Tuesday, July 10, 2007

We're Killing Ourselves!

Typically, I’m the type of person who will read a label before consuming anything. I check for ingredients, caloric tables, as well as expiration dates. I’m constantly scared of getting sick off food. At the grocery store, they usually don't put anything down, such as labels or warnings on ground meat or steak. I just have to risk it.

I’ve also been known to be a hypochondriac. I hear the sounds of ‘ca-chiNg’ as I walk into the doctor’s office. They know I’m there for something irrational, whether it be blood tests, allergy tests or just a physical…for the third time this year. I should be worrying about all the germs I may be contracting by sitting among all the sick people. I just don’t touch the magazines.

This morning, I was planning to have a peaceful start. I got up, brushed my teeth, had some oatmeal and made my coffee. I started flipping through, The World’s Greatest Treasury of Health Secrets, by Bottom Line Books, who have numerous doctors being the author of each article. This one article I read was by Samuel S. Epstein MD. It’s a great book full of health tips.

As I’m flipping through the pages, to my horror, there were many toxic things I’ve been consuming and using that I didn’t even know about...and...that you didn't even know about probably.

Check this out...

Toothpaste – Many popular brands of toothpaste contain Blue #1, which is a carcinogen. Fluoride is also a suspected carcinogen.
Safer: Natural toothpaste without fluoride.

In a few months, you’ll see me with chipped off green teeth. Lovely.

Hair conditioner – Some brands contain formaldehyde and the carcinogenic dye FDEC Red #4.
Safer: Natural, plant-based conditioners.

And you think my hair is big now…just wait until I don’t have the right conditioner for it.

Talcum powder – Talc irritates the lungs and has been linked to ovarian cancer.
Safer: Products made with cornstarch.

Makeup – Cosmetics often contain talc, titanium dioxide and/or the preservative BHA—all of which are carcinogenic. In addition, lanolin found in many brands if often tainted with DDT.
Safer: Natural, plant based cosmetics.

Plant based cosmetics? Are you kidding? All my drag queen friends are going to be furious!

Now those are the things that I use on a daily basis. Let’s take a look at the other dangers lurking in your home…
Shaving creams, laundry detergents, air fresheners, hair dyes, whole milk, (buy the organic skim for all of you who are panicking now), weed killers, paint strippers, flea collars, moth repellents and kitty litter.

All of them contain that carcinogenic ingredient that can be harmful to you. I have a few friends and family probably reading this in hysterics, knowing that “Deb” read this particular book, and is now suffering all day panicking over toothpaste and conditioning my hair. I also had to do a load of laundry later on. Hmm...maybe I'll just have my cute girlfriend do that for me.

China’s been beaten down for having toxic chemicals in their products. Shouldn’t America be slapped on the wrist as well for letting this slide through the federal regulations? Dr. Epstein says, “Federal regulations that govern the labeling of consumer products are woefully inadequate. Consequently, it’s difficult for consumers to find out precisely which products contain dangerous ingredients or contaminants—and which are safe.”

Shouldn't we have the right to know which dangers are in our products?

I have to stop reading this book or I’ll stop living life altogether!



Natalia said...

Yeah...we have made this a toxic world. Is it any surprise we have a cancer epidemic?


Miranda said...

Lol...ok I have to admit that picture for make up...sheesh scared me to never wearing it again. lol

~Deb said...
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~Deb said...

I mean, everything we eat, from fruits, vegetables, milk, to our personal hygiene products. Even deodorant is supposed to be harmful for us. We’re all going to stink and have bad hair days.

The Rev. Dr. Kate said...

Yes, we are dying from the economic system that tells us that to consume is to be - and the more we consume the better we are. So we kill ourselves and the planet to become more artificial. Whtever God intended for the creation, this ain't it!

~Deb said...

It's all a business, Kate! No wonder they have poison labels on my mouthwash! I guess they do inform us...but I refuse to use plant-based make up or toothpaste. For some reason, that doesn't sit well with me. We're doomed!

Jessie said...

Yeah, people thought I was crazy when I said that the baby powder isnt safe, because they all used it on their babies. I knew I had read it somewhere, and see? Its true! We never used talc on our kids, not once. My sister in law does use cornstarch though.

~Deb said...

I know, when I use powder, it triggers my asthma...so there has to be some truth in it. I've heard about the ovarian cancer thing, but that's if someone places it where it shouldn't be placed.

~Deb said...

P.S. Jessie, your site tells me that it's unsafe, and that it's a phishing site. Why is that? I can't load it.

Sue said...

The problem I have with all this toxic stuff from China is that we are losing thousands of jobs to the Chinese and more americans are becoming unemployed because of them and STILL we keep sending our work over there. We can kill our kids and our pets with their poison and we will still try to save a freakin buck!!

Princess in Galoshes said...

I just came across your blog- but I had to comment. Dryer sheets are some of the more toxic things we have in our house, too. They work great as bug repellent if you rub them on your skin... but it's supposedly worse than OFF bug spray.

Which makes me cringe just thinking about it.

I'm with ya on the germaphobe-thing. I wish I had more confidence in my epidermis.

~Deb said...

Sue: I thought it was scary enough having a foreign country send us tainted products---let alone our own country having contaminants. I have mixed feelings upon that.

Princess in galoshes: I’ve heard of dryer sheets (fabric softeners) being a great way to repel bugs, but I never heard about the dangers. I know that the smell is overwhelming when I’m doing my laundry. Hmm. Thanks for stopping by!

kathi said...

Sometimes ignorance is bliss...or at least easier to live with.

I've always read the ingredients to make sure they were animal friendly (not tested on them), and I use Bare Minerals for makeup because my skin is sensitive (and I hate the feel of makeup). And, I love talc powders, living in Texas, it's about the only thing that keeps me from sweating.

Jo said...

Ughhhhh, I just started a diet and I hate hate hate reading labels! The thing I hate the most is bathrooms ... I will not keep my toothbrush in the bathroom ... just freaks me out!

Lisa said...

Bare Minerals makeup is the best best best. If you're looking for an all-natural makeup, I HIGHLY recommend it. I've used it for eight years and haven't touched the liquid stuff since I found it.

This post makes me chuckle at myself.. I'm really into all-natural stuff if I let myself go, but then I find that you really have to make a whole lifestyle of it, which is tempting but also expensive, haha. It's amazing, though, to read about all the crap companies use in their products. Have you ever been to an Arbonne skincare presentation? They talk about all the stuff in average skincare.. NASTY!!!

Enemy of the Republic said...

Have you ever read Fast Food Nation?