Monday, August 04, 2008

Gay Christianity - My First Video

This is my very first video I made which deals with the hatred of many Christian fundamentalists towards homosexuals. How can another Christian with so much love for God hate another human being for being who they are? I tackled this topic more than a gazillion times. I just wanted to post this video back up in case my new blogging friends haven’t seen it. It was lost in another account and deleted by someone who had hatred in her heart as well.
(The text in the video may appear too small. I apologize, it was my first run with iMovie.)


Jess said...

It makes me sad to see people with such distain and for reasons that they cannot even justify. (though no hate is justified in my mind)

It is the same kind of hate that segregation had and their reasoning behind segregation was fueled by what the Bible "said". So sad.

~Deb said...


It's absolutely amazing how some "Christians" will focus so much on homosexuality, when in fact, the bible speaks among the premarital sexual aspects and promiscuities of all hetero and homosexuals. The bible also states that we should live peaceful lives, minding our own business and enjoying our lot in life---not minding other people's businesses and focusing so attentively on those who are "sinners". We're all sinners and we have no right to condemn anyone for their lifestyles or "sins". Why can't we be happy with just our relationship with God or whatever we believe in without dragging others through the mud?

Gustavo said...

People were actually beaten to death in your country because they were gays???!!!
I told you in one of my first comments that homosexuality was beyond my (obviously) narrow understanding. I have also told you that if tomorrow there was a gay parade in Rosario, I would probably join it. It’s not about accepting homosexuality or about being able to understand it; it’s about people’s rights.
To kill someone because of his/her sexual orientation is no different than to kill someone because of his/her race or religion.
I know more about discrimination than you dare to imagine. Being a Jew living in an extremely anti-Semitic country (Argentina) it couldn’t have been in any other way.

~Deb said...


Thank you for that comment. See, that's the difference: even though you may not understand or agree with the lifestyle, you treat others respectfully. That's a beautiful thing. No one is telling people, "HEY! You MUST understand and agree with our lifestyle!" We're just asking for the same rights and treatments that others receive. It's similar with various and different religions: there's absolutely no science involved which requires strong faith.

So who's right?

No one. It's all about faith and what you believe in.

Many people here in the US have been beaten, raped and even killed over being gay. Their "Christian warrior side" tells them that we should be put to death. I speak of those who are extremists.

I'm sorry you had to go through discrimination as well. The struggles are similar.

Thank you!

Kevin said...

Hey Deb,
This is a beautiful video! I often wonder if these people who hate the glbt community so much actually love/have loved anyone...


I have to say that ever since i became aware of the concept of homosexuality, I was and am still confused by it.
This is because from where I stand, I can't imagine how it can be natural for two people of same species be attracted to one another.
I want to stress the word "attraction" here. I understand and respect the fact that love can exist between two people(straight/gay) but I don't get the (biological)attraction between homosexuals.Maybe it's something which is comes natural to them just as heterosexuals do towards the opposite sex.It must be in the genes.
As a intelligent being(i'm not an amoeba), I understand the concept, but as a sexual being, I can never experience how it feels inside.

That said, I don't have any hate or repulsion against anyone because of their sexual orientation.I have to admit that I was initially homophobic but over time I have nothing of that left in me.
On a lighter note I must say, lesbians turn me on(blame it on girl-on-girl porn)!!
We as god's creation will be sinning if we stop anybody from expressing mutual love.

Finally video is good.
Keep it coming.

Grant said...

Normally I would say you could fight the god hates fags people by joining their group and then acting like a fringe lunatic to discredit them, but how far do you would you have to go to embarass those people? You could always point out that they are a bunch of hypocrites since they advocate killing gay people but then just stand around wearing t-shirts and waving signs.

Don't you miss Dani's comments? Why don't we bring back your old friend?

~Deb said...

Desperado: I respect your comment. I don’t think anybody understands anything to its fullest extent unless they’ve gone through it, or have experienced it. (This doesn’t mean to try everything under the sun!) Just as for myself, I don’t understand other religions to its fullest extent, however I won’t go out and hold picket signs telling them that they’re wrong or should be put to death because of their faith. It’s just “another faith”, just as it’s just “another lifestyle”. Thank you for sharing that and watching my video!

