What Is Your Plan B?

What you did for yourself and your family and friends, as well as those who may be around you at work or in the grocery store was a morally decent thing to do. You're super brave, and your hearts are all in the right place. There's no question about it---you did what you did with good intentions. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. We're supposed to listen to our doctors, our hospitals and the CDC. We're supposed to believe that the government is helping us. We are supposed to believe many things, until the truth unfolds. But remember, it's not your fault. With that being said, this is also not the fault of the unvaccinated. 

We were lied to. 

From the very beginning, all the people around me were "seemingly" vaccinated. No one said a word if they weren't. I didn't care---I always told people I was unvaccinated, so they could make a decision whether or not to be around me. I wanted to give them that choice. I even did that with a coworker who came into my house. She wore a mask and we both were okay. 

When the mandates came out, the truth came out. Nurses, doctors and every type of healthcare worker started walking off the job due to the ultimatum of "get the jab or get the hell out," from their employers. Why in the world would your nurses and doctors walk out over getting vaccinated? Aren't they 'in the know?' This is why more and more people are waking up and realizing what's being done to them. You can call me a conspiracy theorist all you want, but there's more of me with the tinfoil hats than the vaccinated. 

There was a leaked Zoom meeting that revealed a doctor questioning how to increase the count of COVID-19 patient numbers on the hospital's dashboard report. The leaked video came from a recording from an "internal source" at the Novant Health System that includes New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington, North Carolina. 

One doctor is seen telling the staff, "I think we have to be more blunt, we have to be more forceful—we have to say something coming out—if you don’t get vaccinated, you know you are going to die,” Rudyk said in the video. “Let’s just be really blunt to these people.”

Fisher asked if she meant every patient who has been in the hospital “since the beginning of COVID?” 

Rudyk answered, “Well, that are still in, and that’s something I can take to someone else, but I think those are important numbers: the patients that are still in the hospital, that are off the COVID floor, but still are occupying the hospital for a variety of reasons.” 

Also on the Zoom conference call was Shelbourn Stevens, president of New Hanover Regional Medical Center, who said those patients are classified as “recovered.” 

“But I do think, from our standpoint, we would still consider them a COVID patient because they’re still healing,” Stevens said. Rudyk said she thinks those patients need to be “highlighted as well, because once they’re off isolation, they drop from the COVID numbers,” prompting Stevens to say that they can later talk offline about “how we can run that up to marketing.”

Listen to this video until the end---it's truly the creepiest thing I've heard. 

Since Biden gave out the mandate, healthcare workers everywhere are walking out and now protesting. Many are protesting right here in New York. 

There are many cases where the vaccinated have either been seriously injured or have died from the jab. People aren't listening. It's especially hard to listen if you're being silenced or banned from sites left and right. 

One clue, even before the mandates was this: if you're vaccinated, and still catching and spreading the virus, what does that tell you? Why are there vaccinated people in the hospital right now? 

Families are uninviting their unvaccinated guests from their weddings, birthday parties and other gatherings. They're dividing, calling the unvaccinated, "selfish" and that "they're killing people." They're also using Biden's lingo, "This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated." They want to see you divide. This is exactly what was planned. I can even feel the pull of my vaccinated friends as well. It's okay, because I know how strong fear can take hold of someone. 

If I'm wrong (if most of the world is wrong) then we can easily fix it by going out and getting vaccinated. 

So to my vaccinated friends and readers, what is your plan B? 

Fauci should be fired for crimes against humanity. Everything is coming out in the open and I'm actually terrified over what will come next. 

Pray without ceasing. Try your hardest to LOVE one another, regardless of your vaccination status. We shouldn't be angry at one another---we should be angry at those who inflicted this virus on us, and then tried harder with the "cure." 

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