Great Sleep Rituals Before Bed

Sleep is important, no matter how you try to justify staying up an extra hour. While we’ve made some pretty awesome advancements in technology, and we’ve invented some killer energy drinks, it’s still no substitute for some restful sleep. It’s good for the young, for adults, and for the elderly. 
However, too many people aren’t getting enough sleep! Now, “enough” is subjective. Some people are like cats and need over 10 hours of sleep. Others can be just fine with half of that. The average is around 7-8 hours, so if you’re not getting enough sleep, do that. 
Sleep is important for your mental health. It can improve your depression, reduce your anxiety so you don’t have panic attacks so often, and it just gives you more energy. 
If you’re not getting enough sleep, your sleep rituals may be poor. Here are some ways you can unwind before bed and get a better night’s sleep. 
Don’t Be On Your Phone So Much 
If you find yourself browsing Facebook on your phone before bed, this may be keeping you up. And if you can’t sleep, browsing on your phone is even worse. The light the comes from phones, particularly blue light, can destroy melatonin, making it harder to go to bed. 
The same applies for any device that emits light. If you do your research, people want you to not be involved with screens an hour before bed. 
This is definitely a tall order in this day and age, and some people can easily unwind by watching a show on Netflix. It depends on who you are. Also, many devices have blue light filters and night modes to lessen the blow, so if you have to be on your phone, you should be aware of that. 
A Nice Bath Helps 
After a long day, soaking in the tub can loosen yourself up and help you relax. Even if you have already taken a show, a nice dip in warm bath, especially in a dimmed room with candles, can make you feel awesome. Just don’t stay in there too long. 
Do Something! 
If you find yourself in bed tossing and turning, the mistake is to just close your eyes and pray for sleep. If you can’t sleep within 20 minutes or so, get up and do an activity. Don’t do anything too energetic, but go read, do a puzzle, or do something else that is relaxing, perhaps a bit boring, and then try again once you’re tired. Click here for good ideas for kids to do before bed. 
Teas Help 
There are plenty of teas that can help you relax, like chamomile, peppermint, and CBD infused teas. These can calm your nerves, especially before bed. 
Get Hydrated
That’s right. Obviously, you shouldn’t drink a gallon of water right before bedtime, but regular hydration can make you feel better as you go to sleep. You may feel like you're dry and unable to sleep otherwise. 
White Noise 
One of my favorite sleep rituals is to listen to white noise through an app. You can listen to rain, thunder, binaural beats, the list goes on. Or you can just be old fashioned and use your fan. Either way, it can definitely help you sleep.

If you can’t get enough sleep despite all that, you may feel like you’re at your end. However, there is hope. A therapist can help find the reason for your sleepless nights and allow you to get better sleep. If you're always busy, online therapy can help you accomplish this and make for a great night’s sleep. Try online therapy today and see what a difference it makes. 

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