Have No Regrets

What happens to a person who dies and then becomes more treasured after his or her death, where we simply forget about all the things we disliked about them? What about an artist who hasn’t made one penny off of his or her paintings or sculptures, but then dies to be known as one of the most known artists of all time? Do we have to die to get noticed? Do we have to be pushing up daisies in order for someone to treasure what we do for a living or hobby? It kind of makes you think.

Have you ever noticed when someone passes away, the people in their life or even remotely associated to them will amplify their friendship or bond with the deceased? It’s crazy. Why tell everybody they were your best friend now? Why not while he or she was alive? Although we respect the deceased and pray that they rest in peace, we don’t have to prove our respect by lying about how close we were or how magnificent they were, just because they are no longer with us.

What about now? Think about someone you dislike, or for that matter, hate... Think about all the bullshit you’ve been with them or the negative things that make you want to call them every name in the book. Now try to imagine them deceased. What are you feeling? Regrets? Regrets of your lack of forgiveness? Regrets about being stubborn? Regrets about how you treated them? Regardless of their mistakes, it’s human nature to have some sort of regrets about not mending things when somebody has passed away. I should of would of could of --blah blah blah. It’s just too late.

And doesn’t feel so awkward while seeing your friend, relative or anyone one day, and the next day having to see them taken away in a casket? Death can happen any day, any hour at any given minute, second. We’re simply not immune to it, yet we keep treating death as if it were so far away from us - that we’re so damn invincible. We’re not.

Tell somebody you love them today, before it’s too late. Notice their work now, instead of later. Tell somebody you forgive them, before they meet God. Tell somebody you’re sorry for what you've done, so they can leave here in peace. And always, treasure what you have now before it’s long gone.

Have no regrets.