Holier Than Thou

What is it that makes other people think that their religion or beliefs is right—or better? What proof do they have that tells them this is wrong and this is right? Sure you can flip through the bible and read some proverbs, scriptures and passages from history; but why do so many people interpret it in different ways? Why are there so many sectors to Christianity? There are some Christians, like myself, that believes in the basic ‘right and wrong’. Then there are radical extremists who feel they need to pull out parts of a story of the bible and make it abundantly clear to the entire world that this is the worst kind sin! A sin is a sin.

When you do something wrong, you generally feel it in your gut; you know it’s not good. It’s whether or not that your conscience lets you stop what you’re doing in order to not let it be a ‘sin’. I believe that your conscience is a gift from God. Not one person is this world can say, “Well that’s a sin and that’s wrong!” No one has that right to point that out to you, unless you are hurting another individual.

Be careful how you live among your unbelieving neighbors. Even if they accuse you of doing wrong, they will see your honorable behavior, and they will believe and give honor to God when he comes to judge the world. ~1 Peter 2:12

Let them accuse you. Let them throw the first stone. Let them see you live in love---watch how they suffer in their own ugliness of jealousy. This post is dedicated to Miranda. I think she saw the wrath and hatred that comes from a certain blogger. The behavior that this lady has shown throughout her blog and throughout my own blog, shows nothing but hate and ugliness. What makes a person focus so much on other people’s lifestyles? Miranda has been with the same woman for 4 years. Her love for her partner is unconditional and it’s evident that she’s happy. Why would anyone want to make another human being feel sad about their love for someone? If ‘you’ think it’s wrong, remain quiet and let God be the judge.

There are people who claim they are ‘righteous’. I would love to meet that person.

Righteous: Morally upright; without guilt or sin.

Who is without sin in their lives? We all live in our physical nature. Our physical nature goes against our spirit. We are flawed, but in my beliefs, this is why Jesus died on the cross for us. He saw how we were when He came down to earth. And for that, He died for us. I’ve accepted that. Some people are still stuck in this ‘holier than thou’ stance and feel the need to judge and ridicule everyone who isn’t living perfectly to the written law. No one lives perfectly to the law. We’re only human.

It’s perfectly fine if you are in a discussion and say, “Well I feel this is wrong.” That’s okay. That’s your belief’. Then you have people who feel the need to insult you for your lifestyle. Well you’re a pervert! You’re a homo! You’re faggot and God hates faggots!” That’s not encouraging; that’s called hatred. To me, it shows me a person who is completely unhappy with him/herself.

God is all loving. God doesn’t hate His children. If my own father and mother accepted me—then what makes this person think that God can’t? It sounds absurd. There are many people in the world that hate to see other people live happy lives. Some people live a life to only please others. How sad. Why can’t we all be happy—yet be happy for everyone else as well?

If anyone says, “I am living in the light,” but hates a Christian brother or sister, that person is still living in darkness. Anyone who loves other Christians is living in the light and does not cause anyone to stumble. Anyone who hates a Christian brother or sister is living and walking in darkness. Such a person is lost, having been blinded by the darkness. ~1 John 9:11

I know this focuses on Christians. I apply it to people of other faiths as well. I don’t hate anyone of a different faith—I respect it. But as a Christian, I find that a lot of my ‘so called’ fellow Christian believers are full of hatred and anger. I even have to say, that the Buddhists teach a great doctrine. It’s all about love—how we are all one. It sends a positive message. I think Christianity sends a positive message, but many people ruin it; trying to make the bible and what it says full of hate and wrath. It’s a shame that people have to go to that extreme to make other people feel sad. They give Christianity a bad name and make us look threatening and unloving.

Maybe one day we can all walk in love; we can all find happiness that resides in our heart instead of pointing out each other's flaws.