Thursday, September 09, 2010

What a Drama Queen!

It took this long to figure out that there was no passenger who supposedly assaulted JetBlue’s crybaby, I mean, umm, “hero”, Steven Slater? Other passengers who had witnessed his insanity said the gash on his head was there the entire time even before he boarded the plane. What gets me the most are the people who thought this guy was a hero. I mean...really? A “hero”? For what? Going insane on a plane, screaming on the loud speaker and then grabbing a few brewskies to then hop out of an emergency chute? He acted more like a mentally unstable frat boy than he did a hero. I’m sorry, but from the get go, I thought this story was a bit ‘off’ than what most people had initially thought. “Oh he finally did what we all thought about doing! He’s such a hero!” ...Really? You wanted to go insane too, scream out over the loud speaker in your office and then jump out of an emergency window near your boss’s desk? Hopefully you’ll have some beer on hand. By the time you get down to the first floor, I’m sure they’ll have the mental health team waiting for your arrival.

But, I digress. I get it. I do. I know that we all can feel overwhelmed at times, and yes, it would be so nice of an outlet to say “eff you” to everyone who has ever pissed you off, but in reality, it’s just not realistic if you want to keep your job, your friends & not have your family call the men in white coats on you. Some of us go through nervous breakdowns. “What’s a nervous breakdown?” It can be anything from stressing out so dramatically that you can no longer function in life, to lashing out just like Steven Slater did, even if he still does function in life. Any outrageous behavior like that needs some type of counseling. Was he even offered any professional help? Did he go on medication for this ridiculous scene? They never tell you the ‘mental’ breakdown of what really happened --they only say “he was fed up”. Well, so are most of us----come on! Somehow, he got away with the biggest ‘terror’ scare ever. Think about it: you’re sitting on a plane with all sorts of thoughts in your head. “Will a terrorist hijack the plane? Will the plane go down in the water somewhere? Will I survive this trip? Will someone have a bomb onboard?” Then this dipshit goes insane, instilling more fear than what was initially there from the beginning, and he’s called a hero? A hero???

I've always said that people’s true colors come shining through once the real story is finally revealed. And what I mean by that is, people can come across “normal” and calm, when yet there’s so much brewing inside of them. You’ll never know how crazy they are until that one incident that enables them to show their true selves. If a person has that type of instability inside of them, rest assured you will see it if you stick around long enough. These types of people can convince the world that they’re completely sane - ‘they got it together’. They can even go as far as being called intelligent and oh, perhaps even a “hero”. So, now that we know that there was absolutely no passenger to piss Steven Slater off and it was just a matter of a time bomb waiting to go off, is he still considered a hero, or can we now say he went a little nuts that day? I guess it’s safe to say we can all be “heros” from time to time.


Dr. Deb said...
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Monkey Man said...

Drama queen. So correct. It is also another case of the media jumping the gun to create something that didn't exsist. To me, that is nearly as sad as the situation itself.

Ian Lidster said...

I'm so glad you wrote this because I've been thinking this all along. A genuine hero was the guy who set the plane down in the river and everybody got off alive.

Just_because_today said...

I agree with you on this one. I wish I had an emergency chute right outside my window almost every morning, and afternoon, and evening. But I don't.

Overload can cause us to blow a fuse here and there. These guy blew the whole case.

I like the fact that he took two beers with him. I would have taken two bottles of wine, much more classy...but planes dont have good cab

nycflyer said...

"This book is for you. It deals with forgiveness, relationships, anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues and how to love others unconditionally. It shows that even though we will never be perfect, God's love for us will always be. It focuses on not judging others--to let God be the only judge." -Deb



My what a fascinating read this blog was! I do find it intriguing that so many people, who were not aboard the aircraft, and have only second hand, hearsay information from the infallible New York Post et al, have become so well- informed and intuitive about my situation! Debra, must say I found your blog to be quite incongruous with the values you claim to represent. i,e. healing, compassion, etc. In fact I do recall reading the words "unconditional love" in your author's bio. Having never met, nor even having spoken with you, I would believe it safe to say that neither of us are in a position to speak of one another's motives or nature. Perhaps we will one day be afforded the opportunity to sit down and get to know each other and perhaps humanize this whole story. Who knows, we may find we have things in common and may even empathize with one another. As of now, you have seen only a two dimensional character as created by the media. I can assure you, I am indeed, three dimensional, and there are many facets to this story that you and other bloggers are yet to be privy to. I do hope you might take a moment to reflect upon the fact that the words you write do reach far, and do have effect on those who read them. Such unnecessary reproach is nothing I can't handle, but does have an troubling effect on my loved ones who are wounded by the meanspirited and often erroneous things they read about me. While it is so easy to play Monday morning Quarterback from behind a computer screen, supposition is no replacement for responsible journalism, which includes fact based reporting and sufficient investigation to warrant credibilty. I would greatly appreciate the courtesy of your reserving comment (only in your public forum, of course) until such time as all sides of this have been heard.


Steven Slater
Belle Harbor, NY

Anonymous said...

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