Why I Love You...

I’ve been a complete ball of static these past couple of weeks. Irritated, stressed out and full of anxiety. It comes out in various ways from avoidance of all people or saying something completely out of bounds without even realizing it (and sometimes realizing it). Sunday morning, I woke up and found Madelene making breakfast for me. Usually I’m up before her making her breakfast, but she beat me to it. She knew how distraught I was about life and everything going on in it. Mad on the other hand remains positive on every single situation, or the best of her ability, which I admire. I wish I had that type of mindset - that inner peace no matter what’s exploding outside your circle of tranquility. As I was putting away my dish, I said, “Thank you so much.” She looked at me and said, “For what?” I smiled, walked out of the kitchen and started to think to myself: “For what? For being the best friend I ever had. For listening. For sharing yourself with me. For understanding my anxiety and stress (even if irrational) and letting me know it’s okay. For sitting next to my hospital bed without a bite to eat all day making sure I was okay. For helping my dad do the things he once was able to do. For helping my mom laugh a little more & running little errands for her. For treating my family as your own. For praying over me when I was crying myself to sleep. For trying to make me guess a song you can’t remember by humming the tune, making me laugh till I cry. For putting up with me following you around with a camera for Youtube purposes. For being such a good sport. For helping me with my work and always being on my side. For kissing me every single morning before you go to work and every single evening before we go to sleep. For saying ‘I love you’ every day. For showing me you love me every day. Thank you for marrying me.”

So, thank you. I didn’t verbalize all the thoughts that went through my head when you asked why I was thanking you. There is so much more to add onto that list. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and how happy I am that you’re in my life. I usually don’t write these types of mushy posts, but you really deserve one. I know I haven’t been easy to live with lately, but you really make a difference in my life every. single. day. My mom calls you an angel from heaven. My little niece used to call you “Magic” because she couldn’t pronounce “Madelene”. She was right. You are magic. I love you.

Here are some clips of us. Hope this brings a smile to your face.

This next clip makes my blood pressure go down. I love walking on the beach with you even if we're not saying one word.

This next clip isn't mushy at all, but it shows the funny dynamic we have interacting. I love you for being, so, umm, misunderstood. And again, you put up with my filming you when you least expect it.

Of course we have our mornings that includes recorded arguments about the trash...

And I can't forget the day I taught you how to use Facebook. What. an. ordeal.

I love your message to the world...

Do you see why I love you? Happy Valentines Day my love...!

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