When we put our trust in God, what are we really doing? To some people, it means that we’re leaving all our responsibilities to something of the unknown. To others, it means that we trust in God- we let God work within us and help us with our life’s struggles. It depends on where your faith lies. It’s difficult to just say, “Oh here God, take my problems and let me be rid of them!” Then you look down, and see that they’re still there. What does it take to have God handle it all? Does God actually take full reign and tackle each problem at hand? Or is it just a ‘good feeling’ to say, “God take away all my problems!”

I’ve tried giving all my problems to God. Sometimes, I found myself frustrated, because the problem still stood right in front of me, staring at me straight in the face. It’s still there. God didn’t take it away. As I delved deeper into the meaning of “take away my problems God”, I realized that it was more than just saying, “take away my problems”, it’s a matter of helping yourself so God could help you further along your path. It means to put work into your faith. Somebody can say, “Oh I believe”, but actions speak louder than words. Just like a relationship between two people. Love is good, but there needs to be work involved in order to make it successful.

In my book, I’ve used this analogy: if I hand you a plate of spaghetti and I say, “Here, take this plate of spaghetti,” and you try to pull it from my grip, yet I don’t let go, what happens? If I don’t let go of the plate of spaghetti, then how does it transfer from my hand to yours? It doesn’t. I have to “let go”. I have to set my mind and trust that this person (you) is going to have a full grip and take the plate from my hand. More often, we find ourselves trusting more in humans than we do in God. It’s normal, because we see, therefore we believe. But, what does it take to have incredible faith to the point of “knowledge”. You “know” God is there. You “know” God will take your problems away. It’s quite a huge step to take if your faith isn’t enough.

Faith: to believe without seeing.

Jesus said, “You believe because you have seen me. Blessed are those who haven’t seen me and believe anyway.” ~John 20:29

Faith takes a lot of vulnerability. There are many intellectuals who don’t have faith, due to all their knowledge. Science has become their ‘faith’ in all things. What they don’t see isn’t there. What they see, is the absolute truth. So what does it take for a strong intellectual to have complete faith in God? Does it take a miracle? Would it take Jesus to come down from His thrown in order to prove Himself? ...No. It’s simply softening the heart; making the heart vulnerable and humble. It’s taking away all pride and letting or allowing God direct you. God has already picked you. It’s up to you – it’s your choice to decide whether or not you choose to believe. Faith is the hardest thing; yet the easiest way to handle life’s trials.

Some people feel as though Christian faith is another way to get out of life’s sticky situations. They feel it’s a comfort zone due to the fear of dying. Many people feel that “religion” or “spirituality” was made up in order to protect us from the anxieties of death; that it would make our life here easier if we held onto some sort of fairytale. I would have assumed that as well, if it weren’t for the proof I, myself have seen through my own faith. This is why I feel so strongly about my faith in God and why I want to share it all with you. I don’t want to convert anyone or push my beliefs upon you, however, I just wish people knew how much pride hurts us. It makes our hearts awfully hard to penetrate and it leaves us with a feeling of emptiness---because God isn’t able to get in---to get into our hearts. Without that invitation---“your choice”-----that God has given to each and every one of us, He’ll be left out of your life, leaving you to handle things on your own.

Here are the things that got me to where I am now: my faith in God, my determination of acquiring a life that’s suitable for me, my mindset and goals, and of course, daily prayer and communication with the Lord to help me through the rough patches while on my journey. He never promised it would be easy.

I dare you to try this little project. Try to think about something that you truly want or desire out of life. Set your main goals up on a collage. Put Jesus or (God) in the middle of it all… Within a few weeks, watch how much things transpire and manifest into things you’ve always dreamed of wanting. Sounds too new age? Amuse me and try it. I did this project, and within weeks, my goals are starting to come into fruition before my very eyes. The main thing you have to remember is, make God your primary focus and goal. Everything else will fall into place.