Vacation Time!

“Extra sweaters?”
I said, remembering the most important thing...
“Madelene! My bloody mary mix!”
“Check…that was first on the list, Deb.”

I never leave home without my famous bloody mary mix. This ensures me that I can drink like a fish every single night of my vacation. No holding back here. We’re finally leaving tomorrow for our vacation. Our plans have changed a tad, due to circumstances--but it worked out well, because we are heading south, to a gay community that our friends suggested.

Work is off my list of ‘things to do’. No more men telling me I give great head---on their pints of tap beer; for I’ll be on the other side of the bar telling some female bartender the same tacky innuendo. I’ll be in the company of my two closest friends, and my Madelene. No time for flirting with the bartenders---it’s time to have my annual good time with my sweetie!

Madelene and I were supposed to leave for our ‘previously planned’ vacation last Sat, however, we’re very happy we didn’t go that week. It poured the entire time. The rain was nonstop, and still is nonstop. The forecast promises for some great sunny days ahead. I’m really looking forward to spending some much needed ‘alone’ time with Madelene. I want this to be a romantic getaway where we can get to rediscover one another all over again.

Female “musts” while vacationing:

Our suite has a vanity. Let me tell you how happy I am about this! Usually you have to pile a bunch of crap on this little sink they give you in a bed and breakfast, but this resort has its ‘own room’ just for getting ready. A vanity room! A woman’s dream! We’re located on the top floor where they have French doors opening up to your own private deck overlooking a lake and the ocean. I have the best of both worlds. I can’t wait to sit with my sweetie and enjoy our breakfast and coffee in the morning, while taking in this amazing view. The whole entire town is a gay community with a ton of upscale and highly rated restaurant and nightclubs. Our friends just got back from there and said it was ten times better than Provincetown, MA, where we usually go on vacation this time of year.


Finished the final revisions on my book. It’s all ready for the big printing process. I can’t wait. I’m celebrating not only finishing my book that I have been working on for the past year and a half, but celebrating the fact that I went through particular events in my life which enabled me to write it. I hope it helps other people. It was therapeutic writing it, as well as reading it over. The book is based on how God helped me through a bad break up, and how drawing closer to God can help you with any aspect in your life. I’ve learned that if you include God every part of your life, whether work, relationships, problems or other matters—He really knows what’s best for you. We just need to trust in Him more. Whether the book sells or not, I just hope that it may ease the pain of someone else going through the same pain I went through.

Speaking of painful break ups, my buddy who lives in Boston is going through hell right now. Her girlfriend broke up with her, and I was the one who got that 3am drunken phone call.

“Yeh, errrrrr, hiyaaaaaaa Deb! I, I, I---yeh…I just got backkk fffrom da’baa, and I made out wit’some girl. Ba-ha ha ha ha! Cuz I’m a stud like dat’! Ba-ha ha ha ha ha! Yeh. Ummm….errrrrrrrrrrr…..Debbie! Maddy! I love youuuu twooooo soooooo much man! I love you man! Y-y-y-yerrrrrrrrrrrrr da’best. F*ck herrrrr, ya know? I mean, c-c-c’mon, she c-c-c’could have broke upppp with me cuz I cheated…b-b-but I didn’t. F*ck her, ya know? Okayyyy, I hate da’fact dat’ yerrrrr not goin’ to Provincetown thissss year, b-b-but, you gotta come and visitttt me soon. I love you guysssssss!”

Why is it every time one of my friends gets totally ossified, they end up displaying their undying love for me? I know it’s the alcohol talking, yet I’m flattered, and yet, I’m thinking, “You drunk ass! Get some coffee and sleep that off before I save this voice mail and show you tomorrow!”

Guess what I’m doing?

Yes. I saved it. My dear friend has done this once before on her birthday. Oh sh*t, it is her birthday, ...I gotta go call her!!! What a terrible friend I am!

I’ll be away till the October 24th. As you know, I won’t be blogging. If you do see an updated blog between now and October 24th, ----it’s totally a bad sign...

Question before I go away though. I want to take survey.

(If you’re a drinker) What is “your” best way to cure a hangover? I don’t want to hear ibuprofens or other pain reliever remedies; I want to hear creative ways of recovering from a hangover. I will check this if need be, on vacation if I am in dire straits!