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Conspiracy Theories, Beliefs & Facts

Whenever I touch upon "conspiracy theories," I always let people know that I also dabble in these ideas as well. Many have proven to be true, while others are still a great mystery. As I've stated in this past article, (you can read that one here)  my main question would be, "What does the Bible say about getting worked up over theories?" I'm talking about the people who are freaking out relentlessly, trying to avoid GMOs, ducking inside when they see a few chemtrails over their homes or even prepping for the great doomsday. But it is interesting to talk about and discuss ideas and the theories that are out there. I love having these conversations, but I also know to not freak out over them too much because it can trigger anxiety in anyone really. Before I start putting on my tinfoil hat, what I'm about to tell you is pretty much factual, to a degree. It is not to say that I am judging anyone, or making assumptions about who they are and who they choose to identify as. I just can't help question the correlation behind what's been happening for the past ten years or so.

Hormonal Warfare

There are a few things that can set off the 'crazies' in us. Some believe it's the 5G towers and mind control. I'm up in the air with that one. But many people have been noticing an increase of hormones in their food supply. I remember one night, Madelene and I went out for dinner and sat at the bar. As we were finishing up with dinner, a lady walked inside and sat down at the bar by herself. She was an attractive black woman, beautifully dressed and very well spoken. We instantly hit it off with her. She was a single mom raising three kids. It was her night out, and we didn't question why she was alone. The size of her martini said it all. We got into a conversation about kids growing up too fast. She said to us, "I stopped buying store bought milk because my daughter developed very large breasts at the age of seven, and got her menstrual cycle at the age of nine." I've heard of this happening, as well as preteens already engaging in sexual relations. As time went on, there was also something very noticeable within our society. I'm not sure if this "theory" holds up or not, but we began seeing more and more people confused over what gender to identify with. Now for the sake of some of my close friends who are trans and over the age of 50, they've known they were the other gender since they were little. So with that being said, it kind of kicks this theory in the butt. BUT, what explains almost 50% of kids being either confused over their gender, or knowing for fact, that they're the wrong gender? I don't believe it's a phase or "trend," because who would want to go through all of that agony in the first place? So is it a hormonal warfare?

OK, let me put my tinfoil hat back on...

It's in our food, it's in our soil (chemtrails) or is it possibly in the 5G towers controlling that part of our brain that identifies our gender? I mean, if you think about it, this could explain the influx of young children already knowing they're the other gender. Even when I was little, I demanded everyone to call me "David" and that I was a boy. I remember praying to God the night before school to make me a boy. When I woke up, I ran into the bathroom to go 'look' and started crying. (True story!) I wore nothing but boy clothes, had short hair and rode motorcycles. Adults mistook me for a boy all the time, and that made me happy. My mom had to drive me up to the boys' clothing store a few towns over every fall before school started. Nothing about me was feminine whatsoever. As I grew into the age of 13, I started to grow my hair out and wear feminine clothing. I started to like the fact that I could wear makeup. I started to like who I was. But this is 'my' story. I'm just adding that in to let you know how I can relate to the trans community. I know what it feels like to feel like a boy and want to be a boy. But I also know that children are way too young to decide if they want to undergo hormones. Think back to when you were younger. You had different tastes in everything, from friends, fashion and even religion.


Yes, men can have babies.
There are theories surrounding the topic of chemtrails. When you see the white puffy trails of a plane passing by, do you ever wonder if it is chemicals they're pouring down on us and into our soil that gets added into our water supply? I used to always kid around with my friend and say, "Hmm, I wonder what kind of mood I'll be in tomorrow." We would both laugh, but oddly enough, it always seemed to prove true. Sadly, there are so many theories with this kind of thing, like big pharma trying to make a buck off people rushing off to get hormonal replacement therapy, or religious/spiritual people believing that devil himself is transgender, therefore, trying to make his mark into this world. That's a new one I heard from a good friend. Then again, who is the author of confusion? Some even think that Lilith and Lucifer are the same---are as one---transgendered. I found that one interesting! OK, off the religious topic---wouldn't it make sense that we are being fed chemicals which actually reflects how people are responding to it? And if those chemicals are hormones, then wouldn't it make sense that kids, even before they're five years old, would "know" that they're in the wrong body? This never happened back in the 70's, 80's and even the 90's. Some parents are even asking doctors not to announce the gender of their baby when they're born. They want their babies to decide on what gender they want to be. Crazy! Something is just way off about this. I have nothing against transgendered people,  and I'm not spewing off some hateful message---I'm just curious as to why the influx. You can't say, "Oh we were oppressed and now we're coming out and there are more options." This is way more than that. Now we have people who don't even want to be identified as a gender, suing companies who make menstrual maxi pads for women. We can't say, "Men can't have babies." (I get it, trans men can have babies....but.) It has come to the point where we need to reconstruct the entire English language and pronouns to cater to people who are, in fact....confused, in my opinion.

