I Totally Lied!

What to Say?

“So are you married?”
I said, not elaborating any further that I was gay as I poured the man his merlot.
“Sorry. That was a personal question, huh? I just saw that beautiful, sparkly ring, so I was curious.”

What would YOU say?

“Oh this? Family heirloom. My mother gave this to me.” I said, frustrated over the fact that I now lied to this poor man. I totally lied! Eventually it will be known that I am gay in there. Our clientele is a mix. There are gays, lesbians, bi-sexual and straight people that come to this bar. I just couldn’t blurt out those two words. “I’m gay.”

I wasn’t embarrassed or anything; it was just that this man was sitting at the same spot at my bar for five hours. He only had two glasses of wine. He drank them very slowly. He left when my shift was over.

“It’s about time they get someone who looked like you behind that bar.”
Tee hee? Did I just giggle like a fricken bimbo? I didn’t know how to respond to that.

My boss comes up to the bar abruptly.
“Deb! When is the week that you are going on vacation? When did you need off?”
“Umm, not sure-- I have to ask Madelene.”
“Ohhh, you going on vacation with the family?”
The man asks.
“Oh, no, just taking a break with a few girlfriends for the week. We usually do it this time of year.”

How can I tell him that my ~lover~ and I are heading to a gay community for the week? There goes my tip…Or would it? Maybe he’d tip me more! By the looks of him, he didn’t seem to ‘open-minded’. He was a businessman, engineer for some big major corporation. He was clean cut, and kind of cute, if I were straight. The man next to him drove up on a Harley and was drinking Bud. Total opposites. The bar holds many various people in there. I have a professor that comes in there, in his late sixties and only drinks a diet coke. I don’t ask, I just serve. He doesn’t order any food or appetizers…just diet cokes.

“What are you wearing Debbie?” My friend who works with me asks as she looks down at my shoes.
“I had to wear my three inch heels, or I wouldn’t be able to reach the top shelf liquors.”
“Debbie! Oh my God! You’re feet are going to fall off!”
She says, as she laughs at me.

I’m in pain right now. I have to do this all over tomorrow. Due to the Jewish holiday, the place is packed this week. I came home, threw my tips on the counter and felt like a complete stripper. I’ve never seen so many singles before in my life. I haven’t done this kind of work since I was twenty years old. It beats sitting behind a desk all day.

I love my job!

Now that I have served all my friendly customers, I am not ready for a really strong cocktail.