Monday, December 04, 2006

Curtis and Dani Go On and On...

I recently listened to Curtis Kekoa’s radio segment dedicated to me and was surprisingly amused, and yet I was somewhat sad for him. Curtis is Dani's husband. As most of you know, Dani & Curtis are homophobic people who dwell on the gay lifestyle to the point of exasperation. The rant of his was redundant. He kept asking me to repent. For what Curtis? For loving my partner? For being in a loving relationship that makes me happy?

As far as speaking about my spiritual encounters, he goes on to say how I took LSD. I’ve never touched drugs in my life. Now I have been known to hit the bottle quite a few times, but LSD? Isn’t that slanderous Curtis? In my blog, I only say what’s already “been said”, or “factual statements”. So here’s my factual statements based upon what Curtis and Dani have already admitted. This is a good time to pray for them both.

My letter to Curtis:


Thank you for dedicating your show to me. I thank you for your time, especially the fact that you did this 4am, after your friends went home. That says a lot. I’m sorry that you’re so raveled up with my situation- with my relationship. The truth is, I did in fact have spiritual experiences in order for me to know that God loves me. I don’t only believe…I know. So your show did nothing but make me feel sorry for you.

No one’s out to hurt you Curtis. Even when you found out that your mother was a lesbian, this does not mean she didn’t love you any less. It meant that she wanted to make herself happy by being with the person she fell in love with. This had nothing to do with you. I hope you understand that. I know it must be hard to think your mom is a homosexual, but she’s the same person who brought you up, who cared for you and gave you a roof over your head. This is the woman that showed you unconditional love. She is the same person. God sees her heart, and He also sees yours. In the Ten Commandments, it says to “honor your mother and father”. Do you call this honoring your mother, if you are displaying her lifestyle online and basically shunning her? It’s disrespectful. And if I’m correct- not even homosexuality is listed on that top ten list. And no, it’s NOT the same as adultery. Webster’s dictionary may help you out with that one. Or you can just go here.

On top of that Curtis, your wife was once a lesbian. How does this make you feel? Now, I’m not judging or bashing her for what she did in the past, but I have to wonder if this holds any feelings of insecurity for you. Do you think that your wife is going to leave you for another woman, just because she has experienced the emotional and physical connection with a female in the past? She loves you. Just because she has been with another woman, does not mean she is going to leave you for one. Please know that. Have more confidence in yourself. I can totally understand where your feelings of hate come from when you speak about homosexuality. You’re deathly afraid of it! The two women that you love the most have been with women on intimate levels. I can’t imagine what you’re going through. What I can tell you is this… Loving a person of the same gender doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to be called “lesbians”. Those are just labels. To me, it’s about loving that particular person- not a particular gender. And yes, I call myself a lesbian, because I choose to. I call it that, because I am in a relationship with another woman. I’ve also stated on my blog numerous times that if I weren’t with my partner, who’s to say some man couldn’t sweep me off my feet one day? You just never know.

On your show, you said that God doesn’t have unconditional love. What bible are you reading Curtis? God is all love.

”Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. Love does not demand its own way. Love is not irritable, and it keeps no record of when it has been wronged. It is never glad about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstances.” ~1 Corinthians 13:4-7

I take my scriptures out of the NLT (New Living Translation). It’s easier to use for those who don’t know the King James Version of the bible. It’s old English, which a lot of people ‘new’ to the Lord will find it hard to understand. It has too many thus, thou, thee, etc. So I wanted to simplify it for people to better understand what the Lord teaches us.

Also, I would like to take this opportunity to say that you succeeded in hurting me. You insulted me by calling me a moron on your show. Does a real Christian do that? Your words are weapons. The fact that your entire show was contradictory to everything you spoke of, made me feel better that it showed you & your wife’s true colors. That’s why I’m directing everyone to listen to your show. It shows hatred, intolerance and bigotry. But, it also shows someone who is hurt, due to their mother and wife being homosexuals themselves. I am so sorry that you’re so torn up about this Curtis. Again, that has nothing to do with you. Your wife has come out of the homosexual lifestyle, to marry you. That’s huge!

I’m not angry with you or Dani. In fact, I thank you for trying to convert me into being a heterosexual. Again, it’s not about labeling, it’s about the person I fall in love with. I think some men are very attractive. I’m human. This does not make me bi or straight- it makes me…”me”.

I don’t consider you a bad person. I just see you as a broken man full of hurt and anger. I see someone full of resentment for women as well as the gay and lesbian community. I can definitely see where it stems from.

