Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I'm Voting

Our good friend Jill had posted something very heartfelt concerning her political views on Facebook. There was a big difference compared to everybody else's though: I have never seen such a personal and touching stance on politics---ever. I have never been convinced that either presidential candidate would ever change the way society truly feels about marriage equality, which is why I was so undecided about who to choose. I also don't rely on my lifestyle and personal life to dictate who I will vote for. I usually vote for who is best for the economy (in my opinion and from learning through others) which ultimately affects all of us,  and who will protect our country. I've been so undecided for so long, until now. I haven't had anyone truly make a dent with their side of the coin on swaying me to either side. They've all made great points and while I nodded my heads a few times, there wasn't anything so inspiring, so loving and so so personal as this one. Jill made a difference, and this isn't the first time she has done this for me. After reading her post and looking at the website she provided, I felt calmer about who I'm going to vote for. So, I'm going to vote with who I feel "calmer" about.

Here's her amazing post:

"I have loved Kate for 16 years. She is my family. She is my LIFE. So when someone tells me my relationship is not worthy of marriage because we don’t have the right plumbing, I get angry. When someone tells me my 16-year relationship – based on love, respect, honesty, and mutual responsibility – threatens the sanctity of the institution of marriage, I get even angrier. However, when someone like Mitt Romney tells me I shouldn’t have the right to visit my partner in the hospital (and vice versa), calling it a “benefit” of the state, I become enraged. Such a position is completely devoid of all compassion and logic. I’d like to ask those conservatives who support Romney’s position, what good is bestowed upon society when a gay person can’t visit the person they love in the hospital? What great and unwavering social institution is upheld by enforcing such an act of cruelty? Imagine you are in the hospital – sick, scared, lonely, disoriented – and you are not allowed to see the one person you want to see the most. Imagine the person you love was in a terrible accident. You rush to the hospital to be with that person. Yet, when you arrive, no one will let you see your partner or give you any information on his/her condition. These are not hypotheticals; these situations have happened in the past. And if Romney is elected, and makes good on his promise, it will happen again. And again. And again. I’m not asking you to change your opinion. But if you love your spouse as much as I love Kate, think about how you would feel if Romney’s proposed policies applied to you. I imagine you’d be pretty pissed too." ---Click here for the website she added.

I could relate to every detail about how she feels about Kate. I've loved Mad for the same amount of years, and we both say, "We're family" too --  a "family unit" -- even if it's just Mad & I + one dog, we ARE family. I was so on the fence about everything -- about which candidate to vote for, or even to vote at all. Sometimes all it takes is one person to truly show you 'why' you should vote. I also have to say there were a few people, including Mark and Cher that took the time to express their views to me which I appreciate very much. Thank you for swaying me over to one candidate. I'm no longer confused. I'm voting.

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Susan said...

I think I am going to hold my nose again, and vote for some Democrat because the Republican alternative is worse. I still haven't decided as I really am sick of Democrats profiting off the fact that the Republican candidates say crazy-ass things to appeal to closed minded individuals filled with fear of the OTHER. As far as I'm concerned, Obama has been a lousy president. But if I must, I will vote for him as Romney would be worse and that is a scary thought.

Deb said...

I don't like either candidates, but I guess this just took the cake for me. Romney is too too right for me, although most of my political views are leaning right, there are issues that somehow make it "human" for me to vote democrat this year.

Susan said...

I see myself as fairly conservative who for a long time masked as a progressive. Then the bailout happened, our rights under the constitution were shown to be no more than pretty words, and the freak show got weird. I was going to vote Libertarian until I watched the debates and I couldn't believe how much Romney was lying. Sure, Obama was lying too as he has to do so in order to make his record look good. But Romney was contradicting himself from speeches made from 3 weeks ago. The guy wouldn't know the truth if it tapped him on the shoulder. He can't get his lies straight. So for all you know, he may support partners rights when he gets in, or he may try to get every person who has a non-traditional relationship to give up the precious few rights they already have. Obama is the better liar with far more consistency in his lies. I guess that settles it for me. One day Romney may feel like pressing the button because he thinks that is what people want him to do. What a flake!

Jill said...

Hey Deb, thanks for all the accolades. I am touched that you were so moved by my post. To me, the choice of who to vote for has always been clear. There is a lot at stake in this election, not just for glbt rights, but for so many other social issues. I never set out to change anyone's opinion when I made that post; only to vent my frustration at how certain policies are designed simply to dehumanize people who are "different." The truth is, as you know, we're really not that different. Love is love and suffering is suffering.

Dani Kekoa said...

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Snowbrush said...

"I usually vote for who is best for the economy (in my opinion and from learning through others) which ultimately affects all of us, and who will protect our country."

Most people do, but does this mean that things like the Bill of Rights, health care for all, the right to marry whom you please, freedom to protest the government, and environmental responsibility, are less important than an ever growing economy?

Deb said...


For me, I think all politicians lie. I even think Obama lies - why would he say four years ago that marriage is between a man and a woman only and then right before election, say that he thinks gays and lesbians should get married? All for political gain. Right now I have to choose the lesser of the evils and I really hate that. You’re absolutely right on many points you made.


No, you never tried to sway me --- you just enlightened me and when I ask you a question, you always take the time out to explain everything and educate me, so thank you. I just appreciate all the hard work you and Kate do in order to stand up for us, when most of us don’t. (Hope that makes sense.) In other words: you really make a difference in this world. :)


You can always email me. Did you really think Bob & his hateful cult would actually be a secret for long? All secrets are eventually revealed. I think it says that in the.....bible! ;)
Hope you’re well. Hang in there!


I said, “...which eventually affects all of us, and who will protect our country.” If you asked me with intuitive psychic knowledge of who would protect our country against terrorism the most--------I’d pick the guy who would fight for our lives. My legalities of my marriage can wait. Our lives are more important. In the past, it has always been the right who protected us more - who were more aggressive in fighting the war against terrorism - not the left. But Obama has shown his muscle during his term, but I will not forget that Bush was the one who ordered the hunt for bin Laden as well ---- and the Navy Seals were the ones who killed bin Laden. Everything is interpretative, because that’s how politics goes, same with religion I guess.

The Elephant's Child said...

And I will be watching, waiting and hoping from here as well. Sadly the person you elect will have a significant impact on our country as well. Which is not something I am happy about.

Deb said...

TEC, I didn't know that. Why is that? I'm genuinely curious because I'm not really into politics. Just learning all I can right now, and have been, but so many things get muddled and "lied" about by each candidate. I don't like either.....

The Elephant's Child said...

A very simplistic answer follows. Your country is probably the most powerful country in the world. For some time our foreign policy has meant that we follow your lead in almost everything - even if there is considerable opposition from within our country. The war in Iraq is certainly a case in point. In some cases we neglect relationship building with countries who are geographically closer to follow your lead. I think it is time we put our big girl panties on and thought for ourselves - which doesn't mean stepping away from our relationship, but does mean a more considered response.