Grant: I think the question is: aren’t they embarrassing themselves as it is? Couldn’t they at least find a more productive approach other than stand outside with picket signs and horrific t-shirts? Maybe even leaving it to God? They probably think God can’t handle that job though since they don’t have enough faith in Him. As far as our ol’ angry blogging buddy, I’m afraid to invite her into this conversation in fear she may have a coronary from her fury.

Big Mama said...

Well done ~deb!

You, like me will never understand or condone the ignorance that drives some very sad individuals.

I was brought up (mind you my parents are OLD SCHOOL YANKEES) to believe that everyone has the right to be happy, everyone has the right to privacy and everyone has the right to love who they choose. My parents took us to church every Sunday & taught us tolerance by example. They are the greatest teachers I have ever known and I am passing their wisdom on to my children.

BBC said...

Why did you bother when it is a given that they hate you? I hope that they don't know where you live.

And don't forget the Muslims, you could really get in deep shit with them.

Other than that drop by anytime for a beer.

BBC said...

I may not like it that much that you are gay but I know that there is a certain amount of it in nature.

So I accept it, as long as the rest of us do not have to help support you, in that case it could become a problem to me.

Enemy of the Republic said...

One of my students showed me a site that answers Phelps' God Hates Check it out:

It's great.

There people are afraid of their own sexuality period. That doesn't mean they don't do it. They just don't have a healthy relationship to it, so they project their bad wiring onto the gay community.

Gustavo--This is just a small taste of what happens to gays and it isn't just the Bible Belt. It happens in well-enlightened cities too. This is why everyone has to combat it, gay and straight, because it is all about hate, not God. If a so-called Christian teaches children to hate gays, that same hate will poison the world where our kids grow up. No way.

~Deb said...

Big Mama: That’s so wonderful you grew up with your parents teaching you about tolerance and acceptance, which to me equals love. You’re truly fortunate. Thank you!

BBC: ”…Why did you bother when it is a given that they hate you? I hope that they don't know where you live.”

I bother, because there are cases where they have gone to extremes to hurt other people who are gay and lesbian. They don’t just hate “me” ; they hate anyone who may not follow their twisted hateful culture.

”…And don't forget the Muslims, you could really get in deep shit with them.”

Ironically enough, I’ve dated a very beautiful “practicing” Muslim before.

”…So I accept it, as long as the rest of us do not have to help support you, in that case it could become a problem to me.”

If I need any support from you, BBC, I’ll just drop by so you can support my drinking habit. I’m taking you up on that beer invite! Can you put up your rainbow flags for me when I arrive? {{hugs}}

Enemy: God hates shrimp! (haha) It’s hysterical. Well, look at what I had to deal with last year on my blog, which you’ve encountered. I was criticized for being gay, however the woman who criticized me used to be a lesbian herself. Hrmm.
And you’re right: it is a small percentage of what’s out there, but it has such a large impact due to the ugliness of it.

kathi said...

I don't see a video, but I'm at work so maybe it's been censored...

Curlz said...

Deb~ you did a great job on this. It is spine-tingling and heartbreaking. Incredulous that parents would encourage such hatred in their children and youth. BTW, thank you for your patience with all of my questioning and confusion. You are appreciated. In Christian love ~ Curlz

~Deb said...


Well, it's a clean video. ;)


Thank you for watching the video. It's so sad to see so much unnecessary hatred, when in fact if they really looked at the people who they're attacking, they actually might enjoy their company and feel differently. It's the "unknown" that scares them the most I believe.
Thank you for also taking the time out on a previous discussion and inquiring about my life and how I feel and think about everything. I admire your boldness and openness.

~Just Me~ said...

Wow, that was sooo good. I've such a hard time understanding those that claime 'to be so good' are the ones that 'hate so hard'

~Deb said...

Just me: Right??

~Just Me~ said...

winks...its me Miranda.