What a Pain!

Today’s off topic subject deals with menstrual matters. Depending on the situation and the severity of it, PMS can be a terrible thing for the person going through it, as well as the people around them.

Shut up! Talk to me! Why aren’t you listening? Come here! Go away! What’s wrong with you? Stay here-go there-where you going?

We can drive anyone insane with our crazy and erratic emotions. We’re armed dangerous with vicious words and looks that could kill. We can snap at any given moment. Don’t stir things up - just “be”. Don’t agitate us, because we’re already there. Don’t talk too much or talk too little, we’ll know something’s up. Just let us veg out watching Lifetime, sipping green tea with a box of Kleenex, because we’re gonna need it!

Pity the person who’s with me. Let’s put aside the emotional roller coaster for one moment. My pain is so excruciating, that it ranges from vomiting, falling on the floor hurled into a ball crying, to turning ash gray and eventually passing out from the limitations of the pain itself. Sometimes, 800 mg of Motrin doesn’t even help at all. There’s nothing else I can use. The doctor once gave me birth control pills, which made me even more of an emotional train wreck. He gave me a full examination to see why I’m getting such terrible pain. There was no answer.

Uterus: small, clean and perfect. This is what he said. Then why the pain? He came to the conclusion that I have an “overactive uterus”. It contracts more than it should. I thought the pain stemmed from the shedding of the uterine lining. What do I know?

Eventually, from taking so many ibuprofens, I developed a bleeding ulcer, which now prevents me from taking any medication at all. Now, I have to deal with even more pain than ever. I had to go to an emergency clinic last week to get Toradol injections, which is an anti-inflammatory drug that works just like Motrin, however, with a powerful punch. They wanted to give me this injection so that it would bypass my stomach and go into my bloodstream. But, when I looked it up online, it clearly states that if you have an ulcer, that you should not take this injection, because it gives the same dangerous effect as the oral ibuprofens do. So then why is my doctor prescribing this for me? He’s totally missing the point. I need a painkiller that doesn’t tear up my stomach lining. I can’t take narcotics- just because I’m not crazy about the possibility of addiction, and I know that I’m allergic to anything that is codeine based.

I’m seriously thinking about the possibility of removing my uterus. I’ll still keep my ovaries, however, my uterus is preventing me from living a normal everyday life.

If anyone knows of any other “home remedy” or solution, please let me know. I’ve been taking vitamin E, and was advised to start taking vitamin B6. I’ve mixed that all in along with exercise. It does help to some degree, however, I can’t go through life in such pain!

Maybe I should get a sex change…