Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Are Parents the Real Bullies When it Comes to Transphobia andHomophobia?

As I'm scrolling down the hashtag of #BruceJenner on Facebook, I was anticipating an "applaud" of Bruce's bravery in possibly doing an interview with Diane Sawyer. Like always, when you scroll down into the depths of a Facebook comment cesspool, you'll find the most ignorance you've ever seen. In fact, I want to even go as far as to say that, you'll see the honest true outlook on how the world views the LGBT community. It's very scary. Comments from, "He's sick! It's not natural," to "He's a homo!" With transgenderism having little to do with who they prefer as a mate, it has everything to do with who they are regarding gender identity. Backtrack just a bit: I remember when Chick-fil-A came out with their views on homosexuality. Due to their religion, they were against gay marriage. Fine, whatever. People will still eat your questionable chicken. But what I was amazed over, were the huge amounts of people supporting them, but not just supporting their personal views (which everyone is entitled to have), but the supporters were bashing all gays and lesbians, in person while waiting on those long lines to grab their grub and on social media. It was so sad. People came out of the woodwork to demonstrate their absolute hatred towards the gay and lesbian community. It was a very Christian moment for them, I'm sure.

But back to the title of this post: Are parents the real bullies when it comes down to transphobia and homophobia? We learned that hatred is only taught. We learn from what our parents don't like, or perhaps, "hate". We learn that it's okay to call people, "homos" and "trannies". It's okay to bash them because they're not doing what God has commanded them to do. Who's God? God commanded us to love one another as we would do ourselves -- so whose God are you speaking of?

Gotta love the ignorance! This is who teaches our children to hate. 
A gentleman who goes by Matt Morgan, who studied to be a registered nurse at Austin Community College District stated, "Dude is sick..... his family needs to save him from himself. When people change their sex its a crime against nature. Its disgusting and vile and shouldnt be broadcast to the world. And it shouldnt be news."

Meanwhile, Matt has a beautiful daughter to raise. His daughter may be one of the reasons why someone kills themselves. Harsh...? Not at all. By Matt's teachings, his daughter will learn to tell other transgendered people that they're "sick" and that it's a "crime against nature". She'll state it's disgusting and vile and they should shut up about it.

You can read the entire thread over on Gawker if you click here.

His logic states this:

"Transgenders are disgusting & vile!"--Matt Morgan
"If he was meant to be a woman he would have been born that way. Science and Biology are what they are. Factual theory proven systems. When you alter those methods by means of artificial reconstruction you shit on our species. We are the only species in the history of the world who changes our sex..... SO IF I AM SICK.....please don't give me medicine."

He also stated, "I dont care whom or what he has sex with. Changing your sexual identity is wrong. There is no arguement here. Its not being a bully. It has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Changing your sexual organs out for the other sex is wrong. When he goes into the ER when he is sick.... guess what... he will be treated medically as a Man. Science always wins. He will never be a woman. No matter what he does."

In the same breath, I know that people have their own set of values and standards they live by, whether due to religion or just personal convictions, however stating something so brutal in the public eye is just bad for not only your personal life, but for your career as well. People are getting very careless online these days, especially on social media. He publicly wrote his hatred onto a public magazine called, Gawker's public Facebook page and made it known how disgusting it is to be a transgender person, all the while, having public photos of him and his family up on his account. Bad move my friend...bad move. I hope your beautiful daughter grows up to hate your views, instead of agreeing with them or better yet, being brainwashed.

I've met people like Matt Morgan. Up close and personal, he'll say, "No man, that's cool if you dig chicks or dudes or if you wanna be whatever sex. I'm cool with it."  On social media, somehow it lets out their true thoughts on it. I'm not sure why they think all their comments aren't seen by their friends and family and other people abroad, but from the brief unintelligent banter he had going on, I kind of figured it out.

So why did I single out Matt Morgan today? Because he was the one with the beautiful daughter who is demonstrating the true meaning of the type of hate we see every day in our LGBT community. We see their children growing up, cultivating the same mindset, leaving other kids to be bullied, or worse off, committing suicide. So by giving Matt as an example of extreme hatred, maybe in the name of "religion" or whatever -- hopefully he'll think twice before he opens his mouth again. I wish the best for his beautiful daughter and also hope she doesn't grow up with his demented views and hateful heart.
Deborah Brumett and her family. 

Take for instance Deborah Brumett from Brodhead, KY. She has children and grandchildren and yet publicly states such awful hatred against the transgender community. This is the reason we have so many problems in our schools today. This is the #1 reason why we have so many suicides from our transgender youth! To think that someone with their own children would spew such ugliness is just beyond me. Some people really should not reproduce.

"Yeahhh I'm so sure god would want you to cut your balls off."

It can't get any classier than that.

Well, thank you Deborah, for showing your true colors. I hope your children live a long and healthy life without bullying others for being who they are. Children usually learn hatred and bigotry from home.

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