she had the biggest set of…pipes.

An article in “The Queery” spoke on how Mandisa said she wasn’t an advocate for the gay & lesbian community. Mandisa was quoted in The Advocate Magazine in an interview, “Based on what I believe, I'm not an advocate for (being gay), so it's nothing I would take part in.''

People speculated that this was the main reason why she didn’t receive many votes. She’s a Christian who believes that homosexuality is wrong. She wasn’t gay bashing, however she did admit to one of the reporters for The Advocate that she would never perform for a gay and lesbian support group.

If she believes it’s wrong to perform in front of a gay and lesbian audience—then that’s her thing. Who am I to judge who she should sing for? Again, as I always say, everyone has their own cross to bear, and I believe that gluttony comes on the top seven list of deadly sins, doesn’t it? But thou shall not judge; for I have my own issues. I’ll just keep my mouth shut.

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