Saturday, December 16, 2006

Head Nurse Position: Filled

Thanks for everyone who applied for the nursing position. Deb has selected the most qualified candidate for this job. Asa, has accepted our offer and has already started early this morning. The only stipulation was that Deb tends to whine a lot. Wine? Whine? She does both. In fact, Asa has offered to bring her mom’s old remedy, which includes hot red wine with lemon & honey. Deb was pleasantly surprised with this lovely offer. This was an eye catcher for Deb.

When Asa walked in the door, she walked upstairs to where Deb was honking, sneezing, sniffling, tearing, hacking, coughing and yes…whining.

“Surprise! I’m here with delicious hot red wine and some fabulous Swedish meatballs!” Asa said, as she stood there in this most peculiar outfit. It looked as if she went to some bizarre birthday bash, or some bachelorette party. I couldn’t figure this one out, but she looked like a hot number- regardless.

Did she think this was the uniform she was supposed to wear? And that hat! Bunny ears would have been better- but this will do. She seems eager and full of anticipation of getting Deb back to full recovery. A good attitude sufficed.

“Ughh, Asa, my head hurts, and my back aches, and my nose won’t stop running…help!”
“Stop whining and have some of this!” Asa says, as she fills Deb’s glass up with delicious hot red wine. After Deb finished it off, Asa kept refilling her glass. Soon enough, Deb drifted off into a coma-like sleep. Asa then went downstairs to prepare her Swedish meatballs. The smell wafted into Deb’s room, waking her up.

“Mmm, what’s that?” Deb said, as she rubbed her tired eyes. She decided to get up with her plaid pajamas and flip flops. Trudging down the long staircase, there was Asa and all of her Swedish friends having a party. She didn’t even tell Deb about all these women who came along with her. She secretly wanted to put Deb to sleep for hours on end so she could use her house to hold a huge bash.

“Why the nerve!” Deb said under her breath, as she quietly looked down at the beautiful women mingling and laughing. After an hour of watching these ladies, Deb started to miraculously feel better. Between the red wine and having a bunch of beautiful Swedish women running around in her house, Deb felt better. She was healed. This was definitely what the doctor ordered!

I just want to thank Asa for healing me and for the wonderful job she did- even though it wasn’t ‘hands on’. If you never been to Asa’s blog, please visit! I remember when I first went to her blog by mistake- I couldn’t stop reading it. Her writing is very thought provoking and real. Her thought process is amazing and definitely worth reading. Asa’s not only beautiful…she’s got a brain too!

Thanks for all who applied for the nursing position. Next time I need a nurse, please include alcohol as an offering! The runner up was Margie. Her nurturing and loving techniques of healing were quite temping. She even offered to sing for me! Her poetry is outstanding!

CP, Deb was a bit nervous to hire you, due to your aggressive nature. Although you’re quite the sexy nurse with tons of nursing background, she didn’t think your assistant would live through the delegations she had to endure.

Okay, I’m off to get another mug of hot red wine. This stuff ain’t too bad!


Anonymous said...

Glad you found just "what the doctor ordered!" Great pics.

Catch said...

So happy your feeling better! SOunds like Asa knows her stuff! Red wine is always good for what ails ya!

samuru999 said...

Hi Deb
So you hired Asa!
I think you picked the right person!
Looks like she has "the right touch"
And, I was a runner up!!!
Wow! I am thrilled!
I would have made a good nurse...
what with my singing abilities and poetry writing!
I could have have sung you one of my poems!
Sorry you will not get a chance to hear my soothing melodies...
Might you consider hiriing me next time you are looking for a nurse!

Now you go enjoy that hot red wine, and beautiful women!
You will be all better very soon!

Take good care Deb!



Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

My thanks to Asa, too. I'm glad you're better. I suppose that hot red wine could cure a lot of ills

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you're feeling much better! Sounds like Asa should patent, bottle, and sell that miracle red liquid!

Off to check out her blog :)

QUASAR9 said...

lol! Deb, Congrats to the winner -
Well I can't do any better than hot red wine with lemon & honey

And for sure, for sure I cannot beat the nursing skills of Asa and swedish women, with or without nurses outfit - lol!

Anonymous said...

Yayyyyyyy for a cure..and what a lady to make you feel allllll better!!


CreoleInDC said...

You girls are GORGEOUS! Glad you were healed!

Anonymous said...

Hell, I know I am healed...thanks.

Natalia said...

Love the pics :)


Pittchick said...

So glad you're feeling better!

The Absent Minded Landlord said...

A party with Swedish ladies and wine? I *cough cough* think I may be sick too.

Leesa said...


You are a character!

kathi said...

Awww, poor babe. Sorry you were sick...but you got a lot out of it, huh? Good drink, good ladies, good times.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm...I guess I'm willing to concede that may have been better than a Swanson dinner.

Geek said...

Ya think I could get Tense in that nurses outfit? Oh and before I forget in my best Beavis and Butthead voice...
HEhehehe, she said "head nurse" hehehe.