Days Like These...

Most of my days aren’t so ‘gloom & doom’ - they’re either mediocre day-to-day average or very pleasant, hoping to exceed the ‘most exciting day of my life’ type of day. With no real high expectations, I do make the best of the days I have left. Looking back, I clearly remember my friend Jamie coming over while I was down in the dumps about whatever was brewing at the time, and she would sit herself down on the couch across from me and turn on her little Macbook. I’d shoot her a glance from across the room, noticing her shooting a glance back at me, hoping I would listen to whatever came out of her tiny silver laptop. It didn’t even matter if I was watching TV, because most of the time, I was just zoning out like a zombie over-thinking, over-analyzing, everything you can possibly imagine inside my little noggin. I then would start to hear some strange man speaking, (possible gay or just super flamboyant), telling his life stories with the most driest sense of humor I have ever heard. I didn’t look in Jamie’s direction. I tried to ignore it and continue stewing in my gloom & doom.

A chuckle would erupt from the other couch. Jamie’s laugh was the most contagious laugh you could possibly imagine. If she kept this up, I would have to leave my gloom & doom mood & crumble right before her very eyes. I have to be strong...I have to be strong... But it wasn’t too long before I would plant myself next to her, questioning what she was listening to. She’d just give me a look with her shiny smiley eyes, so proud of herself that she managed to snap me out of my bad mood and join her little 'funness' over on the love seat. “David Sedaris.” She'd say, pausing the podcast as she giggled and would quickly tell me a funny short story of his just to lure me in even more. We sat there for over an hour listening to his life, with his droll and dry satire, giving me the perfect therapy: laughter. It wouldn’t have been funny with anybody else, because this was Jamie’s type of humor. It was more about the company and the way we used to find certain things funny, as others would perhaps, find it a bit ‘eh’.

Jamie never used to ‘interrupt’ my gloom & doom - she would wait for me to jump into her funny little world instead...and I always did. It was a known thing. I would sometimes avoid her if I was in a bad mood, because I knew she would snap me right out of it. There are times when I just want to ‘be in it’, perhaps sulk a bit more, but with her being present, it wasn’t possible. It’s days like these, where I would give anything just to spend one hour of those funny moments, sitting on that small love seat with Jamie, listening to David Sedaris unwillingly at first, but overall, hoping that moment would never end.

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