Thursday, December 01, 2005

Did You See It?

No fly—no shoot zone at the White House has been tampered with. By what? As they officials say, “An unidentified plane”, which somehow was a ‘blip’ on their radar that magically disappeared and was no longer detected. On May 12th, 2005, this is exactly what happened. Officials sprawled all over the area like wildfire in case they needed to shoot down the aircraft, in case it was terrorists. The scare was brief, and so was the ‘hype’. No one ever talked about it after that day really.

President Bush was rushed to an underground bunker. How do they know it was a plane? How does a plane flying near the white house get undetected and lost?

“Oh it was just a plane flying too close to the grounds of the white house.”

End of story.

Was it really 'just a plane'? Or was it something else that government is keeping from us? Back in 1965, witnesses saw an unidentified object flying over the western part of Pennsylvania. It appeared to have crashed in that area. The military rushed out and investigated. Not one Pentagon spokesperson could be contacted regarding this incident.

Why is this information withheld from us? Why aren’t they speaking of what happened on May of 2005 at the White House? Was it just a plane? And if it was just a ‘blip’ on the radar, that seemed to have disappeared, wouldn’t you investigate that a bit further? Or is this all ‘classified information’?

In my own opinion, if it were to be a UFO, I think the government would keep this under their hats, so that people wouldn’t get crazed over it. There are enough lunatics out there claiming they’ve seen UFOs, and very few ‘legit’ people telling their story.

Do I believe in UFOs? I don’t know. Do I think it’s possible? Sure. Think about it, the universe is so large, that we don’t even have strong enough equipment to go a certain distance. Each star is relative to the sun. Each star has its own planets revolving around it. Don’t you think the third planet from that star up in the sky, has something living on it? Because we live on the third planet, the climate is suitable for living conditions. It’s amazing when you really think about it, and the possibilities.

The government has documents that prove that unidentified flying objects have been seen and witnessed. Maybe they don’t want to cause a panic? I bet you anything psychiatrists and mental institutions would make a bundle--if in fact, the government did come out and make this public.

A good friend of mine—(which I will keep her name anonymous) has claimed to witness UFO sightings in Pine Bush, NY. Yes, Pine Bush—the most frequently visited UFO sighting area. My friend and her sister both told me their story one evening at my house. They both seem like two credible people who wouldn’t go out on a limb to ‘make this up’--I couldn’t see that. Their story was quite interesting, and made me rethink my UFO belief.

When they were both leaving my house, they got in their car, and her sister turned the key. The car didn’t start. It didn’t even turn over. Nothing---dead silence. Finally, when it started back up again, they were driving down my road, and the lights went off by itself.

Did they hear us talking? It has to make you wonder.

What do you think?


Oswald Croll said...

I can speak to this b/c of where I live (not saying where.....). It was a Cessna 150 aircraft piloted by and instructor and student, that flew to close and was met by a Black Hawk helicopter and two F-16 fighter jets. It was forced the to land at a small airport in Frederick, Maryland.

But remember,......Trust No One

Mike said...

I think most UFO sightings are bogus or are mistaken identitities...but in saying that I also find it hard to believe we're the only intelligent life form in the universe either.

art said...

I'm with Mike on this one; I think 99.999% of UFO sightings are bogus. I do however beleive their are aliens. Weather or not they visit us we may never know in this liftime.

Leesa said...

I think that pilots of UFOs are benevolent, and when they take over the world, I wouldn't mind being the Ambassidor to North America. And I am not just saying this because "they" could be listening. Intellegent life probably also knows that ambassidors get a healthy clothing allowance, male and female sex slaves, and normally become more efficient when vacationing at their Camp David retreat (with their sex slave staff).

Bert Ford said...

How to build a UFO.
Back in the late ‘70s I inadvertently got in the newspaper. (I do not recommend that anyone do this because I have since found out that it is illegal, and a fire hazard.) I took one of those very thin plastic garment bags you get from the dry cleaner, formed an X of very light sticks to hold the bottom of the bag open, glued a tea light to the sticks, & on a cool night held the bag over a coleman lantern til the air inside was hot enough to raise the bag. I found this hot air balloon plan in an old magazine & tried it just to see if it would work. It took a few tries, but it did finally work. To my surprise an article in a local news paper reported several sightings of UFOs.
Another (more legal) way to make a UFO is to take one of those chemical light sticks & insert it into an 11” white party balloon, inflate it with helium & let go. Attaching a strip of lightly crinkled aluminum foil will even give it a radar signature. With the aluminum foil you may have to use more than one balloon (They don’t have too much lifting power)
I believe in UFOs, that is to say that I think people see things in the sky and don’t know what they are. I don’t believe extra terrestrials have ever visited earth. Any terrestrial explanation of a UFO is more plausible than alien visitation.

mal said...