”Never pay back evil for evil to anyone. Do things in such a way that everyone can see you are honorable. Do your part to live in peace with everyone, as much as possible.

Dear friends, never avenge yourselves. Leave that to God. For it is written,
‘I will take vengeance
I will repay those who deserve it.’ says the Lord.

Instead, do what the Scriptures say:

‘If your enemies are hungry, feed them. If they are thirsty, give them something to drink, and they will be ashamed of what they have done to you.’

Don’t let evil get the best of you, but conquer evil by doing good.” ~Romans 12:17-21

So my message to you is, love yourself more. Focus on the good. Focus on your relationship with God, as well as your loving relationship with your wife. You two share the same faith, which is wonderful. Put your energy into something positive, instead of trying to hurt people.

Ask yourself, what would Jesus do? Think about it. The story I gave you about the immoral woman was true. It’s in the bible. He did not tell her, “Go and sin no more.” That was a different scripture all together. The point of this story is, that Jesus took notice on the love and dedication that this woman was displaying, instead of the “perfect Christian” who remained faithful to the law. The Pharisee’s relationship with Jesus wasn’t as strong as the relationship that Jesus developed with this immoral woman. He forgave her sins, because He saw her heart. You can be the best Christian in the world, go to church every Sunday like clockwork, have fellowship with other Christians and do good deeds, but that isn’t a fast ticket into heaven. Having a personal relationship with Jesus is, and loving your neighbor as you would yourself. What you displayed on your show wasn’t loving at all. It was pure hatred. Does it exhaust you to hate so much?

You and your wife have great outlets to give God’s message. Why don’t you use it to lift people’s spirits up and edify them with words of power, instead of words of weapons. Your show’s name, “Words Are Weapons” is enough to tell me that you’re out to hurt people.

Do you ever get tired of it?

Click here to hear Curtis and Dani talk about me throughout their entire show.


Miranda said...

They obviously have nothing better to do with their time. I love the letter its well written, but do you think they'll get it? I seriously doubt it, you cant get blood out of a stone. It really pains me to see such bigotry, from supposedly 'loving christians'. Again, makes me wonder, as I search for my religious place to be, if christianity is it.

samuru999 said...

Good letter Deb!
I just do not understand these two people!
I am sorry for the hurt they have caused you...
To call someone a moron...just mean!!!
I too feel sorry for them!

Here is a BIG HUG...
all the way from Colorado!


Video X said...

That post of hers just disguts me. And frightens me. I will not listen to that radio thing she posted.

She is just pissed because she whored around so much at such a young age. These people are not good people and they make me want to vomit.

I continue to flag her blog for objectionable content. I have never done that until now, but it really is horrible and promotes hate against a group of people.

I am so sorry that you have become the object of their nastiness.

I am now very glad I saved that picture of Curtis. If only I could find a better one of that stupid whore. I know her profile picture from before would have been good, but I missed out on it. Damn me.

GW Mush said...

Hi Deb,

you were the topic on a radio show? Man, this is too much lol.
Deb, lets dance, you shake your booty and I will shake mine, hehe

Anonymous said...



This letter is amazing.

Listening to the show I was LIVID at the way he talks about you, your life, your relationship with God. Now, after reading your open letter - I can see what itis about more clearly then I did.

You are right, he is obviously lashing out at his mother and wife's history and he is projecting all of his anger at you instead of learning how to deal with it on sane and adult levels.

He is alienating himself from God and his family.

Why you are his target, we will never know, I am just glad you have the self actualization, knowledge, and confidence to be able to respond as you did.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Seems like a battle of words going on. Unfortunately, it reminds me of some parishioners I have (attempted) to pastor. Perhaps you could simply respond to Dani and Curtis as I once heard one of those parishioners respond to another: “God loves you and so I tolerate you.”

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

Perhaps it's time to let them go, Deb. Do you think? By giving them this energy, you're giving them fuel to continue to fight, and they won't stop because it's illogical and pointless.

They just like your attention. I say ignore them from now on. Let them make themselves look like fools, as they have been doing so well. By continuously addressing them, you are feeding their habit! And I hate to see any of my friends get hurt.

Please, just let it go.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Unfortunately, I am at a computer that has no speakers, but 5 minutes of that stuff and dinner is ruined. These people are scary and they need something a little more pressing in their lives.

Anonymous said...

I've always believed that everyone counts or no one counts. But I'm starting to think Dani and her ilk don't count in the scheme of things.

Lisa A. said...

Tolerance. We've been taught it and try to teach it. I've always had it, but starting to find it extremely difficult to 'tolerate' these two. Yeah, it would be like draining blood from a stone, so why bother with this trash a second longer?

