Monday, December 19, 2011

A "Sweet Pit Bull" is an Oxymoron

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There are many things that I don’t understand, many opinions I just can’t wrap my mind around and sometimes there are people who baffle the hell out of me. Maybe I’m too opinionated. Maybe I’m too hard on certain issues, but I will say this: I know that I’m not that out of line when I say, “It’s the dog, not the owner.” Now while having said that, I know that there are many owners who are abusive to their pets and those who make them fight for money, but what about owners who have pets that are still dangerous - still vicious to the core without the ‘bad upbringing’? Our neighbors next door are very nice people. They’re friendly, hard working, decent and they treat their dogs like their own kids. They have two beautiful dogs. One’s a black lab and the other is a brown Pit Bull. I’ve never seen any of these dogs come across the property before. They have electric fencing, so they would always run within their confined area. As of late, the Pit Bull started roaming about - beyond his own limitations and onto our property. It was late one night and Madelene and I had just arrived home from going out to dinner. Luckily, we made it in the door to finally realize there was a barking dog outside. When I stepped out our deck (which is on the second level of our home), the dog was right on our lower patio barking. The neighbor’s lights were on and I can see that he had let the dogs out for a bit. We just made a call to them and asked them politely if they can keep their dog on their own property so that we can get into our house safely.

It wasn’t too long afterwards when I was walking downstairs to see outside the window, the Pit Bull was once again on our patio barking. When I opened the door and stood behind the screen door, the dog came closer, barking and foaming at the mouth. There was no way I could make it out to my car. I had to wait until he went back to his own property. His teeth were showing and his mouth was all foamy from all his rage. Then I had an idea (perhaps an idiotic idea), but I was pissed off and wanted something done about this. I went on Youtube and found “gun shot effects”, plugged my Macbook into a large guitar amplifier and “fired” away. It sounded exactly like a gun being shot. I heard, “Come here boy! Come here!” by the owner. The dog ran away, but the next morning he was back on my patio showing more teeth and more rage...and more foam. I posted my dilemma on Facebook, and some people were upset over the fact that I said it was a Pit Bull. They said I was “profiling”. But regardless if it was a German Shepard, a Great Dane or hell - even a Chihuahua - get off my property so I can walk over to my goddamn car! It’s not right. Someone suggested, “Make friends with him. Have you tried walking up to it, maybe petting it?” Umm, no. If I wanted to commit suicide, I’d be on a ledge somewhere. I don’t understand the mindsets of people when it comes to Pit Bulls.

I received a slew of comments ranging from “give it a poisonous meatball” to “stop profiling Pit Bulls!” One friend asked, “Are you profiling the dog because it’s a Pit Bull and think it’s vicious because it’s a Pit Bull?” --- No. I’m going by the aggressive nature to which the dog displayed. He went on to say that he had a Pit Bull for 14 years and it was the sweetest dog he ever had. They all say that until someone’s leg is amputated because of a Pit Bull attack. I even had someone point out to me that a local Allstate Insurance company will not insure households who own Pit Bulls. Then I went online and Googled a few other insurance companies and many of them do not insure this type of breed. I wonder why . . . Surprisingly, I had a friend come onto the thread defending Pit Bulls, when all the while having to put hers down due to an “attempted” attack on a child. My question is, if your dog didn’t attack anyone, then why did you have to put the dog down? Years ago, I remember this story being very different, and that he did actually have contact with the child. I’m sorry, but when will Pit Bull owners face up to the truth that these dogs are plain dangerous? And I know for a fact that it’s not “the owners” fault - it’s the breed itself which is aggressive. My neighbors treat their dog like their own child and has had the dog since it was a puppy - no abuse - no fighting pits - no nuttin’. It’s just plain vicious. When will people stop valuing the life of a vicious dog as opposed to a human life, a child's life, or their own loved one's life? If you read this story, you'll see how Pit Bulls even turn on their owners. "Preliminary autopsy results have revealed that a pregnant Bay Area woman killed by one of her pit bulls August 11 died from blood loss and shock.The victim, 32-year-old Darla Napora, was pronounced dead on Thursday afternoon, August 11, at the couple's home in the seaside village of Pacifica, south of San Francisco, Pacifica Police Capt. Dave Bertini said.The autopsy, along with an analysis conducted by dog bite experts, also determined that only one of the couple's two pit bulls, a 2-year-old male named Gunner, was involved in the attack.The woman's husband, Greg, told police he came home from work at around noon on Thursday to find Gunner standing, bloodied, over his wife's mauled body, Bertini said. First responders to the scene found the woman unresponsive in a front room of the home with massive trauma to her upper body, Bertini said. A second pit bull was found cowering in the corner. Bertini said Greg told authorities that Gunner had been confined in a back room. When the dog managed to escape and enter the front yard, officers shot it three times, Bertini said. Darla was an avid pit bull lover and supporter of Bay Area Dog lovers Responsible About Pit Bulls, or Bad Rap, a group that tries to change negative attitudes toward pit bulls. Impressions taken from both dogs show that all of Napora's injuries were consistent with bites from Gunner, and there was no evidence that the couple's other dog, a female, was involved in the attack. Authorities are still trying to determine what prompted the attack, Bertini said, adding that no evidence indicating that the dogs had been trained to attack. Darla was an avid pit bull lover and supporter of Bay Area Dog lovers Responsible About Pit Bulls, or Bad Rap, a group that tries to change negative attitudes toward pit bulls. Greg says he's forgiven the dog and plans to bury Darla with Gunner's ashes." -----So he forgave the dog and even buried his wife with the dog's ashes? How stupid people are. How careless and insensitive they are when it comes to a human life -yet they seem to value the life of a fricken dog over a loved one. I'm so sickened over this story that it makes me think about how screwed up society is. God forbid ANY animal attacked my wife like that - I would kill the dog S...L...O...W...L...Y.

