Hormonal Mess

A tiring and exhausting week of doctors, doctors…and more doctors has me wiped out. I’m being tested for PCOS, (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) which involves a normal pap smear, blood tests, and they started me on birth control pills. As if I need birth controls of any sort. I should really shuffle through Google about the side effects of birth control pills, but I’m scared. I’ll obsess about each and every “possible” side effect they have listed. I do that with any medication- even if it’s Tylenol. I’m not a smoker, so he said that none of the ‘high blood pressure risks’ are applicable. I’m on Loestrin, which my doctor reassures me this is a lighter type of pill. It’s to regulate my hormones and my menstruation. They found a polyp that is one and a half centimeter big. I need a DNC procedure- which they have to put me under anesthesia to do this. I’ve never had an operation or procedure before, other than lasik eye surgery. This is a whole different ballgame.

Now that I have been on these pills, I’m finding that I’m very fatigued and cry at the drop of a hat. On top of that, I’ve been developing anxiety attacks- out of nowhere! I mean, yeah I have anxiety disorder and depression from time to time, but these anxiety attacks include hyperventilation and racing of the heart. My hormones are out of control, and I thought this was supposed to level them out. I have an appointment with my doctor Tuesday to find out if it’s the pills that’s causing these symptoms.

I wonder if I just requested for an entire sex change, if that would sit well with my doctor—or the radical Christians. Then I wouldn’t be gay anymore, right? Hmm. Something to think about at least. You men have it easy!!! I’m having major penis envy with all this womanly crap going on.

Sorry I’ve been away much of the time, but I haven’t been feeling good lately. Once I get more energy, I’ll post more. And if anyone could give me some “womanly advice” as far as PCOS and the DNC procedure, I would appreciate it a lot! I’m kind of scared to do this, but if it helps relieve the intense cramps that debilitate me, the irregular periods and wacky hormones- then it’s worth it!