All Hallow's Eve & High Emotions

At the risk of sounding like a party-pooper, I've never been a real fan of Halloween. I do however, love the foliage, and how the vibrant colors can make the darkest of days seem bright. As a writer and musician, my creativity is at its highest...and so are my emotions. I guess if you look at artists, (writers, painters, musicians, sculptors, etc.,) you'll notice that their best work is done at the highest peak of their emotional state. We feel more. We grieve more. We even sense other people's emotions, as most of us are empaths. We have an intuitive way about others, whether we tap into it or not. If you read about the origins of Halloween, (All Hallows Eve)---it's celebrated on the 31st of October however, tracing back to its roots, this holiday was really celebrated as Samhain, a time where death was celebrated. Samhain was a celebration of the death cycle of Mother Earth and the honoring of the downtime between the end and the start of a new cycle. It's also been known that the veil between the living and the deceased is at its thinnest. So if you're like me, and sensitive to spirits and their presence, you'll see, feel and hear, quite possibly even smell their presence around you. More so, it's about the death of letting go of what was, and the start of a new beginning. It all sounds very 'positive' and renewing, but if you're a Christian, you may want to steer clear from celebrating it, and instead, blessing your home with anointing oil. It all seems incredibly innocent, as people bring their children out to celebrate this holiday which was based on Pagan and Satanic customs. And hey, my mom brought me out trick-or-treating and we had lots of Halloween parties, but as I grew more into my faith, I learned more about other people's faiths as well.

And just because my friends who are Pagan or Wiccan celebrate this holiday, it doesn't mean I think badly of them---it just means we have different faiths, and that's OK. We can coexist.

Even though my faith lies in Christianity, I do believe the origins and beliefs of what All Hallow's Eve stands for. I also believe in ghosts and our deceased loved ones contacting us, whether through dreams, a familiar scent, a light touch and even audible voices. I've always been able to see and hear them. Madelene has even seen them with me in our old home. She was an older lady who roamed around aimlessly, in that typical long white gown and white hair. She was the first owner of the house. Her name was Margaret. My father and I first started seeing her in the late 90's. She was timid and would hide behind the couch as my father would grab his midnight snack. Then she would run inside my childhood bedroom (which used to be the master bedroom when it was first built.) We told my mom and Madelene about her, but they just gave us a look like, "Yeah, sure." And then one day while Madelene and I were lying outside out on the hammock, Margaret peeked outside through the screen door window. I didn't say one word. I looked over at Madelene to see her reaction, and her face turned white! She looked at me and said, "Did you see that?" Another time, she saw the same huge orb that kept floating through the upstairs living room. Many of my sightings were confirmed by her sightings. Even in my new townhome, as of late, I see a random person walking down the hallway, or passing through the dining room into the kitchen. It's as if they're in another dimension and they don't even notice that I'm there. It's not "scary" or weird, it's just someone else living their other lives somewhere else, and yet in the same spot. This morning, I took my anointing oil and blessed each threshold and window in Jesus' name. It's important to do that in order to stay protected from the not so good spirits.

Another vivid connection I had with a spirit was my 'thoought-to-be' deceased mother. As I was reading an article at 3am (which is technically the witching hour,) I heard my mom's voice, as if she was excited that she got through the veil. She said, "Deb--bie!!!" Like a high "Deb" and a low "bee"---if that makes sense. So once I heard, "Debbb---bieeeee," it didn't feel right. I knew that without a doubt, that was not her. It sounded like her, but it was not my mom. Be careful when you encounter something like this. They're called "familiar spirits." They're basically demons disguising their voice as your deceased loved ones. The point of that is---you'll be tempted to rely on their communication, rather than a conversation or prayer to God. The devil can mimic anybody he wants. He's clever and will tell you secrets that you and your loved one could only know. That's why when psychics say, "Oh, they're telling me you have their locket stashed away in your closet on the top shelf." And the other person will be like, "Wow! How did you know that! She is real!" The devil also knows this. He knows everything, even every written word of the Bible. Remember, he was a fallen angel. That's why you shouldn't ever trust psychics or mediums. Even if you hear a familiar voice, be careful. In the Bible it says to test the spirits---which basically means, ask them if they believe that Jesus is the Son of God. In fact, the only spirit you should be communicating with is the Holy Spirit. But there are times when Jesus will place a hedge of protection around you if you need to give a message to your loved one, especially through a journal or even just a prayer-like sentiment. There's a big difference between contacting the dead, and giving a message to your lost loved one.

So enjoy today---enjoy All Hallow's Eve and all of its powerful energy it brings. But remember to hold onto your faith and bless your home as well as your pets. Bless yourself in the process. If you're like me, every hair on your body will be standing straight up as you walk through this highly energetic day. Trust your intuition and pray to God to give you discernment. Ask God to reveal the motives of other people as well. You'd be surprised how intuitive you can get during these next few days.

Happy Halloween, and enjoy the candy!

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