Needless to say, I had to get the police out here the third time around when the Pit Bull was on my front lawn trying to run after us. I will not be a prisoner in my own home. The cop came over to my house first and when I showed him the photo of the dog, he instantly back up and said, “Ugh, it’s a Pit Bull. These dogs are a nightmare for us.” He went on to say that the only attacks that him and his crew have seen were all Pit Bull related. Since there is no set leash law except for keeping your dog on your own property in our city - the police cannot make a case file. I would have to go to court and file for case against my neighbors. That’s the last thing I want to do. The cop also said discreetly, “Remember, do what you gotta do to protect yourself. You have more rights protecting yourself against a dog than you would if there was a leash law.” Basically, he was telling me I wouldn’t get in trouble if I had to do something in a self-defense situation.

Take a look at this lovely video...

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And this lady treated her dog like her own child. There were no signs of abuse except for the fact that she was a big wimp trying to act tough with a dog. Most Pit Bull owners are alike and in denial.

A few days later, my neighbors put up a fence...a chicken wire fence. I give them A for effort, but by the time that dog either runs through it or crawls under it and hops onto my patio again, I will do everything in my power to protect my family from an unruly Pit Bull. And all Pit Bull owners should face up to the truth that your dog is or can be (and they probably are) very dangerous - maybe not to you or your family, but overall this breed is questionable. And yes, I agree, any dog can be potentially dangerous, but Pit Bulls are outnumbered in the amount of attacks. I’ll even go a step further: in my own opinion and from what I have seen with people who own Pit Bulls - the owners are usually wimps under a ‘tough guy’ image. It’s like a guy with a tiny penis driving a brand new Ferrari. It’s all about image. There's a reason why Pit Bulls are banned in England. In some parts, you can own a Pit Bull, but it has to be neutered, insured, microchipped and....muzzled. I wish the states would follow their example. Look what happened on the streets of NYC? No wonder most insurance companies will not insure your house if you own a Pit Bull.

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the walking man said...

"It’s like a guy with a tiny penis driving a brand new Ferrari"

Are you profiling Ferrari owners as all having small ones? Just curious because I am wondering where my Ferrari is?

Seriously, get a freaking 12 gauge short barrel shotgun and shoot the damn dog if it comes on your porch again. Tell your neighbors nothing personal but their dog is not under control. One of my 2 dogs is part pit bull, she is big, but not with the chest of one but she can be aggressive to strangers (fine by me) but I have a cyclone fence all the way around my property and no way for her to get out because i do not have a conventional gate.

And if this dog, my dog or any other hurt Madelene I doubt you'd do it in slowly. I don't think torture is your bag, just a 12 gauge to the head.

Deb said...

You're so funny, Mark. Well Pit Bull mix I think is a bit different. Those full breeds are a force to be reckoned with. But regardless, any dog should be on their own property. You definitely need a tough dog where you live - I don't blame you. My type of dog is a cute little pug. It's interesting though, people will tell me that I'm "ignorant" for thinking this way, when in fact I think the opposite of people who think "Pit Bulls are sweet" - they say it until it kills someone or themselves. Can you imagine this guy in that story forgiving the dog that killed his wife and then burying her with the "killer's" ashes? THAT'S ignorance. It's like owning a lion and then saying, "Oh don't worry, he won't attack...."

Anonymous said...

There are multiple breeds of Pitbulls with varying levels of temperment and danger; which one are you referring to that should be banned?

Pitbulls do not account for the highest number of attacks, nor for the highest number of fatalities. Please do some research.

Oh and frankly? I don't like pitbulls either, and I'd be having a similar reaction to any animal I found at my door I thought was dangerous.

One a side not, if you'll excuse me for going off the deep end here....."self defense" is a legal term. In common speak, people use it to catagorize any (violent) actions they take to ensure the safety of themselves or a loved one, but it has a specific meaning that often varies slightly from state-to-state. Instead of relying soley on the officer's advice, look up the laws personally. Then if you ever do have to use deadly force to protect yourself, don't start shouting "IT WAS SELF DEFENSE!!!" That's the court's call, not yours, and it won't help your case at all. You just explain exactly what happened, what danger you thought you were in, and why you did XYZ.

Since we are already in the deep end, let's keep swimming for a while. I highly highly recomend AGAINST ever simulating you have a firearm when you don't. This includes playing gunshot sounds, claiming to have a gun, or even having one where people can see it unloaded. It sends a messages to the people around you that you are capable of using immediate lethal force.....when you actually aren't. The little riff-raff who stare at your chest in public or pick fights in bars will probably be deterred by it. The real crazies? They will call your bluff. Or worse, they'll assume you aren't bluffing.......get what I mean?

I am not a Law Enforcment Officer or otherwise employed in any sort of peace-time officer capacity. I am not a lawyer, nor an expert on legal advice. Any suggestions I make are not intended to be used as legal advice. I provide the above comment for entertainment purposes only. Enjoy! :)

Deb said...

Anonymous, thank you for commenting. I really have to say that was one of the most well thought-out responses (even if opposing) that I have gotten in a long while. You're right - firing off gunshot noises is just the same as pulling out a fake gun. I never thought of it like that. I just figured, well it's dark out, he wouldn't know ~who~ was making the sounds, so . . . but come to think of it, if I did get a 'crazy' to respond in whatever manner, it could have been a bad scene.