I commend you, Debs, for your tact. It can't be easy with people such as these.

Also, you are who you are. You can't just mentallly change yourself and your entire being, can you? Naw. Oh, and 'former lesbian'? My sweeeeeet Lord! That reminds me of those relentless former-smokers. Aren't they the worse non-smokers you've ever met? Well....can you see the connection between the two? Maybe it's just me.

Anyway...I love your letter and love that YOU are the true Christian here. Yeah, you ROCK!

Lisa A. XOX

Catch said...

Deb, empty bag makes the most noise! Ignore them..your too intelligent for this bullshit.

Dawn said...

A beatiful letter to them and filled with love and truth. You are a guiding light for me.

Personally, I haven't come to that road that allows me to read what they write, let alone listen. So you have some....

Love in Christ

Pittchick said...

It amazes me how strong you are to stand up to such bigotry and discrimination. Those people are pure evil and they will get what's coming to them one day.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Deb, u know I love u..but why do u feed the trolls?...just ignore there very existnace...Please dont give them any more of your time...they are not worth it.

They are people who have no obvoius realization of what loving incontiodally as Christ does, or they would not spend time tlaking out thier asses.

So please...stop feeding them...they will die after a while, a I promise.


Anonymous said...

These people are obviously lonely human beings with absolutely no social skills. I doubt they have an array of friends from the looks of their judgmental hypocritical viewpoints. I have listened to their show and saw what you spoke of! What fools they made themselves look like! This guy is envious and resentful of the relationships between two women. His mother and wife? Are you serious? What nerve to judge you when his wife & mother are gay! Big fucking deal that his wife repented. The fact of the matter is, she was engaged in homosexual relationships and activities, which make her have the gay gene. You told him not to worry about his wife leaving him? I’d be scared shitless! Deb, keep up the good work and keep spreading the message of God!

Billy :)

Bob said...

I think you are right in a good bit of what you say here, I don't think Dani's attitude toward homosexuality is the most loving...I definatly DO NOT think calling people names is the right thing to do with this issue and you are right she is wrong to do this. I believe homosexuality is wrong because I believe the Bible, not because I don't like gay people or anything like that.

I don't see that as hateful at all and frankly don't know how that can be equated with hate. I don't think gays should be locked up or branded or anything like that, but I do think that homosexuality is an immoral lifestyle because I believe the Bible is the word of God. I know, I know, the liberal theologians have done exegetical acrobatics to sidestep the Bible's teaching on homosexuality so they can tell people like you that the Bible really does NOT condemn homosexuality. But the arguments are simply ludicrous and disingenuous to the Bible.

Anyway all I wanted to say is that I do feel for you, and I don't think it helps anybody's argument to call the other people names who they are disagreeing with. I will not call you mean names but I can't compromise what Scripture says and that is that if you continue in sin and claim to know Christ you really don't know Him irregardless of any subjective feelings or experiences you may have.

PS: Just curious, what kind of Church do you go to? Is it UCC or PCUSA?

~Deb said...

I know I should just end the debate and redundant bickering back and forth with Dani and her husband Curtis, but when they constantly put me on their blog and on their radio station, I actually find it comical, and sad at the same time. My whole reason of responding to this madness is to let people know that there is a God who is loving and merciful. Especially when most of the gay and lesbian population is moving over into the ‘new age’ category and/or drawing away from God due to guilt and frustration of what other people have to say about homosexuality. Thanks for sticking with me, even though some of my posts haven’t been that comical lately or fun. I like to touch upon real issues that are seriously affecting the way people view “God”.

Bob, thank you for stating your beliefs in such a tactful way. That---I can respect! I attend the Trinity Assembly of God.

ann said...

hi deb... you know I thought I had commented, but realise I listened to some of it before switching off in disgust and didn't come back here.

you know my view of hatred.. it is self-destructive and I hope their G-d is merciful to them for the hatred they try to incite... a bigger sin in my view

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Are you familiar with this site?

They have a good gay section that will arm you with ammunition.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Deb. I agree with all you said and grieve that you are going through such painful and unchristian evisceration at the hands of Dani and Curtis. Please try and take some comfort that the mystics of Christian tradition have always been misunderstood and persecuted. Those KNOW through direct revelation are scary to those of us who don't have that experience. But it is also important to make sure that you remain centered in a christian community that can help you understand and make sense of the direct revelation you receive.

Anonymous said...

