Tech Support For Sony

Let me go on a rant about something please... I’d like to think that I’m a very patient person when it comes to customer service representatives, tech support people and other folks who help us out with products or services, however, I have been on the phone now for 2 hours with the same rep trying to understand his thick Indian accent. This is the 4th rep I have been on the line with. Remember when my computer blew out? My Sony Vaio crapped out on me and I sent it off to get it repaired. The phone call for that order was 2 hours long as well. Anyway, right now I am on the phone, listening to this guy process my order- which is taking him even longer than expected. I have never been so frustrated before in my life with customer service.

I kindly asked him where I was calling. He said the call center was located in India. I don’t have anything against people from this area, however, for Sony to send us all the way to the Middle East that rubs me the wrong way. Why can’t we get our own Americans working for Sony? Why can’t we get people who can speak our language? This poor guy is probably insulted, because all I keep saying is, “What? What? What? I’m sorry, can you repeat that? Excuse me? Sir? What?”

I’m almost positive that the bulk of his calls are from angry customers complaining about their piece of crap of a Vaio, and then on top of that, the customer service rep can’t be understood. I feel bad for both parties. Now, “Steve”, as he calls himself, says that my Vaio, which is going in for another repair, comes back on the line and gives me a number to another call center. This number is to completely exchange my computer for a new one. They made an exception since this is my second repair, and of course, I became irate 1 or 2 times while being on the phone with him.

So now, I sit here wondering when my new computer will arrive. I’ll be sending it out probably Monday or Tuesday. My next computer--and I promised myself this--will definitely be a Mac. I was so against Macs, but now, I know why people swear by them!

I'm off to "happy hour". I only handle so much of this sober.