I will say that I have done some research on Pit Bulls. There are mixed reviews and articles, but, even a good friend of mine who is a cop always tells me that most of the reports of attacks are from Pit Bulls. I have read it in legal documentations as well. I do however believe that any breed "can" be potentially dangerous. Don't get me wrong - if I saw a German Shepard barking outside my door, I'm going to be afraid just the same. There are so many stories of "sweet Pit Bulls" - and the ones that end up in disaster are the ones that really make me sad that too many people trust in this type of breed. Just to think that the lady in SF who was mauled by two of her "loving" Pit Bulls in her own home and hovered around her dead body for hours makes me cringe. The owners took very good care of their Pits - so why the attack on "mom"? You would never see that from a Golden Retriever or lab - and even a German Shepard as tough as they appear.

My point of this post is, I do not want any dog, especially Pit Bulls on my yard threatening me while I walk out to my car. No one should have to live in fear. The owners did put a fence around their property which was appreciated. I sent some dog treats and toys over as a "thank you". But if the dog is ever on my property again, I will take matters into my own hands since there are no 'set laws' to abide by re: no technical leash law and rules, etc. (Which I find is so strange being right outside of NYC.)

Thanks again for your input. I like when people change my mind about something. :)

Anonymous said...

Pit bulls are no more vicious than any other breed. I have heard reports of St. Bernard's and even Labs mauling their owners. It really depends on the dog's history and how he or she is raised. I have a lab/pit bull mix, and he is a sweetheart. If he misbehaves, I punish him appropriately (mostly I put him in his crate). Yet I also have plenty of cuddle time with him. Pit bulls have a bad rap, and they don't deserve it. It is HUMANS who have given them this awful reputation, and who train them to behave this way. Please do NOT stereotype all pit bulls. You are part of the reason why pit bulls have a hard time gaining acceptance. Do not generalize pit bulls until you have owned one. I used to think the same way, but then I adopted one, and my mind has been completely changed about the breed. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

This post is close minded and full of ramblings from someone who has never even owned a pit. Your neighbors were supposedly great owners who loved their dogs...but foaming at the mouth? That's never happened with any of the 5 pits I've owned. Rabies? Doesn't sound like good ownership to me. Maybe you should have considered that plus the fact that the dog ended up on your property, which is the owners problem. Instead you go on a pointless rant about how vicious the breed is? Animals, just like people, are effected by their upbringing.

Deb said...

Well, there are opinions and then there are statistics. I'm sorry, but every Pit Bull that I ever came across were all aggressive. The day before I shot the video of this Pit - he was barking viciously on my patio not letting us out. A friend of mine had to put hers down due to it trying to attack a little girl. I have seen Pits aggressive and I truly believe (and know through statistics) that these dogs are the most vicious dogs out there.

Facts are different than opinions. The police told me that almost all cases of dog attacks were mostly from Pit Bulls and Rotweilers. Pits being on the top of their list.

Anonymous said...

Genetically pit bulls were not bred to be human aggressive, matter fact in the 1800's or so when they were bred for bull/bear baiting and dog fighting, any dog that showed aggression towards humans was immediately disqualified and put down. It is not in their nature to be human aggressive. Its completely against their nature in fact. They've been bred for over 200 years NOT to be aggressive towards humans. Also there was a test conducted by the American Temperament Test Society and 84% of pit bulls did better than every breed of dog except one variety of dachshund.

I use to live in Cleveland, where dog fighting is large and not once in my 7 years did I come across an aggressive pit bull, every one I had seen running around without an owner would run up to me and lick my hand. I would usually take them in and find their owners or them a new home. Matter fact I got a pit bull, he's the biggest baby ever, the only time he has growled was to another dog and that's because he was gnawing on his bone and didn't want to share.

My Chihuahua/Rat Terrier mix is meaner than my pit bull, he just attacks the pit bull for no reason and the pit bull runs away crying, heck every Chihuahua I've had has been mean.

Plus most people can't correctly identify a pit bull, so most statistics can be wrong. There was an Akita attack and the media blamed a pit bull. Akitas are fluffy dogs with pointy ears, pit bulls are sturdy short haired dogs with floppy ears. The media and society just want a scapegoat, hey, what's a better scapegoat than a pit bull? In the 90's it was German Shepard and now its the Pit.

I can tell you exactly it is not the dog, it is the owner. If you got your statistics from "" or whatever that stupid Anti-Pit Bull site is, I can tell you they are wrong. No test can be properly conducted about dog attacks and bite statistics.

Unknown said...

I'm sorry you had such a frightening experience, but your reference to an electric fence is a massive red flag, showing that these lovely neighbors of yours very probably have not bothered to properly socialize, much less train their dog.

Ask them how many territorial/dominant dogs have they owned, without incident, before? Is their dog neutered? Have they taken this dog to socialization/obedience classes given by Pit Bull experts? If so, what are their names and credentials?

Yes, I obviously am a Pit Bull owner, mine was rescued from a police raid on a small dog, fighting ring. Yes, he looks like a gargoyle, but I'm beyond grateful for my neighbors, who looked beyond his scars, the cropped ears, his over sized, 85 Lb musculature thanks to his idiot original owners who loaded him with steroids, and now, they actually come out to pet this supposed member of the "demon dog" contingent, and they find he is simply an animal with a huge heart. That he loves kids, cats, and even a Yorkie, and no, I don't mean he loves ripping them to shreds and eating them. I don't let him alone with strangers or children, that's sloppy ownership, regardless of the dog breed/type, but I don't treat him like he's criminally insane either. I simply enforce training.

You can wipe every maligned dog breed from the face of the earth,
but as long as we refuse to address inexperienced/lazy/ignorant/malicious dog owners, people will still get attacked because Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Dobermans, Filas, Presas, etc. are not the only powerful dogs with teeth. Politicians who enforce BSL laws swear it works, well, check these links when you have time:

and these:

Sorry about the long post, but this generalized view will not keep anyone safe.

Anonymous said...