I want to echo Bob's sentiments. I think that what these people did to you was horrible, but in the end they are right about what the truth of God's Word says. It's interesting that you quoted Romans because Romans 1 contains some clear teaching on this.

Upholding the Word of God should never be hateful or mean. But if my 3 year-old daughter gets near the street I'm going to tell her in no uncertain terms that what she is doing is dangerous and tell her to stop. I may even grab her and it may hurt her for a moment because I will be serious about stopping her. In the same way, is it more loving to agree with someone doing something that you believe to be contrary to God's Word or to tell them what you believe God's Word says on the matter?

I'm thankful for the people that have told me the hard truths in my journey away from pornography and gluttony. And I suspect I need a lot more counsel about all the other sins in my life that aren't as obvious. I know that for years I read the Bible faithfully, but managed to gloss over passages that challenged the way I was living. I suppose I still do it now to some extent as we all do. My prayer is that everyone who claims to follow Christ would indeed love Him with all their hearts, all their souls, and all their minds, starting with me.

One thing that seems certain is that we're all pursuing God. I believe that it starts by spending time with His Word and prayerfully pursuing the grace to apply what we learn there.

Neers said...

Deb.... you are very brave! My Salute!!

Leesa said...

So, ~Deb, you have taken LSD? Really? Really? I sort of just glanced over the entry, but you have taken LSD?

But seriously, I agree with catch. Although she says an empty bag makes the most noise. I think a bag full of explosives makes the most noise. But that's not the point.

I am in a goofy mood today. I have come around to believing that homosexuals should be able to be married, which is strange for this Catholic. Just don't tell the Pope.

Natalia said...

Deb, I really don't know why you waste your time with the losers. But it is your choice and I respect it. It's just that Curtis and Dani are quite boring by now. They are dull-witted and so not worth anyone's time. It is quite obvious that they have their own issues with their sexuality. Maybe they are both gay and wish they could be out. That makes more sense to me than anything else. I mean, if someone makes it their life's goal to crucify gay people, then they have something invested in it that they are not revealing. They are better left alone. Let them keep breeding gay-hating dull babies. Eventually they will self-destruct.


the voice said...

Great response, Deb. I begin to wonder how much of Dani's hate is her own, and how much is actually from her husband. I wonder also if if his hate is because he either has had, or fears he will have, homosexual feelings of his own. No matter, the message they preach is one of hate, something Jesus would never, ever condone. Funny thing is, Dani left a very nice comment on my blog last week. I thought maybe she was seeing the light of truth, but I guess not. God bless you, Deb! Ken

CP said...

deb -

it is obvious to me that curtis is threatened by you. why? because it is obvious that his wife, dani, is obsessed with you. think about it. he was never a part of these attacks before. yet, the more dani discusses you (and without a doubt, you are a topic of a whole lot of their pillowtalk) the more curtis realizes that she is enthralled by you, enthused by you in a way he could never provide for her. you are that secret vice that she needs to cling to and he is evidently scared shit of her slipping backwards into her homosexual ways. what's not to love about you, deb? you're a beautiful woman, inside and out. I sat across a table from you in absolute awe of the person you are. you are the first female crush i have had again in a very long time. i can admit it! *L* i choose to be with my husband not due to heterosexuality, but due to monogamy. he is the person i fell in love with, ergo, he is the person i shall be with, solely. had it been a woman, then she and i would be sharing a life together. i still appreciate beautiful women much more than beautiful men. but, when coupled with intellect, kindness, compassion and makes it hard to resist. you are the woman that dani misses. you are curtis' nightmare.

dr. freud will now leave the building.


The KKK said...

I have heard the show. I applauded him. What does not sit well with me is that they were involved in homosexual activities as well! They're no better than you!

Anonymous said...

You are one of the wisest young women I know.

Keep loving yourself and praising your God and forget the rest. Dani is psycho.

QUASAR9 said...

"If your enemies are hungry, feed them. If they are thirsty, give them something to drink, and they will be ashamed of what they have done to you."

Deb, easier said than done.
But yeah, that's where it's at.

Taking the bait, and hitting back or wanting to hurl hurtful words back, is easy - but of little gain

Spoke said...

Focus on Christ. Every second you spend looking at the distractions Satan puts up, you are not looking at Christ. No more slander. Do not fall into their bullshit hate. I bet they love this and sit back laughing at all of you.
Pray for them. Love God, love your neibour!
The simplicity of the Gospel!

copyright 2006 S Flipse said...

one more christian/lesbian here *standing up* :P this radio show is tripe.

no one can tell you, you are not a christian. if you believe in christ, you are a christian. period. regardless if you are a lesbian too. what a bunch of morons.

according to them you are not allowed to believe in christ if you are a homo. stupid.

and joyce meyer rocks! don't listen to these idiots.

