Happiness, Forgiveness & Love in the New Year

2010 brought some magnificent people into my life, new career opportunities, a tentative date for the completion of my documentary and importantly, better health towards the end of the year. With that being said, 2010 has also opened my eyes to new ways of thinking; a new attitude that will hopefully carry me through this new year’s journey. I believe that all the things that have happened this past year are all meant to better my upcoming year. My family has been through personal conflicts and health issues. It was an intense year. From my point of view, I have learned so much from it. I have learned and realized how much I really do love every single one of my family members. That’s without question though. I've also heard the words "I love you" for the first time with some. With each of my sisters being so wonderfully different than another, it has been a great discovery finding that even though we’re so unique in our own ways, we have so many similarities that are undeniable. I’m starting to understand the challenges of growing older, as well as growing apart at times. And I’m also learning that if I miss a sibling, due to “busyness”, then I try to consciously make time for them. I also ask them to make time for me - and they do if they ‘know’ I need or miss them. I never told them before. I just hoped they were mind readers and would anticipate a phone call asking to spend time with them, when in fact it should have been me making that phone call. I’m trying to make a point to be there, not just say, “I’ll be there”. My three sisters are my best friends in the world. Yes, I do miss them at times. Yes, I do understand life’s crazy schedules but yes, I will always love them and make room for them in my life.

With family, friends, acquaintances, coworkers and especially those who are no longer in my life for whatever reason, my New Year’s resolution is to put the past behind me. I will choose not to remember arguments or a particular conflict. I will never bring up, ‘well you did that and you did this’ ---everything disappears--- a clean slate. This year, I will choose to be happy instead of diving into ‘whatever I feel at the moment’ ---meaning if I wake up feeling depressed, I’m going to turn it around the best I can. I’m going to verbally state, “I feel terrific” -- and carry that throughout the day. I’m no longer going to “wish” for things anymore. I’m going to pray and thank God for everything I have, not things I wish I had. I’ve always been grateful for everything, but sometimes I would fall into that pit of, ‘woe is me’, when there are so many people much worse off. How can I ever complain? This morning, my sister noticed a quote I had written on my facebook account: “Happiness is not having what you want; it’s wanting what you have.” I’m not quite sure who the author is, but it’s so true. We all keep “wanting”, and when those wants aren’t met, we then find ourselves disappointed ...and at times, become depressed.

For those of you out there who I have met this year, for those who have been there for many years, and those who were in my life for a period of time but no longer in my life for whatever reason ---I wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. I wish years and years of happiness, laughter, love and friendship for you. As one of my favorite quote says, “People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime” -- and I accept every part of that quote and thankful for everyone who has crossed my path.

Most importantly, I'm grateful for my best friend & beautiful wife, Madelene for deciding to spend her life with me. I'm grateful for my family all sticking together as one as we ride out this rocky road regarding Dad's health. With the strong bond we all have - the "togetherness" - we can pull through anything. We just have to remain together, as we always have.

Happy New Year!

Take a look at this video by Bishop T.D. Jakes. It's very inspiring, especially for the upcoming new year ahead of us.

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