Why Does God Allow Suffering to a World Which He Created?

Have you ever been attacked for your faith in God? Did you ever have someone ask you a million and one challenging questions regarding why God "lets" bad things happen? I'm finding that many Christians don't know how to respond to this -- or perhaps they fail to respond in a clear way. Let's face it, we're people who have faith of God, not knowledge of God. We're taught to trust in God and that suffering is taking part in Christ's suffering. But still, questions get asked, "Why does God let children fall ill to cancer, or why does God let grown adults rape children?" These are really good questions -- touchy subjects too, but valid inquiries of the darkness of this fallen world. But that's just what it is: the world. The world is encompassed mostly by evil.

"But there are good people in the world."

Yes, but overall, the world is overpowered by evil. Believers are not "of this world" -- this world will soon pass but God's love will always remain -- your eternal life will go on. Thing is, not enough people have the kind of faith, where they truly believe that without a doubt, after this world comes another one. So why are people getting hurt and killed here on earth? Did you ever hear from someone who had a near death experience? This world is so very temporary, and when someone tells their experience of being on the other side, they always report that they're weightless, and that the suffering on earth is now over. We sometimes suffer greatly, but suffering is what brings endurance, which makes us stronger, until we're rewarded with a weightless new body God gives to us when we die.

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. I've learned that even in the midst of any sort of suffering, there can be God's peace. When you trust God and not curse him for the suffering, you not only strengthen your character and mind, but you're strengthening your faith in God. The only way out is through, and if He brings you to it, He'll get you through it. Just keep that in mind when you're going through challenging times.

So why is there suffering in the world? First of all, mostly humans cause other humans suffering -- not God. Also, without natural suffering, we would never grow.

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