Anonymous said...

wow... you stop reading for a couple of days and look what happens. and here i thought it had all been worked out.

i have to agree... you've kept your chin up, high and proud. taken the high road. tried to discuss your point of view. quoted support. but you and dani/curtis will never see eye to eye.

i think it's time to call it a night.

(besides, we all love you. just the way you are. i say the percentage is pretty stacked. maybe not as stacked as cp mind....)

CP said...

*laughs at messiah* My reputation proceeds me.

I have to agree with "spoke" on this one, my beloved friend. Every ounce of energy you pour into Dani and Curtis you are taking away from yourself and your mission in this world. You know damn skippy that if it weren't for your blog, she would have no traffic on hers. You are giving far more than you are receiving. Let her and Curtis the closet queer go on and on and on about you. You know they are both latent about their homosexuality and supressed. People like that are always so angry. Fly your freak flag, Kekoa's! Explore it! Let it shine and you won't be so bitter! Can I get an amen?

Heh. Sure I can. But I don't need it. I know I am God's favorite little Jew.

And you, Deb, are his favorite Christian lesbian. Remember that.


Anonymous said...

I love what you said about God knowing each of our hearts. He knows the true meaning of what we're saying or feeling. You made a great point.

Also, I just have to say that throughout all the attacks on your lifestyle you have truly shown a heart after God''re patient in your explanations, you're kind in your rebuttles, you are forgiving.

I admire you!

Maddie said...

I definately do wholeheartedly agree that the more attention that is given to these very, very judgemental Christians the more they will continue on their tired, endless chatter. Jesus, cames to us to include us not exclude us from spending eternity with Him. He gave all so that we, would live. Dani and Curtis' radio spectacle was appalling and very sad, as it reflected their non-Christianity.
You should be totally aware that you, Deb, truly reflected Christ's love consistantly and in your response.

GW Mush said...

If your enemy is hungry,
take them to Taco Smell,
then go home and giggle

Bob said...

I just find it hypocritical that for all the rhetoric of tolerance and being hate-free and non-judgemtal I sure see a lot of put downs directed toward Dani from commentors here, calling her stupid, moron, etc. Seems kinda judgemental to me.

Video X said...

You have so much more in your life of value and so much more to give than that woman. She is seriously ill. Perhaps even jealous. I really hope she just stops attacking you, but I know it's too much to ask for.

limpy99 said...

Dani, Dani, Dani.

(You have to do it with sort of a Jan Brady whine, then it makes more sense)

Or not. it's late. Her obsession with you is tiresome. Her views seem the product of fright more than any kind of belief. Too bad. her loss.

CP said...

Bob - Let's talk hypocracy, shall we? You are seeing a lot of putdowns HERE? She and her homophobe husband devoted an entire online radio show to, in Dani's words, "ripping (Deb) a new one". She BRAGGED about her husbands scathing words on her own website. This was not provoked by Deb, but rather, the result of Dani's own fear. Dani is the one who continues to preach on about the Christian way. Deb practices what she preaches, but truly, a person is only human and can only take so much.

In honesty, I do wish Deb would stop responding to Dani. Dani is useless trash in my eyes, who is only setting forth on a path of hatred and destruction. I would much rather see Deb's blog go back to be a loving haven where people can learn the true lessons of Christ and morality.

I would happily show on Dani's radio show to defend the "homos" she is so scared of going back to being again...but she knows damn well I would eat her alive.

I refuse to pollute my blog with her rhetoric and hatred. I think I had two posts with regard to her about 9 months ago. Since then, I have moved on. I hope Deb does as well. She knows how I feel about this whole Dani thing, and I feel that she is giving her unwarranted traffic. By engaging with Dani, Dani is becoming more widely read.

Before Deb, Dani got about 5 comments a day on average. Now it is nearly 10 times as much, thanks to riding Deb's coattails. Whenever Dani needs a boost in traffic, she flails Deb.

My hope is that Deb realizes she is being used...and stops this once and for all.

Dani will be Dani just as the Devil will be the Devil. By hosting him for even a moment of your time, you are allowing him into your heart and head. That is five seconds less time you are devoting to God.

I say, it just isn't worth it.


Terry said...

Well let me say this about that.

These people aren’t interested in your ideas. They not interested in a free discussion or even a debate on a level playing field. They give no consideration to what you say at all. That’s simply the way zealots are. They have nothing in life other than their opinions and pass them off as convictions.