Facts ARE different from opinions, and what the police told you about pit bull attacks being most common is statistically INCORRECT. The breed which accounts for the most bites annually in the US is the Chihuahua. This is tracked info that is easily accessible and is FACT. I invite you to research my claim if you are (understandably) skeptical.

Deb said...

How many people have Chihuahuas killed?

Anonymous said...

so say one race of people commits more crime than others, "oh look! we should lock them all up in jail! not like any of them are our friends or anything!!!" JUST BECAUSE IT'S A CERTAIN BREED DOESN'T MEAN IT NEEDS TO ACT A CERTAIN WAY. Guess what, my golden retriver, that's right, golden retriever is leash/dog aggressive. Bet you didn't see that one coming now did you? Judge the deed, not the breed.

Anonymous said...

lol. fight this.

Josh said...



Kaila Post said...

When it comes down to it , any dog has the capability of being dangerous . If you are going to have the ignorance to profile breeds of animals I'm assuming you do to the same to people as well , which just proves your ignorance further . My 6 year old cousin was randomly attacked by a dog , and so was my younger brother . Neither of which were by pitbulls . When it comes down to it , it's a animal . And just like people , they all have equal capabilities . As for your issue with the neighbor , how about you stop bitching about it to the neighbor , get your fat ass up and go handle it with the police . Instead of starting a un needed rant about dog breeds .

Anonymous said...

Oh and just a little side note ... More people are killed by falling coconuts each year then by pit bull attacks . Rant about that bitch !

TJ said...

@Kaila If you looked at the video you would have saw where the police refused to do anything about it and if you actually were able to READ, then you would have read the part where she did go to the police three times but Pitbull owners are IGNORANT ASSHOLES who think their tougher than anyone else. I agree that these dogs are dangerous and I have witnessed a mauling from 2 pits! They are a dangerous breed and should all be euthanized!!!! Maybe you should start learning how to read you ignorant fuck and get a life and stop bothering people who actually know that Pitbulls are the most dangerous breeds alive. Explain that to a woman who lost her child over these murderous dogs.

Snowbrush said...

Genes matter, and, statistically, pit bulls are the leaders in dog attacks. That's why insurance companies ask what kind of dog you have when you apply for homeowners insurance. Like TJ, I have seen one in action, and its owner was surprised as anyone that such a "gentle dog" could run through an open door and attack someone.

Deb said...

Snowbrush, THANK YOU. Exactly my point! I forgot to bring up the insurance issue with Pit Bulls as well. There's a reason for it.

As far as falling coconuts, haha, I'm not too sure about that. Could make for a great pinot colada ~

Anonymous said...

You're ignorant and that's all I can really say. And to the guy talking above shooting a dog...that's scary and weird.

Anonymous said...

You're the ignorant one. Pitbulls are great with children and were used as war dogs in the two world wars. The dog in little rascals was a pitbull. People are evil and wanted to fight them and make them viscous for their own greed. Dalmatians are actually pretty dangerous and I bet not many people knew that, so let's educate ourselves people.

Anonymous said...

Finally someone that is educated on the general behavior of humans and animals! agreed..

Andrew Meyer said...

I tried for some time to let this go, but since I came upon this blog yesterday I can't stop thinking about it. This entry is the first result for google after searching "sweet pitbull", this is the main reason I feel compelled to reply.

Good or bad, the internet has given everyone with a computer and a network connection a voice. You are potentially helping others to form an opinion on a subject, which is more than certainly your right to do so.

That being said, I was a little disturbed that your blog entry doesn't have more cit-able facts to support your fear of the "vicious" Pit Bull. First hand accounts of your friends may be convincing, but shouldn't be used as arguments for the ban of entire breed of dog. I was particularly unimpressed at how your evidence for the inherent violent nature of the Pit Bull consists of random YouTube videos.

The American Temperment Test Society puts the pass rating of the American Pit Bull Teriier at 82.6%. The other 121 breeds tested averaged 77%. A study conducted by the ATTS proved that the percentage of bites to population ratio of the Pit Bull breed is .00125. Rottweilers are at .00433, Chows at .00333, and German Shepherds are at .00217.

There is no doubt that the Pit Bull is a powerful breed and the consequence of their bite is great. But is there evidence to support that they are inherently more prone to attack humans than other breeds?

There is an estimated 5,256,000 Pit Bull Breed dogs in the United States alone. More than five times as many Rottweilers and nearly seven times as many German Shepherds. It makes sense that we would see more accounts of violence in a breed with such a high population. If they are deemed unfit to live as pets amidst the society that perpetuated their image as vicious man-killers in the media and film industry, what do you suppose we do with them? Euthanize all 5,000,000 of them? What about the other potentially harmful breeds of canine after the Pit Bull? Do we simply put them all down?

The Pit Bull is used today as an accessory to the "tough guy". Used to supplement image and bolster ego. The name of the breed evokes violent images in most, and creates enticing headlines that create fear and boost ratings. It is no wonder that the percentage of owners that want to exploit the Pit Bull for that image is increasing. Do we not consider parenting as a potential cause of the violent behavior of a human? Should we condemn an entire categorization of human beings that are statistically prone to violence as being inherently bad and unfit for life amongst others? I certainly hope not.

As a fellow proponent for lesbian and gay equality, I was surprised that you would be so eager to condemn and create generalizations about an entire classification of animal. I respect your opinion and your right to have one, but you should seriously consider the impact of this blog entry as it has quite amazingly achieved such a prominent google result ranking.

What do you suggest we do with the estimated 5.25 million Pit Bulls after we make them illegal?

Deb said...

First of all, what does my being a lesbian have to do with the facts about Pit Bulls being the most likely to harm people? To make such a strange and ignorant comment such as that is just ridiculous.

