Constant Peace

Let your spirits be high, your worries be low and your peace be constant. I prayed this for someone I know going through some life struggles. We all go through them in different ways. Sometimes, I look at certain people and say to myself, “How dare I complain about something so trivial!” Maybe it wasn’t trivial to me at that time, but sometimes I have to gather my thoughts and realize that things can be much worse. Complaining is basically venting. It never does any good, except to get it off your chest.

This morning, I woke up to the sounds of raindrops pit-pattering against my windowpane. I was underneath a plush goose-down comforter, lying down in bed. It was the first cold day in August. I know, that must sound weird, but it was cold and rainy. These are my favorite types of days. I usually get a big blanket, a huge cup of soup and watch movies. I still needed to do some work and make it to the gym afterwards though. After work and exercise, my evening is planned with dinner and drinks with friends and family. My favorite day of rain, big blankets and soup has been diminished. Do I have a right to complain?

The both are wonderful options. I’m grateful for even having an option. Sometimes I find myself losing gratitude for the things that can be taken away from me so easily. I’m not one to take things for granted, but lately, I have been blinded by all the blessings that surround me. When we’re at work, we wish we were home in bed. When we’re home too much, we wish we had some work to do. It never ends. I remember working at the call center looking out the window thinking, “I could be doing so many things right now, like cleaning, doing laundry, going to the park, going shopping or even getting my hair and nails done.” Then, when that lucky day rolled around- wouldn’t you know it-- I stayed home doing absolutely nothing. Ironic, huh?

It’s like we say things, and then turn around and do the complete opposite. Well, I guess I can only speak for myself.

My self-dialog while preaching these sentences to someone else:

“Let your spirits be high.”

I can give this advice, but shouldn’t I take it myself?

“Let your worries be low.”

Sure, I would love them to be low, but with all my anxiety, how can they ever be low?

“And let your peace be constant.”

Yeah right.

For many, peace can have so many meanings. Peace can mean a few hours away from the kids, a day off from work, a glass of wine, reading a book or sitting near a lake at sunset. But what does it truly mean to have “constant peace”? It’s that peace that resides in your heart, no matter what’s going on in your life. It’s that thought that reminds you that everything’s going to be all right. It’s that voice from within that lets you know that there are worse case scenarios out there and that we should feel lucky and have gratitude for it all. For me, peace is God living inside of me, guiding my emotions and handling the way I react. It’s giving up control and letting God take the steering wheel instead. Let’s face it, He’s better at it than I am. Constant peace is the ability to keep God around, while life keeps batting us down with more problems. Constant peace is meditating on God’s promises that things will get better and that we’re not alone. God’s always there to see us through it all.

So today, may I wish you this… Let your spirits be high, your worries be low, and your peace be constant.

Have a great weekend!