The sad thing is the mislead follow them. It’s easier that way. The mislead have to make no decisions for themselves and that makes it easy for people to take advantage of them and play it of as having a “following”.

Yeah that’s what I want, a following of brain dead, mindless, lemmings.

They will be accusatory forever. They will continue to use a few carefully crafted Bible verses to further their cause. It’s what they do. They manipulate the masses and misconstrue the information.

Its called pulling the wool over people’s eyes. They are masters at it. They have turned the use of smoke and mirrors into an art.

For those people I have little time. If you can’t drop the facade for five seconds and come at me on the real, well then, fuck you. You stay on your side of the street and I’ll stay on mine. I’m not interested in talking to your IMAGE; I’m interested in talking to YOU. Curtis and his Klan (and I don’t use the term lightly), don’t phase me. People like them come and go.

But that’s not news.

Like most here I figure you should just bail out and let bigots be bigots. You’re not going to change them. After all, they have God on their side. Or at least that’s their battle cry. God after all is the greatest marketing tool in the history of the world.

I can’t help but ask myself however, if they were to use the old WWJD as a real question and not a catch phrase, what answer would they come up with?

They’re pushing a wheel barrel.

Sorry for the rant, I’m just sick of the narrow-minded.

DaBich said...

I'm thinking Curtis and Dani saying you took LSD is a slur and is open to prosecution. But that might be a waste of valuable time.

It's probably better to ignore the ignoramuses than to feed their endless trash shows.

HUGZ to ya Deb!

Anonymous said...

"But, it also shows someone who is hurt, due to their mother and wife being homosexuals themselves."

I have to slightly disagree. Curtis is not hurt because his wife was once, and his mother is now a lesbian. Curtis is hurt because he embraces the spiritual violence he has been taught. He is hurt because of the intolerance inherent in the religious teaching he has received. He has the power to change that. It might seem if his wife and mother acquiesced and "changed" their orientation, he might be happy, but that's not true. He must embrace God's true message of love to be happy.

Also, continuing to use the terminology of "lifestyle" to describe sexual orientation is playing a bit into their hands, isn't it? The religious right refuses to even describe GLBT people has having a different "orientation" for fear of legitimizing what in their eyes is sinful. They use the term "lifestyle" to create the perception that GLBT people are making a sinful choice in their lives, rather than living authentically as God created us to be. I personally find the continued use of "lifestyle" by the religious right offensive, degrading and dehumanizing to GLBT people. (And, of course, that's exactly how they want the term to affect me.) Just thought I'd throw that out there for your consideration.

I understand why you try to reach out to people like Dani and Curtis with Christian love. I commend you for it. But please also protect yourself in the process. There may be people who are a bit more middle of the road, who will be more open to conversation, than these folks. I will pray for them, though, as they are certainly in need of prayer.

Blessings to you.

LisaBinDaCity said...

Ugh. Don't they have anything else to think about? Especially this time of year when it's supposed to be about love and gratitude.

bigdaddy said...

I am so sick of these whiney ass babies, boo hoo I hate gays they make me feel weird. That is like me saying all people who curse are going to hell. A sin is a sin is a sin, no one sin is greater than another. In Gods eyes they are all equal. People need to worry about there own relationship with God not mine or yours. My Grandfather was a preacher so that makes me a grandson of a preacher man, (I need my own song), but anyway he always told me not to worry about why someone stinks like cigerettes at church or why someone never shows up to church during football season. Worry about yourself and your own relationship with God, He will do the judging when the time comes. All these people love the attention, just like superstars, there is no such thing as bad press. So think about this mister or misses I hate gays, the next time you and your partner are bumping nasty and you call them a dirty little slut and pull their hair and bite them and scream out there name, What would jesus do? I know after me and my wife have sex we need three preist and a rabbi to rid us of our sins. Wow I love every minute of it!!

J R Estelle said...

Everytime I hear about these two clowns, I think of this.

So God created humankind in his image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

-- Genesis 1:27***

Billy said...

Proven that these two dimwits were homos themselves only shows how hypocritical and hateful they are. They have twisted the bible and made up their own theories of what Jesus would do.

I think you made a great point by bringing up their past homosexual experiences. They are resentful for anyone being happy, therefore belittling anyone who IS happy in their relationship with their partner.

Curtis did rip you into shreds on his show. He even misquoted you numerous times, which you can even sue him for. It’s libelous and in the media of being on the radio, it’s even more slanderous. I know it would be a waste of your energy to pursue a lawsuit, but it’s something you should really think about because they’ll continue to do this over and over again.