I have only stated my opinion through my own experience as well as from experiences of others. Why do you think there are millions of Pits in shelters? Yes, people breed them to train them to fight. It's abuse no doubt. But what about the Pits who viciously turn on their owners? The statistics are far too great.

I have a right to call the police if my neighbor's Pit Bull steps foot on my yard. Not only did he step foot on my yard, but ran after my wife where she had to run back inside the house and call the owner to please call him back. Is that fair for us?? He would come right up to our patio and foam at the mouth ---literally drooling while he's barking - teeth showing and all. If people want to own dangerous pets that threaten people on their own yards, then people should have the right to protect themselves and their family ANY WAY THEY WANT. And I mean that to the fullest extent of protection. The police even advised me that I could use any type of protection if that dog comes here to threaten us...

As for your question, yes, I'd rather euthanize all 5 million of them rather than have them kill humans. Yes. Does it sound extreme, probably so. But there's a reason why 80% of our shelters are filled up to the brim with them. When I picked up my rescue dog, I can't tell you how many Pit Bulls were in there. They weren't in there because of "generalization and assumptions of their breed" --- they were there because they were #1. Abused #2. Owners let them go because they couldn't control them. I had a friend who had to put down her Pit Bull because he attacked a 4 year old child.

Remember, insurance companies where I live at least will not cover homes if you own that breed. Many places do the same. Some countries have made it illegal to own them.

So, I guess that says something.

If you are disturbed by my blog entry, then maybe you should stop reading blogs and start reading the news. Even then, they'll have stories on Pit Bull attacks. But, I agree with you. I do have a right to my opinion, but I also have the facts and videos and news sources to back up why I believe Pits should not be legal in the United States. I value human life above all, even if I love my own dog with all my heart.

Andrew Meyer said...

Despite my emotion on the subject, I still managed to provide a respectful response, using fact from a citable reference. Your entire argument is subjective and based on emotion. You say things like "the statistics are far too great", what statistics are you referring to. Which countries have banned Pit Bulls entirely? Which insurance companies will not cover homes if the owner has a Pit Bull? You are a self proclaimed author, the process of using fact to support your argument should not be unfamiliar.
I provided a really strong argument for why you see so many accounts of Pit Bull attacks in the news and media, you chose not to address that argument. You are so blinded by the emotional content of you and your' readers first hand accounts that you cannot see this subject objectively any more.
We all have the right to protect ourselves against any breed of dog or human whom exhibits threatening behavior towards us or our families. I never argued that. You are using an account of a dog that was barking at the edge of your property as a justification to murder 5 million dogs. That dog didn't even definitively exhibit violent behavior, you assumed it would attack you if you went outside. As to "foaming at the mouth", that is quite dramatic. Still I agree that the owners of this dog are responsible, and you had every right to feel threatened and call the police. Wouldn't you have done the same if the dog in question was a Rottweiler. If it was a Rottweiler would you have called for the genocide of that breed? Or are you only interested in the sensationalism associated with the Pit Bull.
Being a lesbian has nothing to Pit Bulls. But the struggle for equality and the use of fact to fight against ignorance is something I though you might have experience with. I am curious about your opinion of the crime and murder statistics associated with young african american men. How would you deal with that issue? If you are going to respond to me, try to remain respectful and address the arguments I have made.

Deb said...


I don’t know how I disrespected you and sorry if it came across that way due to my opinion + facts about Pit Bulls.

Let me remind you, this is a blog. These are my opinions + facts that I have listed through experience and through the internet, news stories about people being killed by Pits.

Insurance companies will not cover Pit Bulls. My family is in real estate and says it’s very difficult to sell houses to people who own Pits. Through an article of Forbes, it states, “as a general rule, insurance companies tend to resist covering these 11 types of dogs — or any mix of these breeds — most often, says Einhorn.
1. Pit Bulls & Staffordshire Terriers
2. Doberman Pinschers
3. Rottweilers
4. German Shepherds
5. Chows
6. Great Danes
7. Presa Canarios
8. Akitas
9. Alaskan Malamutes
10. Siberian Huskies
11. Wolf-hybrids
(Note: Insurance companies tend to deny coverage for the first four breeds on this list most often, experts say.)

Some companies allow it and others don't. Why?

I am not just using the account of the neighbor's dog - I am using various instances of why this breed is dangerous. I will now give you reports of it.

"Dog Bite Fatalities of 2012"

Together, pit bulls (23) and rottweilers (3), the second most lethal dog breed, accounted for 68% of all fatal attacks in 2012. In the 8-year period from 2005 to 2012, this combination accounted for 73% (183) of the total recorded deaths (251).
The breakdown between pit bulls and rottweilers is substantial over this 8-year period. From 2005 to 2012, pit bulls killed 151 Americans, about one citizen every 19 days, versus rottweilers, which killed 32, about one citizen every 91 days.
Annual data from 2012 shows that 50% (19) of the victims were adults, 21-years and older, and the other half were children, ages 8-years and younger. Of the total children killed by dogs in 2012, 79% (15) were ages 2-years and younger.
Annual data also shows that males were more often victims, 61% (23), than females. The majority of male victims, 61% (14), were ages 8-years and younger. Of the total female victims, only 33% (5) fell into this same age group.
In 2012, roughly one-third, 32% (12), of all dog bite fatality victims were either visiting or living temporarily with the dog's owner when the fatal attack occurred. Children 8-years and younger accounted for 75% (9) of these deaths.
34% (13) of all fatalities in 2012 involved more than one dog; 13% (5) involved breeding on the dog owner's property either actively or in the recent past, and 5% (2) involved tethered dogs, down from 6% in 2011, 9% in 2010 and 19% in 2009.
In 2012, dogs referred to as a "rescue" accounted for at least 13% (5) attacks that resulted in death. Children suffered the brunt of these attacks with 3 deaths. The adults afflicted, 2 adult females, were killed by their own pack of "rescued" dogs.5
Dog ownership information for 2012 shows that family dogs comprised 58% (22) of all fatal occurrences; 82% (31) of all incidents occurred on the dog owner's property and 18% (7) resulted in criminal charges, down from 29% in 2011.6
California and North Carolina led fatalities in 2012, each with 4 deaths. 75% of the California deaths occurred in San Diego County. Pit bull-type dogs accounted for 88% (7) of the 8 deaths. New Mexico, Ohio and Texas followed, each with 3 deaths.