I think some of my in laws were abducted and returned "altered". At least I hope thats the case, I would hate to blame them on genetics. mmmmm As I think about it,,,they would have been abducted near Mikes (Midwest Hics) place in this cause for concern?

Scouter said...

A woman of such knowledge; the ability to pull of from one controversial topic to another astounds me to no end. I will say this: A publisher should zoom into good writing. Your publishing company is luck to have you. Sad to say, many would have taken you in at no cost at all. At least you are getting your words out there. I wish you nothing but success with your writing.

You certainly don’t need luck. Your voice is already heard. I will be contacting you via email if that is okay with you.

LisaBinDaCity said...

I think its arrogant to think we are the only intelligent life out there. Assuming we are indeed intelligent ;-)

velvet said...

I just hope I'm wearing the right shoes when they come. Something with first-rate tread on the soles because the floors in alien aircraft are known to have immaculate and highly waxed floors.

Romeo Jensen said...

OMGawd Deb LOL


Damn! Couldn't get through the crowd.

I have to make an annoncement:

I will no longer be a lesbian. I have seen the light! Romey has turned my lesbo ass straight! I will be on the 'other team' from now on.

Thank you for your time, and I will be checking in soon.


I pee'd my pants on that!!!

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:phil: said...

Well, a UFO is an Unidentified Flying Object so that doesn't mean it's a spaceship, it just means they don't know what it is. Hey, I've been to the Wal-Mart up here and there are many people who are not from this planet in that store.

FreeThinker said...

No such thing, IMHO.

People WANT to believe, though.

Same with gods -- people WANT to believe despite zero evidence.

gigi said...

Deb did you know NY's Hudson River Valley has on of the highest concentrations of UFO sightings in the US!

It's true! Supposedly space ships are arratcted to the lights on I84 and I684! There's also the many sightings at Indian Point Nuclear Power plant. Reported UFO abductions in Westchester and unexplained v-shaped lights flying over Putnam, Duchess and Orange counties!

I just filmed a TV show (being shown in Canada) all about these sightings and the correlations between UFO's and these stone chambers in the HV.

Do I believe? I believe that people have seen something but what? Who knows?!

green said...

I don't believe that intelligent life from another planet has visited earth. Do I think there is other intelligent life out there in the universe? Sure. Who am I to definitively say there isn't.

I wish I could exactly remember Tommy Lee Jones line from MIB (speaking to Will Smith) about earth people not wanting ot know about aliens living on the earth.

Great movie. MIB.

Bill Jones, Jr said...

I tend to think like an engineer after 20 years of working with them. (By the way, rocket scientists are really not very bright.) 5 believe there may be intelligent life on other planets. There certainly ain't much down here. But I'll only believe it when I see proof.

Casually Me said...

Hmmm. God created a Universe, and only us to play with? Naah...Only way I can see that happening, is if you look at the vast expanse of time. Maybe cuz God has eternity to devise the whole deal, we are just the start, or the end of an era. I know the gov., holds many secrets that the general public has no clue about. Aliens, I dunno...not sure they are that good at keeping secrets. Hey what is the name of your book? Love your writing, and want to know how to get a copy. Thanks.

Michelle said...

I believe. Maybe because I am a sci-fi junkie or maybe because it's one of those topics that is fun to discuss especially when you are drinking. :) Besides the government is known for "hiding" things from us common folk.

Jon said...

Aliens visiting us... not sure. Life in other solar systems ABSOLUTELY!

DZER said...

scully ... we have another one

intiate protocol 13 ... I repeate ... protocol 13

:phil: said...

Here is an interesting, but long, article on Tectonic Strain Theory, also called Spook Light which may explain some of what people see.

Deb, why are your WV's so long??? Is it because you're a writer? I don't think I've had one yet that is under 10 letters!

Danielle said...

i seriously don know what to believe when it comes to this topic..

~Deb said...

I must admit, I’m a bit fuzzy on this topic myself. I seriously don’t know. The fact that the government is so secretive over these things and actually have files among files regarding UFO visits—makes me wonder…but then again, I’m like, “No way!”