They even said that you should be put to death! What kind of Christians are these freaks?

I have a feeling that Dani’s husband is like a Hitler in his own home. I bet you anything that Dani is under his control and those POOR KIDS! How much you wanna bet that her husband beats her and thinks that it’s okay to do so because it’s written in the bible somewhere? (I’m not a Christian, so I don’t know the bible.) I can only say that it’s most likely the case because of his raunchy display of hatred on his show. He’s disgusting and a waste of human life.

Oh, and he’s a HOMO! LOL! (with all due respect Deb!)

How many times did that dork stutter on that show? He should seriously get rid of his lisp!

D-D-D-D-Deb y-y-y-you k-k-know y-y-y-you sh-sh-sh-shhhhhhould re-re-re-re-re-re-repent be-be-be-before y-y-y-y-y-y-you b-b-b-butn i-i-i-n h-h-h-h-hell!

HA!!! FAG!

Billy said...


Oh, one more thing!!! He quoted you saying, “Jesus forgave me for my sins, therefore I can keep on sinning.” YOU NEVER SAID THAT! Again, slanderous. You have stated that you are a sinner, yet you feel that homosexuality isn’t a sin. Big difference. What idiotic fools. Get rid of these freaks. I’ve been following this way too much, can you tell?

Sales Rack Raider said...

Oh lose these guys Deb. That show was absolutely juvenile!

Billy: You are right! He does have a major stutter!

These aren't human beings. They're complete trash in my eyes. I doubt they have a wide circle of friends OR family. I'll place bets on that.

Let them obsess over you Deb. They are not people of God. They're evil and destructive.

Cinderella said...

Block out the evil, Block out the evil....see it's that easy? =)

Bob said...

CP said:
"Bob - Let's talk hypocracy, shall we? You are seeing a lot of putdowns HERE? She and her homophobe husband devoted an entire online radio show to, in Dani's words, "ripping (Deb) a new one". She BRAGGED about..."

My mom always told me that 2 wrongs don't make a right. You guys wanna get on Dani (and all Christians really) for judging others but you don't apply the same standard to yourselves.

Now I don't think Matt 7:1 means what people by and large think it means, Christ had a specific scope of judgement He was referring to when He said "judge not". This does NOT mean that I am not to make moral judgements, Christ Himself called people, sinners, and hypocrits.

"Block out the evil, Block out the evil....see it's that easy? =)"

What is evil? Based on your worldview?

Enemy of the Republic said...

I just went and read Dani's blog--I did comment on there ages ago, but my influence certainly had no effect. Since she is obsessed with you, she can read it here: I am a Christian who is not perfect; I sin and pray about it, but one thing I notice is that the more judgmental the Christian, the more uptight he/she is about sexual expression in general. There is so much sexual addiction among evangelical Christian males because they are attracted to the notion of the sin and they feel repressed around their wives. Christian women too, are affected by this--I often see it as judging other women--her clothes are too revealing, she talks about sex too much, she is probably having an affair or even SHE"S GAY! I will not agree to disagree--the Bible makes promiscuity a sin, be it gay or straight. Paul refered to gays as "homosexual offenders", meaning those who were promiscuous or even perverse. I know all about Leviticus too: this law came into effect because there were many wars in the Mideast at that time, and it was customary for male prisoners to be raped. God also wanted the Hebrew people to grow as a race. Many of the laws in Leviticus are simply not applicable now--in fact I wonder how many Christians even have read the entire book. We do not need more people in the world as much as we need people to love the unloveable. Gay couples adopt children with AIDS, biracial and troubled kids that no one would go near. That is a loving act, worthy of Christ. No one but God can change Dani's hostility; as Christians we are called to love and be members of a body, a community. Do I always do this? No. But I will not judge others when I have a big old beam in my eye. Sorry this is so long, but the hate that Dani brings could be put to better uses: hate injustice, hate poverty, hate children who are kidnapped and made into child soldiers. Get over the gay issue. If God had issues with gays, then why are some people orientated toward homosexuality and others are not? People don't choose their sexuality; it chooses them. In short, Deb, you are right. And I'm sorry that you are under attack. Christians like that give us a bad rep.

Bob said...

" I will not agree to disagree--the Bible makes promiscuity a sin, be it gay or straight. Paul refered to gays as "homosexual offenders", meaning those who were promiscuous or even perverse. I know all about Leviticus too: this law came into effect because there were many wars in the Mideast at that time, and it was customary for male prisoners to be raped. God also wanted the Hebrew people to grow as a race."

sure seems like you are importing your view into the texts. You got these bizarre stories of male slaves getting raped and that's why in leviticus it says homosexuality is sin...right. Got any documentation to back your fantastic story?