On the account through the New York State Police, the officer took one look at my photos + video and said, "Oh wow, that's a Pit." (By the way he's black, just in case you wanted to reference to race or sexuality - think he was heterosexual too. I know how important that type of information is for you.) Anyway, he said that Pit Bulls have been a real problem for the authorities because they were most likely to attack.

I will continue in a next comment so that it accepts the lengthy response to you....

Deb said...

Deaths by Pit Bulls 2012

84-years old | Cleveland, TN
Mable McCallister, 84-years old, was attacked by her grandson's pit bull on December 18, 2011. Police officers said that she was bitten in her face and neck. The injuries caused her hospitalization in Erlanger hospital's trauma unit for over four days, according to Bradley County Medical Examiner Dr. Jeffery Miller. Mable died on New Year's Eve while in hospice care. The owner of the pit bull, Jerry Harrison, Jr., lived on his father's property where several other pit bulls were kept. No one from the Harrison family called police or animal control after the attack. "We became aware of the dog attack only after Ms. McCallister was brought to Erlanger," Officer Evie West said. The Harrisons also "home-quarantined" the pit bull after the incident; it's unknown if the dog was ever put down. The victim's great-granddaughter left a message at the news article: "A woman, an amazing woman dies from this dog and nothing is being done about it."

16-months old | Magnolia, TX
Jace Valdez, 16-months old, was mauled to death by a pit bull while in the care of his grandmother. His grandparents owned the 7-year old male dog, and his grandmother was the only adult present during incident. Arriving deputies shot and killed the pit bull inside the home. Though not physically injured in the attack, the grandmother was immediately hospitalized for shock. Several days after the deadly attack, the child's father, Jeremy Valdez, issued a statement to the media. "Baby Jace had been in Mr. Valdez's sole care and custody for over the past year; however the child was visiting his mother for the week where she resides with her parents at their home in Montgomery County and where the attack occurred." At the time of the attack, Jace's mother was visiting friends in Spring. Detectives continue to investigate the child's death. As of January 26, 2012, no criminal charges have been brought.

6-years old | Oak Grove, KY
John Doe, 6-years old, was mauled to death by a medical service dog that had allegedly been trained to help a Fort Campbell serviceman who suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Part of the dog's training was to wake its owner up in the event he was experiencing a nightmare. Instead, the animal brutally mauled a child to death. At the time of the attack, the young boy and his family were visiting the Fort Campbell serviceman's home. The boy was outside in the backyard with the service dog, described as a "small German shepherd," when it attacked. The dog inflicted severe facial injuries to the boy. He was helicoptered to Vanderbilt University Medical Center, but did not survive. The serviceman surrendered his service dog along with two other dogs to authorities. The service dog was quickly put down. No identities were released. As of February 18, 2012, there is no new information about this incident.

2-days old | McKeesport, PA
Howard Nicholson Jr., 2-days old, was severely bitten on the head by the family husky and died at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC. At the time of the incident, the newborn was in a bassinet on the floor and the mother had stepped away to go to the bathroom. She returned to find the newly adopted husky standing over the injured baby. The family also owned three pit bulls -- one was loose in the house and two were locked in the basement. The case took an ethereal turn after images of the husky wearing a "homemade" cast emerged; the dog reportedly broke its leg by jumping a fence or jumping out a window. The husky had also killed the family's cat prior to killing the newborn. Before the end of the dog's 10-day rabies quarantine, a Nikko-Nutter whisked the dog away to save it from euthanasia and told the media, "It's not the dog's fault."


Deb said...

....more deaths ~

59-years old | Escondido, CA
Diane Jansen, 59-years old, was bitten on both legs by a pit bull while delivering mail on her route in Escondido. She suffered an immediate stroke and died 3 and a half days later. An autopsy report by the San Diego County Medical Examiner's Office stated that she "developed slurred speech and became unresponsive" as 911 emergency personnel treated her on the scene. The victim was transported to Palomar Medical Center where she was diagnosed with an intracerebral (brain) hemorrhage. She was admitted into intensive care with a "poor prognosis." On Saturday March 3rd, she was removed from life support and died the next day. According to the examiner's report, the cause of death was a hemorrhagic stroke due to hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Contributing conditions were "dog bites of the legs." Jansen had been a U.S. Postal Service employee for over 5-years. The pit bull was impounded and euthanized.

4-years old | Victoria, TX
Kylar Johnson, 4-years old, was discovered dead 14 hours after authorities carried out a search-and-rescue effort on his behalf. The search for Kylar began Sunday evening. At the time of his disappearance, his father, Cole Johnson, was cleaning his car while Kylar was playing nearby. At one point, his father looked up, and Kylar was gone. Sheriff's deputies and neighbors searched the area for hours in the dark, canine search teams were brought in as well. After being foiled by thick fog, the search resumed early the next morning. Kylar's lifeless body was discovered about 10:30 am Monday. Preliminary autopsy results confirmed the child was mauled to death by a "single dog," a neighbor's chained pit bull. The owner of the pit bull, Manuel (Manny) Garcia, discovered the boy's body. Garcia kept up to 10 chained pit bulls in his yard. On May 30, 2012 authorities charged the boy's father on three counts, including negligent homicide.

