AA Meeting Held At Deb's House

Anyone knows, when Deb is with camera, things get tossed into my blog of course. From embarrassing photos to taking shots of random things just to make a point. (And no, I am so done with that previous post guys—don’t bring it up again…)

Anyway, I usually like to embarrass my friends—not myself. Of course I’m going to embarrass them, but this time, I’m going to put up embarrassing pictures up of me. Remember, when alcohol is involved when taking pictures, things get a wee bit interesting.

This was a spontaneous little gathering I had at my house. We had a little guitar playing & singing—by Alyssa who plays for The September Dogs. She was amazing as usual, and her voice is comparable to Janice Joplin, Joss Stone, and Melissa Etheridge. Yeah yeah, I said Melissa Etheridge—we’re all lesbos. Can’t have a party without the stereotypical terms, right? …Right.

So now I present to you...Deb's embarrassing photos that will soon be regretted or deleted soon afterwards. Naw...I never delete my posts. So suffer all of you who participated in my picture taking fiasco!

This is my friend Brianna. She took a shot with me while she was sober. I've known this girl for five years, and we've been close friends ever since. I met her at a club and knew we were going to be friends for life. (Oh shut up Bri---cause this is as sappy as I get witchya' punkass!)

This is my girlfriend Madelene and Brianna (after drinks). As Brianna goes into a coma-like state, Madelene does her best to hold her up.

Since Brianna went all ‘thug attire’ on me last night, I figured I’d steal her hat and show off my thugginess with the best of them. Not a good impression, huh? This picture is hysterical, because everyone says it doesn’t look like me at all…in fact, I look much like a close friend of mine (who will remain nameless) but the resemblance is uncanny. If any of my personal friends can figure out who I look like in this photo, I WILL send you a prize--seriously!!! Alyssa—in the picture with me is fricken hilarious. She can make you laugh till you dribble! The first time I met Alyssa was while she was doing a gig at a local bar. We’ve been friends ever since—and we haven’t stopped laughing our asses off together. She’s the most cynical little comedian you’ll ever meet. She’s awesome!

Alyssa did a little diddy for us as we all sat around the campfire. (Well, a bunch of candles) We had live entertainment, lots of alcohol and a ton of food…and of course, a houseful of girls. Who can ask for more?

This is Jodie. A cutie, right? She was playing with my little niece…err…well, kinda’ scaring her so it appears. Jodie’s a vegan or a vegetarian or something or other. I bought a bunch of veggie burgers and salads for her so she wouldn’t starve to death. After I woofed down a ‘real burger’ made from a cow, I explained to her that I was a vegetarian myself. She bought into it for some reason, even after she saw me eat meat. I think her hair is naturally blonde. Jodie’s a very nice girl looking to meet Miss Right. So if you’re interested, send me an email and I will play matchmaker!

Okay, leave me alone! Yes she is single, and yes, I’m taken—but I can flirt, can’t I? Pretending to be a vegan is hard when I’m sinking my teeth into a steak.

Here are my lovely guests flipping me the bird. I’m so appreciated. Yeah, go screw yourselves too! I have evidence. Sue (the blondie girl on the right) is Alyssa's wife. They recently just took their vows in Key West, FL. Sue's a great girl who enjoys seeing me drink myself into oblivion.

Yo daddy mac---who’s the drunk now? She claims I drink way too much. Now if this picture isn’t enough to say, “Cut her off!” I don’t know what is… Yeah rock on sista’ love!

Now you all must know Tamar. She is my closest friend—she’s family to me. She never, ever misses any gatherings I hold at my house. I can’t throw an embarrassing photo of her on my blog, because she always takes good pictures—always ready for that surprise snapshot! Even when she’s not ready—she’s just photogenic, and never doing anything ‘incriminating’. I hate that. Please do not ask me who and what Madelene was smiling at—but it looked as though Shakira came flying through the doors. Hmm.

And now...for the finale...the picture you've all been waiting for...

I give to you...

My AA meeting.