If they do visit us, then why haven’t I seen one yet? Why haven’t all of you seen one yet? (Oh no- watch- we’re gonna get someone on here who’s gonna claim they saw one.)

I mean, not to discredit my two friends that witnessed one, but I find it so unbelievably hard to fathom. Plus, these girls never went public with it- because they knew how people would react. They were so serious though, I really kind of believed them.

Romey—what the ??? Will you please explain to everyone that your comment was part ‘copy and pasted’? I wrote a comment on his “HNT” photo. Now, a lesbian walking into some guy’s HNT shot, is like Dzer walking into one---he’s gonna joke around, possibly, or just fly outa’ there like a bat outa’ hell. (Just teasing Dzer) I hope my comment didn’t stir up anger with the hens in the house Romey!

Another question: Phil, what is “WV”? I’m sitting here like a big dork trying to figure it out. “Writer’s Venue”, “Writer’s Venom”, “Writer’s Van”, “Writer’s Violin”, “Writer’s Vibrator?” What? … It’s been bothering me---please help!

Thanks for your comments guys, I know this post was a bit ‘spacey’, but I had to question it like anything else.

Enjoy your weekend!

Saur♥Kraut said...

Oh wow. I need to point my friend (and assistant) Zen & Now to this post. She is a staunch believer in UFOs and extraterrestrials.

One of her reasons is due to an experience she had during her years in the military. A bunch of them were sitting around getting drunk one night, when one of them told them a 'secret' about a place similar Area 51. He had been assigned to guarding a UFO there, and he swore he was telling the truth (this was when no one knew about this place). They all laughed at him. Until she got home to the states and read about that area and the UFO sightings there...

kathi said...

Sorry, I can't comment cause I'm laughing too hard at deb's comment "Writer's Vibrator" and Phil saying it's never less than 10 letters long. Good times. LOL

Okay, go ahead and laugh, but I saw 'something' when I was a kid (maybe 10 - 13) and I'll never forget it. Was within feet of me (and my sister) and then *poof*, we don't know where it went or if we just lost time or what. We both ended up laying on our bellies in a field. No one ever believed us, our one. It was so frustrating! Yeah...laugh. Dang, I shoulda posted anonymously.
With that I believe in aliens? Not 100% Just don't know what that thing was, is all.

Leesa said...

deb: WV = word verification

phil: perhaps with all of those "thumbnail" sites you visit, there are only so many letters the computer program can pick up when it is scrambling letters. Wink

~Deb said...

Fricken word verification drives me up a wall. But more so, those damn spammers who hit your blog like 20 million times has to be MUCH worse. That's why I use the not the writer's vibrator---the word verification. It weeds out the spammers.

Well, sometimes. Hmm.. Depending on what defines 'a spammer'. ;)

I had one "WV" say on someone else's blog, "GEEZDEB" ----I swear! And I said something so 'out of character' and risque-----that it belted out that WV. ha! Go figure---my luck.

Now I have to type bvzczhgu. Sounds like some terrorist name.

Aliens I suppose?

:phil: said...

~Deb - If you hit the F5 key, it refreshes and gives you a new word.

Leesa - research? wink

barman said...

I have seen this somewhere else, probably in a movie or a series, but first what makes us think we are the only "inteligent" life form out there? Surely the universe in it's vast size has lots of life out there, at least some of which, if not all, is much smarter than mankind.

Second, what makes are so aregent to believe that aliens would even be interested in visiting us or studing us?

Like Michelle I too am a sci-fi junkie so maybe that is why I fully believe in aliens. I could accept UFOs being aliens although all I have ever seen was just unexplained, nothing more.

I have a friend that I consider to be very inteligent and certainly no wierdo. One time when three of use were driving out to join a group of people for a long weekend she shared with us her one incident were she saw a UFO. What she described certainly seems hard to explain other than aliens or the government doing something but why Ann Arbor, Michigan? Anyway she has never spoke of it again when I have been around. So do I believe? I certainly believe in her.

We are not the only life in this universe. I certainly will never laugh at anyone who says they saw a UFO like Kati has. Personally I would rather just shut up and listen.

OMG, I do not know what the rest of your blog is like Deb but I am most impressed with what little I have read so far. Thanks so much for sharing.

Curious1 said...

UFO's are very truthful... With all the craziness of this world alone, who says the universe isn't even crazier?

My mother says said...

check the amazing cave art on