92-years old | Mead, OK
James Hurst, 92-years old, was brutally struck down by his neighbor's two pit bulls while doing what he loved, working in his front yard. Bryan County Undersheriff Kenneth Golden said of all the dog attacks he has worked, he has never seen one this bad. "It appears he was chewed and drug around the yard. It wasn't very pretty," Golden said. The victim's best friend, Levi Duncan, witnessed the aftermath of the mauling. "Both feet, his face, his ears. His lips were gone. He didn't even look like the same person," Duncan said. The two pit bulls had a history of getting out, according to Golden, but the incidents were not reported to police. Several neighbors, including a young boy, said they had face-to-face encounters with the aggressive dogs in the past. Though the attack was not witnessed, Bryan County Sheriff Bill Sturch confirmed that the pit bulls found on the scene had blood on them. Charges against the dogs' owners are pending.

I have tons more deaths by Pits. Would you like me to email you them since this is getting quite tedious?

These dogs DESERVE to die. They killed children and elderly people. God forbid I had a child who was mauled or killed by a Pit, I probably wouldn't only go after the Pit, I'd go for the owner too. But, thank God the police does the work for me and they euthanize them whenever there is an attack.

So, let me know if you'd like more info on Pit Bull attacks. I'm fully ready to provide facts.

Hope you didn't think this was disrespectful, but more so educational.

You're welcome.

Deb said...

There are some other breeds in the mix as well as a slew of other deaths --- but Pit Bulls remain at the highest. Again, if you need more reports, I will provide them for you.

Thanks again for visiting.

Andrew Meyer said...

Thank you very much for taking the time to do some research. I was aware of most of the statistics you provided and am now informed on the ones that I hadn't been. Nevertheless, you are still using statements like "my family is in the insurance business" to verify the truth of your statements. That is not a verifiable source for the information in your argument. The statistics to support your argument are out there. The forbes article you cited is a good example, if you stick to similar references everyone can verify the truth of your statements.

This is an emotional subject that people can be very passionate about. I believe the individuals that stumble upon this page deserve some examples of the statistics you were using to support the eradication of an entire breed of dog. And you have now provided some, a year later.

I am sure you can agree that the large population of the Pit Bull may account for the seemingly more frequent attacks and high death rate associated with those attacks. As I cited previously pit bulls are 5 times as populous as rottweilers and 7 times as populous as german shepherds. Both of those breeds have proven to have a higher bite frequency per populalation by more than two times the pit bull. If the population of other large breeds were similar, we would see twice as many attacks carried out by the rottweiler or the shepherd than the pit bull. Also, you could have interpreted your statistics and incorporated them into your argument rather than copying and pasting pages of material. That may have created a stronger argument.

Please don't try to label me as a sexist or a homophobe or a biggot or any other term that allows you to dismiss my argument as I am far from any of those things. To do so is a cop-out. I was simply trying to detirmine how this type of generalization fits into your values. You failed to address any of those inquiries.

The bottom line is this. I am the owner of two pit bulls. We have had them for six years without even the implication of violent behavior. I truly love these dogs, there isn't much I wouldn't do for them. That includes being a responsible owner. I knew the reputation of the breed and took it on as a personal responsibility to ensure their socialization and never make decisions that would harm them or allow them to harm any other living creature. They are MY responsibility as should ANY potentially dangerous animal (most canines) should be to their owners.

My last question for you is this. Why not go after the owners of these dogs with the same vigilance you do the breed? With 5 million pit bulls in the country there are more pit bull owners than rottweiler owners whose dog hasn't attacked someone. Instead of promoting genocide, why not promote personal responsibilty? Euthanization is the easy yet expensive solution. Who will pay for the killing of 5 million dogs? Also when you say things like "your welcome" after finally posting statistics it exposes you as being vindictive and petty. It did not strengthen your argument. If it is your right to publically express your opinion on destroying 5 million dogs it is certainly my right to hold you accountable for it in your public comments section.

Thanks for hearing my argument and I sincerely mean no disrespect towards you. I just wish that you would inject more levity into your argument. This isn't an blog entry about shoes or restaurants, its about the potential mass-killing of an entire species of animal.

Andrew Meyer said...

Im sorry, I forgot to say one more thing. Your words are "these dogs DESERVE to die, they've killed children". My dogs haven't, and they never will. Partly becuase they haven't been raised to be violent or aggressive, but mainly because I take the responsibilty of owning them deeply to heart. The safety of children is paramount, but after all the pit bulls are dead... what are you going after next? The second most dangerous dog on the list? The third? What about automobiles or busy street intersections?

Deb said...


There really isn’t a whole lot of research to be done to find out how dangerous of a breed Pit Bulls are. I was more than happy to provide the info. My blog post was based upon what I went through as my neighbor’s dog scared my wife back inside the house and made her late for work. If you think either of us would go out while that dog is being aggressive on our patio then you’re truly pathetic. I knew you were a Pit owner just by your stance. And maybe your Pit is docile and sweet.

My family is in real estate - not the insurance business, however they deal a lot with the insurance companies. Again, this is a blog, not a news source. You want my family’s address and social security number too? I mean...really? A simple solution is to Google the information about insurance companies not covering homeowners with Pits. Do the legwork and stop being lazy asking bloggers to provide you with every bit of info. Truth is, I didn’t have to provide you with anything --- I’m a *BLOGGER*, not a journalist. Get your info from another site if you are not happy with this one. Simple.

The individuals who stumble on this page who feel “offended” can “X” out. Again, simple. And you’re giving me a year deadline or a “late fee” for not providing proof? I have in my blog post as well as comments - oh, and Andrew? Again, it’s a *BLOG*. I provided info that was from the internet - reliable sources that you can Google. How can I “interpret” statistics without factual statistics? Make them up? I don’t understand that...

