Thursday, October 06, 2005

Table for Two?

While wiping down the bar, this little old lady in her late nineties comes up to me and says in a shaky voice, “You know, my husband and I used to sit at the bar and eat dinner all the time. Now I’m too old to do that. It’s for the young people. I wish I could still eat dinner at the bar.”
“Well, why don’t you? I’ll serve you the best drinks and it would be nice if you could keep me company while I work. Please feel free to eat at my bar!”
I said, so she would feel better.
“No, no, no, it’s not the same anymore dear; it’s just not the same...” She said, looking at the huge bar in front of her, as if it were bringing back good memories.

I felt so bad. Madelene and I always eat dinner at the bar. We hardly ever get a table. I wonder, when we get to be that age, will we resort to getting a table? It’s so much fun to sit at a bar, eat your dinner, along with other people and socialize. I’d be so thrilled if older people did this. Do we get more insecure as we get older? Or is it that the elderly don’t want to put up with whatever else goes on at a bar?

Which do you prefer? A table? Or a seat at the bar?


Doublebogie said...

It all depends on the company I'm with. If it's just a couple I like to spend time only with that person. But there is an occasion where I might want to be more social and maybe have dessert at the bar with some friends I might run into there. If I'm out with a few people mainly for drinks,(even though I don't drink, I have no problem being around others that do), I love having appetisers instead of dinner at the bar.
(but then again, I'm USUALLY the one cooking them) LOL
Have a great week!

Romeo Jensen said...

well if I had my choice i'd be eating off of Britney Spears butt... but... that aint gunna happen. I never ate at a bar... I mean besides like nuts and pretzels and sundry... I'm gunna go with a table and a booth... with Britney Spears

kathi said...

gotta go with romey, I've never eaten at the bar (behind it, yes), and I'd prefer a table or booth too.

becca said...

Well at least the old lady had a good time in the past?

I'm too young to go a bar yet! hehe. but I like sitting on the floor. Naw, kidding. A table?

Net's word said...

Hey Deb,

Interesting post! I never had a meal at the bar - snacks - drinks of course. For me sitting at the bar was more like perching - looking things over. When I'm feeling more settled I like to sit at a table - so I can look straight across at the other.

Love your response to the little old dear - you heard her and gave her a choice - so much more goes on at the bar than many people know, eh!!!

Good question and good night - hope all is well with you!!!

Deadly Female said...

Table here - need intimacy...

~Deb said...

DoubleBogie: haha---Mr. Caterer needs a little catering, don't you think?

Romeo: You are so my clone--but in a male version!!!

Kathi: Lunchbreaks at the bar doesn't count. ;)

Becca: Eating on the floor is great! The Japanese took up this custom---love eating sushi at one of those tables where you have to sit on the floor.

Net: Perching? haha! I'm one funky bird who likes to eat her seed at her seedy bar! ;) Yeah, a lot goes on at a bar--more than I even realized. I guess I am getting another view on it.

Deadlyfemale: More intimacy? First of all, a table separates both people... a bar will put you two closer, so you can get all 'touchy-feely' if need be. But then again, I tell my customers to just get a room if my cocktail glasses are getting foggy.