The Dangers Behind WiFi

About four years ago when my wife and I moved into our condo which was located in a very populated area, we thought one thing: convenience. We loved the fact that we could grab something down the street, or in case of an emergency like a snowstorm, we were easily accessible. That really made me sleep better at night, but then again, Madelene and I both found that we had a lot of problems sleeping. I couldn’t put my finger on it. Our condo was really cozy and we had everything we needed. We weren’t in a bad section and we felt very safe. So why weren’t we both sleeping well? I went on the internet and Googled topics about insomnia. We all know stress is a contributor - who doesn’t have stress? This was different though. I could be at my most relaxed state of mind, yet my eyes wouldn’t seem to close. Then I came across a news article that explained how cell phones contribute to sleep disturbance, if left on your nightstand. So, I began to turn my cell phone off at night. It seemed to help a bit, but then the insomnia kicked in again.

Later on, when we moved into our new location which basically has a population of ten people in the neighborhood, I realized I slept better. I slept the whole night through without waking up. Madelene did too. We immediately thought it was because of the street noise that kept us up at night in the other place, but as I’m finding out, wifi connections have a lot to do with sleep disturbances among other health factors. Think about this... We lived in a building that had more than fifty people living there. The next building over and the one across the street had about the same amount too. There were many buildings surrounding us. All had one thing in common: wifi connections. When I glided my cursor over to the airport section of my desktop, it told me how many people were using wifi at that time. There was a slew of people - countless. When I moved into our new location, there was only me on the list. I realized that my lack of sleep was due to the amount of wifi connections. It really makes you think how much wifi can affect us. Now the news is reporting that if a laptop is on a man’s lap or even a smart phone, the radiation can damage their sperm count.

In an article in Extreme Tech, it states, “In a control test — with the sperm kept away from WiFi emissions, but at the same under-laptop temperature — 14% of the sperm died within four hours, and 3% showed DNA damage. When placed underneath a laptop for four hours, 25% of the sperm died and 9% showed DNA damage. The important finding here is that WiFi electromagnetic (EM) radiation damaged the sperm — almost every other study has focused on increased temperature (which also damages sperm, incidentally).”

With the low frequency radiation and the long hours of having a cell phone attached to your right or left hip, I feel even women should be concerned. In fact, Madelene had a hysterectomy due to large tumors that formed on her ovary as well as her uterus. She constantly carries her cell phone (and still does) on her right hip attached to her belt. It lies right above her ovary (or where it used to be). The tumor started growing at such a rapid pace that it enlarged her uterus to the size of a football. How can we live without our smart phones and internet connections though? I leave my wifi on all night. I close out my computer, but I don’t disconnect the wifi. Especially living or working in buildings that have over 100 connections -- what kind of studies are being done to prove that this is “okay” for us? Sad thing is, I can’t say that I’m going to change my habits or carry my phone less than I do, but I will try to consciously turn off my cell phone at night and make sure that I always use an earpiece while chatting on the phone. I must say, that I see a huge difference living in an area where I’m the only one with a wifi connection. I’m finally sleeping. It’s all making sense now.

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