What I find to be disingenous is that Enemy of the Rep's tactic to write off the condemnation of homosexuality in Leviticus is different from the one I heard from Deb a week ago...that says to me that you guys are just importing into the text to get what you want out of it.

GW Mush said...

Ok, where is Deb, I miss that sweety already.

Billy said...

The other issue that Dani's husband brought up was that Deb can't have kids.

What a fool!!!!!!!!!

Adoption, artificial insemination and other options are available.

What about straight people who unfortunately aren't able to reproduce?

Deb, these people are fools. They are "the morons" and they are not well liked on the internet or that radio show obviously. I wonder how much their own friends and family like them, or if they even have anyone but themselves to bat back and forth the hatred.

Enemy of the Republic said...
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Enemy of the Republic said...

There are more.

I coordinated nothing with Deb. I just agree with her. Here is where I got some of my information. I don't make up anything.

~Deb said...

Enemy, it's written clearly. Unfortunately, people think we made this stuff up. Interesting, huh? I've been to these sites and often laughed, because it's all right there in the bible. Thanks for putting that out there. And no, we are not coordinating anything together- we just read what's there and interpret what's been written from years ago.

Different views, different beliefs, different types of mindsets.

Can't argue with that.

Enemy of the Republic said...

I actually found two more. But you know, it doesn't matter. They are in love with their hate. It is their idol.

Bob said...

Um that's not documentation those are pro gay "Christian" web pages. Documentation would be a secondary source outside of Leviticus that gives you a basis for your story as it stands right now these "scholars" just made it up. I mean good night if the point of the condemnation of homosexuality in leviticus was so that male slaves wouldn't get raped then why doesn't the Bible say that? Why doesn't it make it clear that a man shall not lie with another man in a non-momogomous relationship if that's what is really meant here?

Well the obvious is because that's not what it means when it says a man shall not lie with a man as with a woman. It means homosexuality is wrong, not just for a little while so people could reproduce (That TOO is an imported story) but objectively wrong.

Enemy of the Republic said...


If a web page is "made up", then why not a book? What would satisfy you? I have a copy of a translated Assyrian diary that made it very clear as to what happened to prisoners--and they came after the current enemies in Leviticus. There are books that confirm that Mesopotamia was very tolerant of homosexuality, knowing ancient Israel was not; thus, homosexual rape (passive position) was meant to dishonor the males, make them like women who were less valued. My guess is that you will dismiss anything that doesn't correspond to your views as made-up. Fine. Even if I am wrong and you are right, do you think it is a Christian act to attack and persecute gays? Even anti-gay sites get hate male from people who don't read what they say and call them very rude things. If that is called Christianity, it has the face of the beast, not the lamb. Personally, I am tired of gay hating rhetoric coming from "devout Christians"--even if I give you the benefit of the doubt and say that it is sin, (which I don't believe)are we not called to correct sin with love? Everytime I come to this page, someone who calls themselves Christian is angry and relentless in their condemnation. It turns people off and gives Jesus a bad name. I don't plan on continuing this discussion as it will just get poisonous. Believe what you want. Accept the sources you want. Our salvation is through grace, not acts. That doesn't say we should sin,nor does it stop us, but it does say that to God, we are sinners bought at a price and we are called to love, not judge. I have yet to meet a perfect person.

Jennifer said...

I chanced upon Dani's blog by accident,and like a good trainwreck, I can't look away. I am so sorry about the grief she has given you, Deb. I've read several passages from your blog. Kindness, grace, intelligence, and compassion just emanate from it. To me, that is what Christianity (or just being a person of faith) is all about.

I think the problem with Dani isn't that she is a former lesbian or a former slut, but that she has all the foresight, maturity, and wisdom of a fruit fly. She can't even write her own individual passages on her blog. She has to copy and paste them from other sources. Clearly, she doesn't have the skill, ambition, and smarts to write. I would laugh at her, but I find her quite dangerous.

Just keep in mind that you do have people out in Internet land who support you and your partner. I think you're a lovely human being. And on a shallow note, I covet your curly dark locks.

Kevin said...

Deb, like everyone else, I found your letter to be an excellent response. I've dealt with Dani before on another website and she was so awful. But now hearing that she was a lesbian and now thinks she is not, her behavior all makes sense. She must have awful self-hatred and hopefully your response to her will at least make her think about what she is saying. I doubt it will have an effect, but who knows--I can always hope for the best!