I have a hard time using the following pronouns:

Ze, Hir, Hirs Xe, Xem, Xyrs Per, Pers, Perself Ve, Ver, Vis.

There are over 50 identified and biological genders listed:

Cis Female 
Cis Male 
Cis Man 
Cis Woman 
Cisgender Female 
Cisgender Male 
Cisgender Man 
Cisgender Woman 
Female to Male FTM 
Gender Fluid 
Gender Nonconforming 
Gender Questioning 
Gender Variant 
Male to Female MTF 
Trans Female 
Trans* Female 
Trans Male 
Trans* Male 
Trans Man 
Trans* Man 
Trans Person 
Trans* Person 
Trans Woman 
Trans* Woman 
Transgender Female 
Transgender Male 
Transgender Man 
Transgender Person 
Transgender Woman 
Transsexual Female 
Transsexual Male 
Transsexual Man

For those who don't know what "cis" stands for---it means biologically born male or female. I don't know about you, but I believe this is why society is having a hard time coming to terms with all of these new "genders" and newly invented pronouns. The world has changed because of it, and there are employers that are getting sued for not addressing the correct pronoun or preferred gender (all 50+ of them) and it's not fair. I'm not a hater, I believe that you should be free to be who you are, but to instill all of these hard rules upon society is going to make society backfire on them.

Mental Health 

Remember years ago, if you're old enough like myself, where anxiety was unheard of? I mean, you heard of someone having a "nervous breakdown" from time to time, or even having manic depression, but you rarely heard about anxiety. Many people were too scared to admit that they had anxiety or depression due to people thinking that they were batshit crazy. Seeing a shrink simply meant that you were a loon. So no one got help and quite frankly, many survived, while others committed suicide out of the blue. Talking about mental health was taboo and embarrassing. Children never had issues with mental health, unless they were in an abusive household. They were carefree, and if they got bullied on the playground, they dealt with it and moved on. You never heard of a young child committing suicide because Sally was name calling on the bus ride home. It was a different time. Now, if a kid gets bullied, it doesn't stop at the playground. They go home, and it's plastered all over social media. They get anonymous cowardly texts harassing them---so it's an endless means of torture. But it goes further than that. Children are now using antidepressants and even Benzodiazepines to calm their anxiety and depression. Back in the day, the only thing I ever seen was the random hyper kid taking Adderall. There were no school shootings either. What happened? Are parents too eager to throw a pill at their kids just because they're acting like...a kid? Or does it go even deeper than that?

You Are What You Eat

They're pumping hormones into our food supply and even making us resistant to antibiotics due to the amount they put into our live stock. Our entire food has changed. Even fish isn't safe to eat. You're either eating farmed fish or fish that has been contaminated with radiation and pollution. They did a study of a significant amount of Atlantic salmon that had traces of drugs, like cocaine and an array of opiates from the mass amount of dumping into our waters. It also occurs when somebody flushes their toilet and their waste has traces of cocaine in it. It’s happening because when people go to the bathroom, they release these drugs in their urine. That goes off into the wastewater treatment plants, which cannot cleanse this stuff from our waste stream. Then it's released off into the "fresh water supply."

A particularly nasty class of contaminants found in oily fish is known as persistent organic pollutants (POPs). These organic pollutants are made up of complex molecules which do not break down easily in the environment; hence the name 'persistent'. They build up in the food chain through bioaccumulation. This means that the level of chemicals found in an animal tissue rises the higher up the food chain the animal is. For example, larvae might eat some contaminated algae, a fish then eats the larvae, and a bigger fish eats smaller fish and so on. Fish at the top of the food chain such as tuna, shark, swordfish, tilefish and king mackerel, have the highest concentrations of POPs. Algae (which are right at the bottom of the food chain) are likely to contain much lower levels. Farmed salmon are even more of a concern than wild salmon due to the concentration of POPs in the feed they eat and their fatty nature as POPs can accumulate in fatty tissue.---read more here.

Veganism is not just a trend. These are well informed people who choose to steer clear from eating animal products, which are constantly being tampered with. Hats off to my vegan friends, because even though I am aware of what's brewing out there, I still love my seafood and meat. But most of all, many vegans steer away from eating meat is because they want to protect the animals. They believe in animal rights which I think is beautiful and commendable. I just hate it when they tear me apart about eating meat. They can get really passionate about it too.

Like I said before, some are true, some are theories, while others are just still 'up in the air.' I have no judgment, just mere opinions like anyone else. Needless to say, I refuse to hide out and not order my favorite salmon dish or duck from an incoming chemtrail. Whatever will be, will be.

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Conspiracy Theories, Beliefs & Facts

Whenever I touch upon "conspiracy theories," I always let people know that I also dabble in these ideas as well. Many have prove...