As far as you comparing my lifestyle of being a lesbian to the “acceptance” and equality of a Pit Bull is just insane. I assure you, most lesbians don’t bite or tear limbs off people. We’re not animals. We’re human beings.

And to answer your question about going after the owners of the dog --- I did. They were charged and forced to install reliable new fencing up on their property. The fact is, you’re way too emotional about the facts about Pits because you’re stuck with two of them. My friend had her Pit for 8 years --- tore a little kid up and had to be put down. Oh, and it was a “sweet Pit Bull” too. I have very strong opinions on this + facts to back up that Pit Bulls are a very high risk dog to have as a pet. I am very protective over my family and if ever a Pit comes onto my property again, I will take drastic measures, as I was given permission by the NY State Police. I will not be a prisoner of my own home.

In conclusion, if you do not wish to read the content of this blog, “X” out. This will be my last response to you. Good luck with your pups...

Thomas Syversen said...


I’ve been following this thread for quite some time now without being tempted to throw in my two cents, however this Andrew guy seems to be yanking your chain here. He doesn’t really care that you’ve included factual instances to back up your opinion, he only cares about whether or not his own dogs will be one of the many who will be euthanized due to their unstableness. Consequently, he uses tactics such as your sexual orientation to bring into this argument. It’s not only disrespectful, but it’s downright ghetto. Most people from the ghetto own Pit Bulls. Nice neighborhoods with well to do citizens usually have lap dogs or Golden Retrievers, something in that range of breeds. I see Andrew finding his only backbone or “roughness” if you will by the means of possessing two Pit Bulls. It’s the image it portraits. I’m surprised he hasn’t written back.

All of your statistics are correct as I looked them up as well. You can’t get statistics without a reputable site, which you have accomplished. I wish Mr. Meyer would provide some statistics of his two dogs being one of the safest breeds, but sadly he failed to provide that.

Thank you for putting your opinion and facts out there so people can make a better decision whether or not they want a killer breed on their hands.

Thomas Syversen

Anonymous said...

My husband and I adopted a male pit bull and I can honestly say he is the biggest sweetheart ever.In fact, our neighbors are constantly stopping by our yard just to visit with him and always tell us how sweet he is. He never has shown any type of aggression towards us or anybody else, including children. I can admit to being hesitant at first to adopting a pit due to their bad reputation but he has changed my mind completely. I agree with you about how some people want this breed of dog because they want to seem tough and they either train the dogs to be aggressive or just don't train them at all. I understand that your bad experience along with all the negative stories in the media has given you a negative opinion of them but you really can't label the dog breed as a whole.

nick mcginley said...

ban pits, ban drugs, ban guns, ban liquor, then you'll never have to deal with those things anymore!

1. all pit bulls are killers. Statistics say so, and those are always true representations of reality.
2. all pitt bull owners are criminals and on meth.
3. genetics make up 100percent of what you are and what you are capable of becoming, this is why all asians are good at math, all jews are rich, and all blacks are professional athletes.

Deb said...

Nick, they're not "statistics" - more like police, hospital and news reports. Check your facts, I did. I totally understand that there are some good ones out there --- RARE - and yes, can make great pets, but Google the police reports and check before adopting one.

nick mcginley said...

yes, statistics-raw information taken from from a source ( in the case of maligning certain dog breeds often police and hospital reports) and correlating it numerically.
As for the media, they are just trying to sell a story, facts be damned,this is especially relevant as many powerfully built dogs are labeled "pit bull" on sight, when in fact they are no such thing. My catahoula bulldog is frequently identified by people on the street as such. The media has, if anything, made it certain that almost any threatening dog is labeled pit bull.
This breed is very popular, with estimates of five percent of the dog population of the unites states being pit bulls. Thats got to be a couple million dogs. Now if everyone of these dogs is just a ticking time bomb, they would probobly compete with car crashes and heart disease as dangers to the public. Yet they dont, at least the aspca doesnt think so.
You think these dogs should be destroyed en masse because " they have killed children", and while it is tragic that any child should be mauled to death, what do you say the people who have been saved, or who had their children saved by these dogs? keeps a list of these heroes, who have come to their family's (and complete strangers)rescue, sometimes sacrificing their own lives.
So, you did your research, shoddy and biggoted as it is.
The worst part of your position is that you have taken a whole group, pits and their owners, and judged them, not as individuals, but as a group. Worse, you base those judgments on biased sources that confirm your own preconcieved prejudices. You should hang out with Pat Robertson on the 700 club, you might have more in common than you think.

Deb said...

OK, so you want to make excuses for facts, stories, real life traumas -- children who were killed, people who were killed just to save face? You must have no respect for humans.

How is my research shoddy? I also have reports from the local police department as well. I have friends who had to put down their Pit Bull because it attacked a child. Thank God it was put down, oh wait - that must be "bigoted" to you.

I AM judging Pit Bulls due to their behavior, just as I would judge anyone's behavior. The fact is, you don't want to face the truth about this breed.

How come many insurance companies refuse to insure homes with Pit Bulls? Are they prejudice??

Your ignorance shows me that you're one of the high percentage of people who do not care about anyone other than yourself and your Pit. Once your Pit kills someone, I really hope your dog gets euthanized, and on top of that, they throw you in the slammer for attempted murder, OR murder itself. I blame the people who own these monsters.

Facts. Just facts.

Pit Bulls Are Dangerous said...

You might want to look at this link. It's truly unfortunate that there are people who have egos that will risk lives by owning Pit Bulls. There are too many stories to count that back up the facts that Debra Pasquella has demonstrated here today.

Go to this link and see for yourself. If this was your relative, how would you feel?